Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 53

Binky looking

I feel renewed…


Another year of

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

has started…

See something

and the Sun came out again this week…


so that means…


I have to take care…


of my little garden furriends..

searching for angels

and all those little Angels…

see him?

 Do you see him?…

Granny, let’s take a closer look…


No, no, it’s not Angel

Angel was still wearing his fur..



Now you scared him, Granny…

watching butterflies

I think I better wait…

long wait...

untill he comes back…

In the meantime …

looking out for a butterfly

I tell you what the Butterflies do in my our garden…


Remember the prunes….

telling stories

Well, a lot of them fell off the tree…


and how longer they’re in the garden

the smellier…

and increasingly rotten they get…


but for the Butterflies it is

like nip for us…


So this little Butterfly,

just comes back every sunny day

to drink his whisky prune-juice…

Dronken vlinder animatie

and when he has enough…


He just sits on the lamp

and sleeps it off…


And I look after him…

every sunny day…

that he doesn’t hurt himself

by falling…


Here’s a close up from the drunk



I’d better stay here

untill he comes back…


Don’t worry, furriends,

I won’t harm him….

he’s to fast for me anyway 😉

– P A W K I S S E S –


If you want to join us, just click on the badge

and have some fun 😀

70 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Cats & Co
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 20:46:19

    That’s a beautiful butterfly. 🙂


  3. lifeconfusions
    Sep 19, 2014 @ 19:09:05

    Oh my your cat is so so pretty !!<3 _ ❤
    I have two Persian cats too, their names are Cherry and Snowie !


  4. basiga
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 16:52:21

    Loving your style of post with the cat stories a,nd he is such a great story teller!


  5. philosophermouseofthehedge
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 23:16:09

    Oh, I can just feel the warm sun on your back in that first picture – lovely feeling.
    Never knew that about prunes and butterflies…guess that’s what makes them act so flighty?
    RC Cat is monitoring the monarchs resting up before they migrate on south. Keeping an eye on butterflies is tiring, but someone has to do it, right?
    Paw waves!!!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 18, 2014 @ 17:37:37

      They act like they are drunk, Philmouse. They go from one prune to another and then keel over, wait and start all over again. I try to help them when they’re falling, but he always sees me and flies away. He also is teasing me by flying over my head and back. He is still in the garden. Granny just saw him. Pawkisses and one extra for RC Cat 🙂


  6. bulldog
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 10:16:17

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before… but… I do love your photographic eye for a capture… brilliant…


  7. Krishna Mohan Singh
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 18:06:53

    Simple different but nice post,,,

    and also you are a great mind.


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  9. giselzitrone
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 10:41:55

    Danke dir lieb wünsche einen schönen Tag bin ab Morgen in Urlaub bis näste Woche liebe Grüße noch von mir und Freundschaft.Gislinde


  10. amandacalitz
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 16:38:40

    Hi, I’ve mentioned you in my blog http://wp.me/p4XI16-6e 🙂


  11. jansfunnyfarm
    Sep 13, 2014 @ 23:56:53

    How sweet of you to look after the prune juice sated butterfly. You’re a good friend.


  12. Nylabluesmum
    Sep 13, 2014 @ 19:28:54

    Now me haz seen a drunk poochie frum eaten furmented applez what were on da ground n sum bunnehz spaced out butt neber a Butterfly 😉
    Iz nice of ya to nott eat him when he iz vulnerabull 😉
    Sowwy again fer da miss spellin BINKY! *givez Mumm approvin look*
    We lubz ya, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤ ❤


  13. Nylabluesmum
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 23:46:37

    EEoww Binly we adorez yer bloggie!! Dere iz sumfing so sweet n leerecal ’bout it! Yer garden iz so lubly wif all da flowerz n dat butterfly iz purrty…yer so sweet to watch over him while ‘he sleepz’ hiz whisskey-prune hangover off……
    Kinda like me watchin over *Hippy Hop* 😉
    Much lub sweetie n haz a pleasant weekend.
    Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0


  14. Marg
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 14:09:18

    So a drunk butterfly. And a pretty drunk butterfly. We also really like all the pictures of you. Have a great Friday.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 13, 2014 @ 08:43:32

      He roams frome one prune to the other, Marg, and then he sits down and almost keel over…Granny and I have never seen something like that before. It’s quite amusing 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂


  15. Traveling Cats
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:11:03

    Prettig weekend gewenst voor jullie beiden 🙂


  16. pambrittain
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 22:37:12

    I love the pictures, and that cat… well… what an expression.


  17. The Swiss Cats
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 21:49:20

    What a pretty butterfly ! It looks like fun to watch it after its visit to the prunes ! Purrs


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 13, 2014 @ 08:48:05

      Oh, Zorro and Pixie, you’ll having a good time watching him. He roams from one prune to the other, again and again, and then he sits down and almost keels over…and then he starts again. We have never seen something like that before. It’s quite amusing 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂


  18. purrfectkitties
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 20:23:33

    Have fun watching your drunken butterfly, sweetie! 😉 MOL 😆 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 13, 2014 @ 08:50:02

      Kitties, we have never seen something like that before. That butterfly is roaming from one prune to another, again and again, and then he sits down and almost keels over, and then he starts again. It’s very amusing 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂


  19. utesmile
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 20:10:57

    How beautiful that you can watch this butterfly. Enjoy it as not everyone has this opportunity! And may I add you look gorgeous! ♥


  20. BJ Bangs (@bjbangs)
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 18:28:43

    Little Blinky. We wish we were in the garden, just like you. Purrs.


  21. databbiesotrouttowne
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 17:29:55

    binky….we loves yur fotos thiz week !!! N may bee de butterfly will share a wee sip ore two sew ya both can be drunk & chillaxin….uh…we meen, sew ya both can chillax & think kewl stuff…two gether !! ♥♥♥


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 10:29:43

      Hehehehe…you’re so funny, guys. I’m sure the Butterfly shares some nip with you, but to be honest, you only have to look at him and you’re feeling drunk already 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂


  22. fozziemum
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 13:11:59

    Little Binky..this post made my heart sing…bless your cottons…hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


  23. thehappyhugger
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 12:23:44

    Little Binky, you are just so precious and gran takes really good photos. I love all the shots of you and the butterfly – the last photo of you is truly a masterpiece. What a beauty you are ❤ Thank you for your lovely entry ❤ Big Hugs ❤


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 10:39:40

      *blushes and smiles all over* Thank you, dear Hope, but Granny shots are just lucky shots. Mostly she can’t even see the display and then she says ‘I m aiming and we’ll see what comes out of it’….MOL 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂


  24. Animalcouriers
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 12:15:54

    What a beautiful drunk!


  25. giselzitrone
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 09:54:04

    Einen wunderschönen Donnerstag Binky ist ja wieder voll aktiv mit dem Schmetterling zu spielen macht ja auch spass wieder sehr schöne Bilder.Ich wünsche dir und Binky noch viel spass liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde


  26. Ann "Paws" Staub
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 09:13:54

    Well, being a butterfly doesn’t sound so bad I guess 😉


  27. Joanne T Ferguson
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 04:02:41

    G’day Happy Thursday! Thanks for the smiles! Pawkisses!
    Cheers! Joanne


  28. Anonymous
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 03:39:46

    Hello Little Binky! Wonderful to see you out in your garden enjoying the sunshine. You look beautiful as always! I have never seen a drunken butterfly before 🙂 Hope you have a sunshine filled week. Maybe Angel will come and visit you and Granny.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 10:52:30

      Oh, Marty, I wish you could visit, so you could see the Butterfly roaming from one prune to another and almost keel over…it’s very amusing 😀 We had a wonderful sunshiny week. It felt like Summer 😀 Hope yours was sunny too 🙂 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂


  29. dezizworld
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 03:21:14

    Aaaaaaw Binky yous so fawtfull to purrtect da butterfly like dat. Yous look pawsum in yous bootyful gawden. Hav a wunnewful week. 🙂

    Luv ya’



  30. Terry
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 02:48:31

    Is there any better way to start your day but by just enjoying it???? great post!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 10:55:02

      *blushes* We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Terry. We’re always having a great time seeing the Butterfly roaming from one prune to the other and then almost keel over on the ground. It’s very amusing 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday my furriend 🙂


  31. Sage
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 02:15:49

    What a purrty butterfly! And you have the best place ever to watch him.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 10:57:15

      I can wait for hours untill he comes to sit next to me, Sage. He’s quite amusing, especially when you see him roaming from one prune to another and then almost keel over ..MOL 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂


  32. dogdaz
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 02:11:51

    Wow. I never knew about prunes and flutterbys. Great pics.


  33. Flynn
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 01:06:32

    You are good to take care of your drunken butterfly friend.


  34. DailyMusings
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 00:27:42

    amazing photos- just beautiful pawkisses, thank you ❤


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 11:03:15

      *blushes* Thank you, DM. The Butterfly is just so amusing, especially when he is roaming from one prune to another and then keels over.. MOL 😀 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂


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