A prezzie, a selfie and a pet share…


Good Morning (Furry) furriends,

Spring has entered the Season


and I feel like a little lamb…


Refreshed and born….


…on Granny’s lap…. 😀


The new season

also brought me a surprise…


Marc of Katzenworld

sent me this key-ring….


drawn by Yuki of Katzenworld

How COOL is that?

Guess who is prancing with it on her bag…. 😉


Thank you again team of Katzenworld

for this pawsome prezzie…

you know you get an


for this…..

With this we come to the final….

Today I take my selfies from…





wait a minute…

I have to set the timer



That’s better…


right side look…


left side overlook…


and the final


Timer off…

– P A W K I S S E S –




Please click on the badges

for more fun

or join us and enjoy 😀

96 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Sonel
    Mar 27, 2015 @ 07:24:55

    Those little lambs are so cute Little Binky! But they are not cuter than you are for sure. 😀

    What a beautiful key ring. Now Granny can have you with her always. You do know you can climb in her handbag as well, don’t you? 😆

    Now that is one thing that I won’t do Little Binky. That is way too high up for me. 😀
    Tell Granny the photos are absolutely gorgeous and thank her for sharing it with us. 😀

    ♥ Big Hugs and Lots of Love ♥


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 27, 2015 @ 09:30:28

      I feel like a little lamb myself, Sonel, but not when I’m on the roof…or in Granny’s handbag..well, the latter that makes me more like a hanger-on 😀 Thanks dear Sonel. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤


      • Sonel
        Mar 27, 2015 @ 12:41:46

        hahah Little Binky. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. 😀

        Lots of Hugs and Kisses for a happy weekend to you and Granny as well. ♥


  3. philosophermouseofthehedge
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 00:01:12

    Little Binky you are Queen of the World! Good spot for spotting Spring.


  4. speedyrabbit
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 17:29:32

    aww those lambs and you looks so pretty,what a nice gift too,xx Speedy


  5. jansfunnyfarm
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 00:13:23

    Thank you for your kind words on Cameron’s death. It is never easy to lose a furry family member, so your support has been greatly appreciated!

    Jan & Funny Farmers


  6. Linda Arthur Tejera
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 18:07:50

    Oh, Little Binky, you make such an adorable little lamb! But you make me dizzy seeing you up on the roof! Hugs! 🙂 ❤


  7. Kitty Cat Chronicles
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 16:04:07

    Your key tag is adorable! But not as adorable as you! Wonderful selfies, sweet girl 🙂


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  9. thehappyhugger
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 06:24:33

    Lovely, lovely little Binky. Thank you for sharing with us 💞


  10. Noodle
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 23:52:47

    Ahhh, Spring!

    Noodle and crew


  11. databbiesotrouttowne
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 19:20:30

    binky…total lee awesum prezzie ewe getted frum katzenworld !!! YUR keyring that granneez taked iz bee yond KEWL !!!! ♥♥♥ N speekin oh way kewl, way kewl selfeez thiz week, especially since ya filmed round…burd…..free…..treez !!! happee week a head ♥♥♥


  12. lifeconfusions
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 15:51:43

    Awh those cute little lambs almost stole the limelight from Little Binky ! lol
    Have a splendid week ahead ! ❤


  13. giselzitrone
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 10:59:14

    Wünsche dir einen schönen Montag wieder sehr schön Blinky und schöne Texte und Blder heute haben wir in Köln mal schöne Sonne es wird Frühling.Liebe Grüße von mir und eine gute Woche.Lieber Gruß und große Umarmung Gislinde


  14. Austin Towers
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 10:41:12

    Little Binky!! Respect for the self-timed-roof-shots!! Way to go 🙂


  15. Gattina
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 08:14:30

    A selfie from the roof, what a gymnastic you had to do ! Love the little goats !


  16. Marie Symeou
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 07:24:22

    Very cute!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  17. ewok1993
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 04:43:06

    Super selfies y’all.



  18. Laura zaccardi
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 01:42:37

    Oh my goodness! What beautiful selfies, and from such an interesting vantage point. Your markings are very artistic! Nice to meet you on this blog hop!


  19. The Island Cats
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 01:37:50

    Wow, Binky! Look at how high you are! Cool selfie! And that’s a cool keyring too.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 10:06:09

      Enjoy the pictures, Ernie, Zoey and Wally, these are probably the only ones for this year…you see…climbing up is something, but getting down is another story 😀 Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤


  20. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 01:25:24

    I love kitty keychains…adorable!


  21. DezizWorld
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 23:29:30

    You look pawsum Binky. But purrlease be caweful on dat roof. Have a blest Day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  22. Brian
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 23:27:17

    We all love your way-up-high selfie!!! Hey, that key ring is darn cool!


  23. Flynn
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 22:46:06

    Those are lovely selfies and photos of the lambs. The keyring is gorgeous.


  24. Apple Pie & Napalm
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 22:14:12

    Very observant of you Binkie, to get up high on a perch and guard things.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 09:55:22

      I think I was brave for the occasion, Apple Pie, but to be honest, I had some trouble with climbing down, so these are probably the only higher ground pictures of this year 😀 Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤


  25. The Swiss Cats
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 21:57:26

    Lovely keyring ! Your roof selfies are pawsome ! Purrs


  26. LP
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 21:12:55

    You are definitely as sweet as those sweet, little lambs Binky! And what a nice and thoughtful present 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo


  27. scrapydotwo
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 20:47:03

    You are sooooo sweet! LOL paws up and licks to you


  28. thecontentedcrafter
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 20:07:14

    Very impressive view of you Little Binky! Orlando likes to go on the roof too – for the view – but he cannot get himself down again and guess who has to get the little ladder out and rescue him?


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 09:46:44

      MOL 😀 Well…to be honest, Pauline, I understand the problem of Orlando, because I also had trouble to get myself down again. Usually I don’t do roofs, you know, but for this occasion I climbed up, made my selfies and…didn’t know how to get down. Granny saw me bungle and wanted to help me, but Grandpa said I was okay and after a while of hesitating, I finally jumped on the ground..safe and sound. Enjoy these pictures, Orlando, they are probably the first, the last and only I made 😀 Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤


  29. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 20:01:54

    Sweet Little Binky those are some fabulous “Selfies” taken from way up there. What cute little lambs. Nice keyring. Enjoy the spring. Hugs and nose kisses


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 09:34:41

      Thank you Mumsy and Chancy 🙂 The little lambs were born last year, we have seen them grow up into sheep, so they’re not so little anymore, but they’re still cute 😀 They live nearby our house, on a farm. We can’t wait to see them having babies 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Spring and a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤


  30. mariodacat
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 19:56:05

    Thanks for the Pawkisses. I loved it. You are a real cutie, and it’s so nice to meet you on this blog hop. Loved all your pictures too.


  31. hairballexpress
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 19:51:44

    Pawsome selfies! Happy Spring! And what a pawsome keychain!! 😺💚


  32. Kathleen
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 19:47:32

    You are such a beautiful kitty. Be careful up there on the roof. I know you live in the country and do not need to be an indoor-only kitty like my five babies (we live in Staten Island, which is part of New York City – too much traffic, even on our residential street), but climbing too high can be dangerous!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 09:21:48

      I was an indoor-kitty too, Kathleen, before I came to live with Granny and Grandpa, so I always stay around the house. I always sit on the wall and on the fence. The roof was an exception…just did it for the selfie *mumbles: and to show how brave I am *. Pawkisses for a Sunny Day and 5 extra for your babies 🙂 ❤


  33. The Canadian Cats
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 19:00:19

    Oh wow Binky…you are way up on the roof. You got down the timer thingie too…you’re clever. I must get onto the timer and then I’ll have nice pretty pictures. I like the lambs…I don’t think the city here would appreciate us having lambs but I love to see them.

    Kitty Kisses,



  34. kittiesblue
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 18:35:41

    Very nice prezzie. You are so brave to go to such a high place to take your selfies. Some of us have been on the flat roof over our porch, but we don’t do it much anymore. Thanks for sharing the photos of the lambs. Mom thinks they are absolutely adorable. Enjoy an Easy Sunday. Thanks for continuing to join and support our blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  35. Debi
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 17:16:38

    Love this post! Happy spring!


  36. Annabelle
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 16:16:04

    Binky we think you are just the most adorable little black and white kitty! We love looking at your beautiful face.
    Great selfie!!


  37. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 16:14:07

    I love lambs!! You have them at your house? Lucky you! Love the keyring too!


  38. Sheila Morris
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 15:49:31

    Little Binky, you are the most adventurous friend we have – no one else goes to such higher ground!! 🙂
    Try not to give Granny a heart attack!!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 23, 2015 @ 09:25:37

      MOL.. Granny was a little nervous when she saw me hesitating about climbing off the fence, Red Man, but in the end it all worked out fine 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Monday 🙂 ❤


  39. purrfectkitties
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 15:34:50

    Hey sweetie, we’ve missed you! 🙂 Your selfies are super cute! Could it be that you’re like the CUTEST cat EVER!? We sure think you are. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday, sweetie! It’s pretty cold over here. 😦 Love ya! Smooches, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


    • angelswhisper2011
      Mar 22, 2015 @ 20:20:29

      So glad to see you two, Roxy and Tigerlino. I was just hopping over to your blog yesterday to say hello, but then Granny had to look for something else and forgot what she was doing before that…MOL 😀 It’s cold here too, the sun is out, but the wind is freezing. I was lucky on that roof, believe me 😀 Hope to see you soon again on your bloggie, ’cause we miss you too. Heartshaped Pawkisses to you all 🙂 ❤


  40. pilch92
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 14:14:50

    Happy Spring! Great photos and selfie.


  41. Annie
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 13:58:50

    You are so cute! I love that top photo of you. 🙂

    Those on-the-roof selfies are impressive! That keyring is adorable!


  42. Marc-André
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 13:32:51

    So glad you liked the keyring 🙂 I still need to make a proper congrats post that’s on my to do list XD

    Thanks for the link btw 🙂


  43. Genevieve Petrillo
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 13:10:56

    That is an awesome gift! So you, Little B. Also, you are a master of the selfie!

    Love and licks,


  44. Fozziemum
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 13:01:30

    Goodness Little Binky…that is a high wire act indeed 🙂 be careful now! and i love lambies..so sweet ..bless em and we love the keyring form the guys at Katzenworld too! pawsome! loves and hugs Fozziemumx xxx


  45. DailyMusings
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 12:51:26

    oh no! on the roof?? Have a safe day my friend- love those baby lambs! (and UB40) pawkisses to you ❤


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