My Poetic Artwork


Hi (Furry)furriends,

I am joining

Athena’s Caturday Art



no…not with this

mysterious curtain look of mine…

but with this….


“It’s probably Art…

could be magic too…

but it’s me…

and that is the truth… Β πŸ˜€ “

– P A W K I S S E S –


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for more


and enjoy πŸ™‚

53 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texas, a cat in... Austin
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 03:10:20

    That’s furry nice!


  2. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)
    Jun 16, 2015 @ 05:04:58

    that artwork is gorgeous! xoxo


  3. Nylabluesmum
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 02:31:14

    Purrfect werk of art littul Binky!!! Yur amazin….
    Yur Grannie did berry good with yur foto also.
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxXxxx


  4. utesmile
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 10:11:51

    You have many talents my little Binky! I am perfecting the art of sleeping at the moment….. Love Thomas!


  5. Alasandra Alawine (@AlasandraATCAD)
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 03:48:27

    Blinky we loved the last one of you. But you are adorable always. ~Scylla & Family (ATCAD)


  6. Mags
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 02:48:32

    Sweet Binky that is an amazing work of art…you always look wonderful! Hugs for Granny for stopping by my blog with anniversary wishes for us. Hope you all are having a very nice weekend. Hugs and nose kisses, Mags and crew


  7. Ralph
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 01:59:56

    We love your dance of the 7 net curtains Binky. Love S, S & S πŸ˜€ ❀


  8. The Island Cats
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 01:35:27

    You’re a work of art, Binky.


  9. Inside the Mind of Isadora
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 01:20:08

    That should be ‘with’ eek


  10. Inside the Mind of Isadora
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 01:19:24

    You look perfectly mysterious, as all poets do.
    No poetic words needed Wylie face is expressing it all.
    A great work of art.
    Sending a soft head scratch to you. 😻


  11. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 00:53:28

    And it is spectacular!!!


  12. Cathy Keisha
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 00:21:13

    i like the sketch but those curtain pics are outstanding.


  13. Christy Paws
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 23:51:54

    Interesting curtain photos. Looks like a great spot. I love your sketch. I don’t think mom has ever done a sketch for Caturday Art!


  14. DezizWorld
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 22:33:42

    Yous lookin’ so gawjus Binky. Gweat awt work. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  15. The Swiss Cats
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 22:30:10

    Lovely black and white art ! Purrs


  16. Marg
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 22:23:55

    Blinky, that is one nice work of art. We love seeing pictures of you. You all have a great day.


  17. The Canadian Cats
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 21:10:27

    Your art work is absolutely beautiful Binky. I, for one, love it. You look mysterious and yet gorgeous. That’s a keeper of a picture.

    Kitty Kisses,



  18. Marie
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 18:50:00

    We think both pics are great!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  19. dogdaz
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 17:47:28

    Really like the sketch


  20. Annabelle
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 17:41:10

    Binky you are a work of art!


  21. Terry
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 16:18:05

    These are definitely artistic photos, love them!


  22. Connie
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 15:40:52

    very artistic!


  23. Sabina Ayne
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 14:24:27

    Your art is so pretty!!! Love, LadyBird


  24. Julie
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 13:55:31

    Very nice, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday.


  25. Cupcake
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 12:20:32

    You are a very mysterious work of art, Little B. Granny is brilliant to take something so cute and make it even cuter!

    Love and licks,


  26. Animalcouriers
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 11:59:33

    Every picture of you is art, Little B!


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