A rub for World Animal Day

Hi (Furry)furriends,


I asked Granny…


to bring out the camera…


for some tummy…





on this special…


World Animal Day…


…and for everyone…

who wants to give me

a rub


…and over at Katzenworld

…for the occasion…


– P A W K I S S E S –

54 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Marc-André
    Oct 31, 2016 @ 09:49:44

    added for TRT week 120 😀


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  4. Dennis the Vizsla
    Oct 09, 2016 @ 04:57:13

    hello binky its dennis the vizsla dog hay enny day is a gud day for a tummy rub rite??? or an eer rub or a chin skritch or a butt rub or a nek run or a chin skritch or a — oh wayt i sed chin skritch alreddy!!! wel thats ok i like chin skritches!!! ok bye


  5. prior..
    Oct 08, 2016 @ 05:23:44

    had to drop by and leave paw kisses – even tho I am late – but hope your weekend goes well. 🙂


  6. dogdaz
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 20:52:21

    Rub rub rub rub rub rub rub rub rub rub rub rub ……


  7. Carolyn Page
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 02:02:47

    I’m late for World Animal Day; but, I’m sending lots of virtual tummy rubs to make up for it… 😉
    Wonderful meow, Binky; and Granny’s voice is special, too!
    Lots of love to you both.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ xo xo xo


  8. Savannah's Paw Tracks
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 16:54:09

    Binky! I heard your meow voice! And Grannie ‘s voice too. Very special. I betcha that warm dirt felt good on your furs.


  9. Three Chatty Cats
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 04:31:15

    You are just so adorable. I loved the video.


  10. Brian
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 02:15:41

    That really was most wonderful sweet Binky!


  11. cattitudechronicles
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 00:43:36

    What a lovely little tummy!😺


  12. The Island Cats
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 23:39:41

    Binky, your tummy shots sure made us smile. Happy World Animal Day!


  13. pilch92
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 21:49:29

    You are a sweetie Little Binky. I would love to run your tummy and snorgle it too. XO


  14. The Swiss Cats
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 21:32:28

    Lovely tummy ! Great post for World Animal Day ! Purrs


  15. databbiesotrouttowne
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 20:06:21


    heer in de land oh trout we R sell a bratin de Feast of St Francis; peepulz take ther petz two church two bee blessed; most lee it ends up bee in dawgs coz oh de hole catz/carrierz thing…..♥♥♥♥


  16. Nylabluesmum
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 18:24:26

    Wee wood LUV to give you tummy rubss an tickullss littul Binky!!!
    Yur thee BEST ❤ ❤
    ***paw kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum


  17. noodle4president
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 17:41:00

    You look so happy! Can I just send *ear licks* though?


  18. samanthamurdochblog
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 17:35:08

    Totally cute tummy! Lovely photos and great post :)x


  19. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 16:27:05


  20. Piglove
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 16:05:51

    Come here beautiful – I’ll get that spot for you. Awesome posting. XOXO – Bacon


  21. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 15:46:24

    you are such a sweetie! Happy World Animal Day!


  22. sidilbradipo1
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 15:36:07

    OhMyTummyRub! You are the Master of Fluffiness ❤
    And a very Happy Animal Day all around the world 😀


  23. Morgan
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 14:33:12

    Tummer Tummer Yummy Yummer 🙂 ❤ (well, thats what I say to my own kitty) 🙂


  24. draliman
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 14:00:04

    I’ll rub your tummy, you’re so soft and fluffy-looking 🙂


  25. allangilmour
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 13:34:25

    Tummy rubs all round from this end of the world. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston love the idea of “World Animal Day” but Sir Winston points out that one can be kind to animals any day of the year. Thanks for posting such lovely photos. Best regards. 🙂


  26. easyweimaraner
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 13:14:47

    I send you 87 virtual tummy rubs … and I wish love and food and a furever home for all pets… and I wish someone would stop the habit to eat dogs&cats in some countries….:o(


  27. Animalcouriers
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 12:46:58

    If only!


  28. Cupcake
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 12:30:01

    World Animal Day is a great day for a belly rub. I hope all pets and potential, future, furever pets get one today.

    Love and licks,


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