Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

Look what Granny bought me…

a stairway to


to get out of bed…

so I won’t hurt my pawsies

when I jump off…

but I told her…

that it wasn’t really…


I can get off…


and quick…

…as you see…

…so for now

…the stairs are not being used…

– P A W K I S S E S –

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…as my furriends say

“Together we can light up

the entire world…”

so let’s do it!

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57 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Deziz World
    Jan 18, 2018 @ 05:53:59

    Oh gawjus Binky, those look like great stairs. Trust us, even tho’ you can jump just fine, you’ll be usin’ those steps in no time. When we got ours fur sis Lexi, we’ve never jumped on the bed again. MOL Why, when you can run up and down the steps? Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  3. Lisa
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 21:40:20

    Awww, that Spark fits perfectly with your post today! I’m sure Granny was only thinking about your comfort later in life when those back legs are a bit slower. She’s a proactive planner!


  4. Valentine
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 20:53:11

    Blinky, I don’t have any stairs like those myself, but Mom has a short stool in front of the counter to make it less of a jump for me to get to my food bowls. It is nice of our humans to think of us, but don’t they know that we have excellent jumping legs?! Hugs!


  5. Animalcouriers
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 16:53:12

    So pleased you don’t need to use the stairs Little Binky! There will come a time but that should be a way off 😉


  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 13:21:17

    Hi Liittle Binky! I am back again. Do you realise you have comments turned off on Wednesday’s post?


    • angelswhisper2011
      Jan 17, 2018 @ 15:48:19

      Yes, miss Jackie, I know. We wanted to have a silent Wednesday as it is wordless Wednesday 😀 Granny can’t oversee the comments anymore otherwise, but thank you for letting us know 🙂 Extra Pawkisses for that 🙂 ❤


  7. Gattina
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 09:42:31

    What a nice gift ! Maybe you don’t need it right now, but we are all getting older and have difficulties to jump !


  8. 15andmeowing
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 00:56:46

    That was sweet of Granny to get you some steps, you should humor her and use them 🙂 Great spark. XO


  9. Mary McNeil
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 23:17:04

    You may not need the stairs, Little Binky, but just think – they have different levels for lounging on and could be placed in sun puddles ! Lovely Spark too.


  10. Tena Carr
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 21:34:36

    Careful Binky. My Meekah nearly missed her landing when jumping up on her favorite chair the other day. It’s kind of high but she always makes it. Luckily that one time she caught a good hold with her claws and was able to save herself- none the worse for her wear (or however that saying goes)… Hasn’t stopped her from continuing her leap to her favorite chair.


  11. Margie
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 21:33:13

    Those stairs might come in handy to get up on the bed. That was sure nice of Granny to get those for you.


  12. The Swiss Cats
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 19:44:46

    That’s so sweet and so thoughtful ! Those stairs are so pretty ! Purrs


  13. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 19:43:57

    Those are pretty stairs, Little Binky. Even though you are not ready to use them yet, they will be there when you need them.


  14. caren gittleman
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 18:47:07

    they are gorgeous stairs and it never hurts to have them should you decide to use them! xoxo


  15. utesmile
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 18:22:04

    They are such soft stairs and look beautiful, you’ll love using them I am sure!


  16. sidilbradipo1
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 16:27:13

    Rosa velvet stairs… wonderful, superb gift ❤
    Lovely Binky, your Granny loves you so much 😛
    Happy Tuesday =^:^=


  17. Comedy Plus
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 16:19:38

    You are most adorable. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    At some point you’ll use those stairs. We had them for our Little Bit and she eventually used them all the time.

    Love your Spark. You have to take the step.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥


    • angelswhisper2011
      Jan 17, 2018 @ 19:18:09

      Thank you, Sandee, I only use them when Granny looks at me…and only to step out of the bed…just to please her…MOL 😀 Thank you for linking me up, I will add the badge under the post to find your site too 🙂 Double Pawkiss 🙂 ❤


  18. Tails Around the Ranch
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 16:02:00

    I had to smile at that. It never seems to fail when you try to help out and they look at you like you’re crazy and jump. Stay safe and take a stroll along the ‘stairway to heaven.’ 😍


  19. NylabluesMum
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 15:36:29

    Mee-you those are sum nice stairss there littul Binky!! An you can use them fur nappin or playin toyss on…sorta multy-purrpose rite?
    ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxxx


    • angelswhisper2011
      Jan 17, 2018 @ 19:01:41

      Multi-purrposes…that’s a brilliant idea, Siddhartha Henry…I have an excuse then too, can’t get up or down because the stairs have been taken…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


  20. Piglove
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 15:06:15

    But you never know beautiful when you might need those awesome stairs. Maybe your humans are the ones that really need them. Snorts with piggy laughter. Happy Monday my friend. XOXO – Bacon


  21. McGuffy's Reader
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 14:29:15

    Oh, amen! This is so true. We cannot move on without taking steps. Life will not wait. I love the way you do this, too. BIG HUGS.


  22. Brian
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 14:25:14

    Great Spark sweet Binky! Our senior Kit uses the stair to get up but mostly jumps down.


  23. draliman
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 13:44:43

    Very sweet. You should use them sometimes when Granny is watching so she knows you like them 🙂


  24. Simon
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 13:02:45

    Maybe they’re more useful for going up?


  25. Garfield Hug
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 12:16:30

    Granny is so kind to get you such a pretty gift Binky. This way, you will have an easier way going up or down withouting getting hurt.😊


  26. easyweimaraner
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 11:58:40

    I agree!!! and that must be the stairway to heaven what Led Zeppelin meant in their song ;o)


  27. Charles Huss
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 11:30:10

    That was a nice gift and I’m sure you will get used to it.


  28. DailyMusings
    Jan 16, 2018 @ 11:22:02

    Those are the prettiest stairs I ever saw Binky! I know you will be tempted to use them soon ❤ Have a good day!


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