Caturday Art

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

Now…where is it…

it was here…


there were a lot of them…

I saw it from out of the window…

and I asked Granny

to make a few pictures

and she did…

but this is the only one..

that came out clear…

I think I could have done better…


let’s see…

what’s best

that I can do now…


I think this is…

the purrfect spot…

to watch…

and wait for the birdies…


and purrepare myself…

for artclass…

on LunaPic

with the Sadness filter…

…not to be sad, though…

and a border of pixl.r

and because I like it so much…

I stick with it for today…

and wait patiently

until my birdies come back…

and to take the opportunity to

T H A N K  Y O U  A L L

for flying with us

on our 7 Years Anniversary

of blogging….

without you

we wouldn’t be here today…

*bows deep*

– E X T R A  P A W K I S S E S –

Click on the badge

for more

to see what my furriends

have made today…

and maybe add one

of yours too…

remember that it’s only

one click away

from a masterpiece 😉

Have a colorful day


68 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deziz World
    Sep 12, 2018 @ 01:55:40

    Happy Blogoversary Binky. We’re so happy to have you as our furiends. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  2. sidilbradipo1
    Sep 10, 2018 @ 17:52:38

    WOW! It’s time to celebrate your Happy 7th Blogiversary, lovely Binky ❤ ❤ ❤
    And a special hug to Granny and Grandpaw!
    Ultra-pawkisses of love and joy 😀


  3. Tails Around the Ranch
    Sep 10, 2018 @ 16:44:45

    We hope the birdies appreciate your Caturday art Binky. Have a super week.


  4. Carolyn Page
    Sep 10, 2018 @ 00:45:49

    Happy Anniversary to you…. May you have many more, Binky, Granny and Grandpaw! It is so lovely to visit with you.. ❤


  5. utesmile
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 21:18:01

    Happy anniversary to you and Granny! You are doing a grand job!


  6. caren gittleman
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 18:35:25

    I am so sorry I missed this! I am behind with blog reading again, Happy Happy Belated Blogoversary!! xoxo


  7. meowmeowmans
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 15:29:36

    Oh! Sorry we are late getting here, Binky and Granny! We love you both, and send you our best congratulations on your 7th year blogoversary!


  8. ATCAD
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 14:13:51

    Happy 7th Blogiversary!!!


  9. Charles Huss
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 12:25:07

    Happy 7th Blogiversary. Very few bloggers make it a year so seven is something to be proud of.


  10. erinthecatprincess
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 10:43:01

    Happy 7th Anniversary, Binky! I know we haven’t known each other that length of time, but for what we have, we have loved every minute!
    Toodle pips and anniversary purrs


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  12. Cathy Keisha
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 03:02:08

    Happy Blogoversary. 7 years is a long time. Your art is anything but sad.


  13. 15andmeowing
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 01:06:48

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging. I wish I had known about blogs back then so I could have been following you all along. XO


  14. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 00:26:52

    That’s the purrfect spot for you, Binky!


  15. Melissa Lapierre
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 00:26:43

    That’s the purrfect spot for you, Binky!


  16. jansfunnyfarm
    Sep 09, 2018 @ 00:22:15

    Happy blogoversary, Binky! We look forward to many more years of blog posts.


  17. Patzy and Miss Juliea
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 23:52:09

    Wow! 7 years is really impressive since you blog so regularly. My mommy doesn’t have time to blog that often (or she is just making an excuse. MOL). We follow you daily because you bring us such insight and are so creative. Plus, Binky, you are so beautiful too! Happy Blogoversary to you and Granny.
    Luvz, Patzy


  18. The Island Cats
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 22:57:34

    That’s the purrfect spot to watch the birdies, Binky. We love your art, as always. Happy Blogoversary!! 7 years is amazing.


  19. Genevieve Petrillo
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 22:31:06

    Happy Blogiversary, Little B. I think you picked a beautiful spot to sit in your beautiful garden.

    Love and licks,


  20. Athena
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 22:00:16

    Happy Blogoversary! That’s a lovely spot to wait for birdie.m


  21. catladymac
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 21:50:05

    Happy Blogoversary, Binky – and many more.
    Your pictures are lovely – your friend looks like a chickadee, but maybe it has a different name where you live. Your garden is wonderful too ! Purrs.


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 13, 2018 @ 08:31:16

      Thanks Mary. It’s a titmouse, they have the best time in our garden. I can smell them when I wake up…MOL 😀 Thanks for flying with us 🙂 Extra 7 Pawkisses for the occassion 🙂 ❤


  22. Madi and Mom
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 21:30:47

    Hi Binky
    It is so good to see you strolling about your lovely garden. Hugs Madi your bfff


  23. violaetcetera
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 21:06:14

    Wow, seven years of blogging! Here’s to many more!


  24. The Swiss Cats
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 21:02:45

    Happy 7th Blogoversary ! We wish you many many more ! Purrs


  25. Catwoods
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 20:26:24

    Happy 7th Anniversary, Binky!


  26. Nylablue & Siddhartha Henry's LadyMum
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 19:58:21

    7 years?? Wow how time flies little Binky & Granny! We’ve been here 8 years this past August. We all shared so much together. It is wonderful you are still going strong & doing such wonderful blogs.
    Love you madly Binky!
    Sherri-Ellen & angels Siddhartha Henry & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤


  27. Comedy Plus
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 18:35:55

    You are so precious, Little Binky. You really are.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥


  28. The Florida Furkids
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 18:33:27

    It looks like you found t he purrfect spot to wait for the birdies. Nice artwork too! Happy Blogoversary! Seven years is impurressive.

    The Florida Furkids


  29. draliman
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 18:29:48

    Your garden is looking lovely, Little Binky!


  30. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 17:20:24

    Happy 7th Blogoversary! Your art is pretty.


  31. Timmy Tomcat
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 16:04:32

    Lil’Binky we are so glad to be here for your big 7th Blogoversary! You and Granny bring our family and very many others so many smiles we cant count them all. It is like an Avalanche of happiness whenever we visit and we look furward to years and years more to come
    Love, Hugs and Whisker Kisses dear sweet friend
    Timmy, Dad and Family


  32. Brian
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 14:46:10

    That’s very pretty sweet Binky and Happy Blogoversary from all of us!


  33. Garfield Hug
    Sep 08, 2018 @ 14:36:22

    Happy 7th anniversary!! Wow!! 7 years…🍾🥂Cheers to more good years of blogging💕😁


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