Caturday Art

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

It’s the 1st of December…

and it’s cold outside…

so Mousie and I wait here…

until Summer is back…

is it back already…

maybe it comes back…

after I show you

the purrezzies of

me and my Granny’s Birthday…

I gave this slippers to Granny…

and these artworks

made of glass…

and I got one too…

Is it Summer yet?…

and I’ve got this


from Granny…

and these full of impawtancies

from Grandpaw…

I wonder what he was thinking…

the pussycat…

not the Grandpaw…

No Summer yet?

better start some artwork myself

for today…



…like always…

I used the cassat art…

and then I added some

Christmas glitter balls in pixl.r…

and framed it with a golden border

on LunaPic…

to get into the spirit

of Winter Christmas…

that means

that we have to wait

a little longer

for Summer


now what else can we do

in the meantime…🤔

– P A W K I S S E S –

Click on the badge

for some more

pawsome artworks

of my furriends

and have a good time

Enjoy a wonderful Caturday


34 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deziz World
    Dec 09, 2018 @ 02:52:37

    It’s cold and yucky here too Binky. We’re ready fur summer too. Let us know ifin ya’ find it. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  2. sidilbradipo1
    Dec 06, 2018 @ 07:52:43

    Super-Pawkisses 🤗💕


  3. Ruby, Rosie and Teddy
    Dec 05, 2018 @ 02:45:27

    I love those slippers!!! You look so pretty on the pink rug and curtain!


  4. kowkla123
    Dec 04, 2018 @ 13:20:27

    hoffe, du bist gut in die Woche gestartet?


  5. Three Chatty Cats
    Dec 04, 2018 @ 04:27:34

    Those are very nice presents. Sorry you have to wait so long for summer!


  6. utesmile
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 22:02:20

    Such lovely present! Yes a bit of a wait to Summer, I am waiting with you! …..


  7. caren gittleman
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 21:18:26

    those are the most pawfect prezzies ever!! xoxo


  8. The Canadian Cats
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 20:33:03

    I loved your post Binky. You and Granny got some real nice prezzies. I wish it was summer again. We all hate winter. Here I have to live with these 2 weordos now. Tyebe wants to play like all the time and if I get mad at Tyebe Budd gives me hell.



  9. tanza erlambang
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 18:37:32

    Hi Binky….happy December and happy birthday.
    have a great weekend


  10. The Swiss Cats
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 18:27:27

    Happy Birthday to you and Granny, Binky ! The slippers are adorable. Purrs


  11. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 17:43:01

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! LOVE the slippers. Happy Sunday! 🙂


  12. BellaDharma's LadyMew
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 17:35:34

    Meow meow Sistur Binky wee have twin mousess!! Furry kewl rite?? An mee with you ’bout Winter….wee had Winter all month an today was rainy an hale….umm no HAIL!!! It was scarey…let us stay inn-side till Spring!
    Yore purrty artwork iss gorgeous!! Mee likess this one THE bestest!!!
    ***purrrsss*** BellaDharma


  13. meowmeowmans
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 17:27:54

    Happy birthday to you and Granny, Binky! All those presents are wonderful! But we think you have to wait for a while for Summer’s return. Hugs!


  14. rubytheairedale
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 05:23:13

    I can imagine it is hard for a garden kitteh like yourself to have to bear the cold this time of year Binky. I hopes it doesn’t gets too cold to enjoy some garden time.
    HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY to Granny!!! The artwork is FABulous!!!! FOUR STARS!! And the slippies are adorables! I do wonder what that kitteh is thinkin’….maybe abouts a burdie or somthings…
    Ruby ♥


  15. Cathy Keisha
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 03:31:45

    Time for a long winter’s nap I say.


  16. 15andmeowing
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 02:48:35

    All the gifts are beautiful. I love the Binky glass art. Glad you both had a wonderful birthday. XO


  17. Genevieve Petrillo
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 02:16:34

    Pretty fancy birthday bling, Little B. I especially love the glass Binky artwork! So cute.

    Love and licks,


  18. Carolyn Page
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 01:23:43

    Stay nice and warm. I’ll be sending some of our ‘warm’ from here in Aussieland. 🙂
    Wonderful prezzies.. You are all so special and deserving of all the most beautiful gifts… I luv them all… especially your wonderful artwork! 🙂


  19. jansfunnyfarm
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 00:15:09

    Love those slippers you gave your granny. We hate to disappoint you but we fear it will be a long cold before it’s summer yet. *sigh*


  20. ATCAD
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 23:58:35

    Your artwork is great. We wish you cold teleport over to our house it is super hot here today.


  21. The Island Cats
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 23:36:37

    What pawsome gifts! Binky, you’re gonna be waiting quite a while for summer to come back.


  22. catladymacm
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 23:13:47

    Great prezzies ! The one kitty you got that looks rather smug also looks like an Egyptian cat statue – so it may have a bit of a history of importance( from being worshiped, you know.)
    We haven’t even had “Indian Summer” over here so I’m afraid you and Mousie have a long wait. but you can work on some of your beautiful art and photos.


  23. Patzy and Miss Juliea
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 22:53:01

    My mommy wants those magical slippers! Your folks are so fortunate! Luvz, Patzy


  24. Brian
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 22:31:45

    Nice pressies and very pretty art sweet Binky!


  25. Mom of Madi
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 22:01:53

    Hidey Ho Binky…I love your carpet….very feminine and purrfect for you.
    Not too cold here rainy though. We had 2 nights of freezing temps last week that weather will return later next week
    Hugs Cecilia


  26. violaetcetera
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 21:07:01

    Well, doing wonderful cat art surely is one way to pass the time until summer comes around again!
    Do you have german speaking family members, because I noticed the word “Oma”?


    • angelswhisper2011
      Dec 06, 2018 @ 09:28:23

      We’re from the Netherlands, Viola. Granny was born in Germany and lived there for eleven years, before they emigrated to Holland 😀 Thanks for noticing👍Extra Pawkiss🐾😽💞


  27. AthenaWiseKitty (@AthenaWiseKitty)
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 18:50:46

    Beautiful gifts!

    And you look so beautiful too, Binky!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


  28. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 18:14:34

    The presents are lovely, and so is the art. I am afraid you have a long wait for summer though.


  29. draliman
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 17:40:21

    Such lovely purrezzies! You will have to wait a little longer for summer, though 😦


  30. Tails Around the Ranch
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 15:44:29

    Those are adorable slippers, Binky. You have great taste and your artwork is cat-aculous!


  31. Garfield Hug
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 14:16:13

    Happy birthday Oma and Binky. May good health, happiness and wealth bless you both. 🎂❤🐾🐀🐱🌹🌺🌷🌻


  32. kowkla123
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 13:03:11

    wunderschön, danke, ich wünsche einen schönen 1. Advent, Klaus


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