Aww..Monday Music Spark

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤


are you coming…

we have to work on our new

music theme…

“Music that teaches…”


let’s go and see where the music takes you…

as there are many many songs

that teaches not only the world

but you in particular…

I think music comes to you when you need it…

when your heart needs an uplift…

music touches your heart

and can change the you into a better you…

you only have to listen…

just like I do when I hear a spider

that you can’t hear…

Don’t bring up that song now, Granny…

…this song of 1969

…Granny was eleven years old

she had just moved from Germany to the Netherlands

and had to deal with the hate between the two Countries

because of the war almost 25 years earlier…

that they almost blamed on her…

the bullying at school because of her accent

and her different kind of upbringing…

and the homesickness…

…from that moment on

she knew that

“You can’t always get what you want”

but you get what you need…”

not understanding what it meant

in those days…

but a few years later it actually made sense…

it taught Granny…and me🙄

that you can’t have everything you want in life…

especially not

when you THINK you want it…

but that you can get what you need in life

or what you desire…

when it comes from your heart…

Another song that teaches us

how we can come out of isolation and confusion

or stay in…

at least that’s our interpurretation of the song…

we want to keep it positive… 😉

comes from 1974

Granny thought this song was written especially for her

and stayed in that

shell for a long long time…MOL😹

The next song teaches us

that every change starts with ourself…

“If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and make that

OMC…What do you mean…

That’s not what they meant

with teaching songs…

Of course these are teaching songs…

they teach our inner and the outer world..

we learn a lot of the lyrics…

our English has impurroved…

at least a little…

by listening, reading and singing the lyrics…

especially the la la la’s went purrfect…

I can write a whole book

with all the music that teaches us so much through life

but it’s time to drink something…

and stretch my legs…

for a round around…

just one more song of 1987…

that changed Granny’s life furrever…

the lyrics speak for themselves…

Granny says this was a call of her soul…


I hear my couch calling…

so see you next time…

– P A W K I S S E S –

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Awwdorable moments…

and let your paws

moving with Cathy….

and add a Spark


“Heal to world”

💗Have a wonderful day my furriends💗


41 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stacy Uncorked
    Mar 11, 2019 @ 04:17:39

    Oh what a beautiful kitty!!! LOVE all your choices! You might get a giggle when Little Dude is whining about not getting his way, the hubby and I break out in song singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” 😀 Thanks for the dance!


  2. Patzy and Miss Juliea
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 03:27:37

    Wow! Supertramp was my mommy’s very favorite for many albums and many years! And I always loved the Rollong Stones. And my mommy was 11 in 1969 too. Great people think alike. Thanks for bringing up old memories for my mommy!
    Luvz, Patzy


  3. Lone Star Cats
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 02:59:34

    Pawsome choices Little Binky!


  4. 15andmeowing
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 02:47:32

    Those are all wonderful choices for this week’s theme. I am sorry your Granny had such a tough time as a child, children can be very mean. XO


  5. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 01:33:53

    I love cats, I just don’t have one (for various reasons). This was a beautiful post! I think you rocked the theme because music teaches so many lessons. Jimmy James’ song had such a disco beat; was surprised it was from 2013. As a big Supertramp fan, I enjoyed Hide in Your Shell – the music is so Supertrampish. But best of all, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. I grew up among World War II survivors (many survivors of the Holocaust) who settled in New York City and I can only image what it would have been like to settle in a place and experience hate as you grow up.


  6. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 00:24:42

    Great choices! You’re quite right, music can be a very powerful force in our lives.


  7. Melissa Lapierre
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 00:24:23

    Great choices! You’re quite right, music can be a very powerful force in our lives.


  8. Deziz World
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 00:02:34

    This is a great posty Binky, and so true. We’re sorry Granny had to go thru those things, but we’re glad she’s a fighter and didn’t let it ruin her. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  9. Charles Huss
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 00:00:07

    Songs sure can be very powerful. That’s too bad that your Granny had problems in school but I think kids will always look for reasons to pick on other kids. Too bad your Granny is not still in Deutschland because my wife and I are going there this fall and could use a travel guide. 😉


  10. catladymac
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 22:31:14

    What a beautiful post, Little Binky ! (and Granny)


  11. utesmile
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 20:31:31

    Isn’t it funny how music does accompany us through our life and how you remember things. I didn’t know your Granny was coming form Germany. I feel close to her really as I am only 3 years younger and I have a sister her age. I have a song which talked to me when I decided to come to England 1984. It was Steve Winwood – ‘While you see chance… take it’….. and I did. I still love it now and keep the record from then. Nice to get to know Granny more too! Sending my love to both of you!


  12. Tails Around the Ranch
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 20:17:14

    You and your Granny are correct, music improves the heart and soul which is why we have been OD’ing on Queen lately. I can’t seem to get enough.Have a beautifully musical week.


  13. BellaDharma's LadyMew
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 18:21:58

    What a furabuluss post Sistur Binky! Mee not lissen to musick like ‘angelss’ Unkell Siddhartha an Aunty’ss Nylablue an Mingflower did…..mee iss not used to it…..mee hope you not think mee weerd. Mee just not understand musick…yet….
    Yore photoess’ are so beeuteefull…..
    ❤ an ***purrsss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Sistur BellaDharma~~


  14. Sandee
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 17:45:35

    In 1969 I was 18 years old. I’m a great granny though.

    Loved all the wonderful music. Music often teaches us many things. We just need to listen.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Hope you had a wonderful Awww Monday. Scritches and lovies to Little Binky. My best to your granny. ♥


  15. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 17:36:04

    You chose some very good music, Little Binky. When I was in junior school my class exchanged addresses with a junior school in Bremen and most of us had penfriends from there to help build friendships after the war years.


  16. Brian
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 16:00:55

    I think those were wonderful teaching tunes sweet Binky and wonderful photos too!


  17. Margie
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 14:19:11

    Music is a wonderful thing in many ways. Great post Little Binky. You have a fine day.


  18. draliman
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 13:55:50

    Very wise words LB, and lovely photos!


  19. Cathy Kennedy
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 12:06:24

    It was interesting to learn of your struggles as a kid moving from Germany to Netherland. I can’t even imagine the difficulties you had and I know kids can be so cruel. Even in adults who know better but allow prejudice to blind their hearts to the truth. I like the direction of your interpretation of how mewsic educates took you because life’s lessons through song are quite revealing and help us in ways that schools can’t. Your song choices were spot on in this area of education. I appreciated the introduction of “To My One True Love”. It’s very beautiful! Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my lovelies!


  20. easyweimaraner
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 11:18:33

    Mick and Keith were totally right you can’t always get what you want… not even the mama can BOL


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