The After Easter

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

Here we are again…


it took some time

to clean up the after Easter Pawty

that some of my furriends

got really worried about me…

but as there’s more in life

than cleaning….

and making insect screens

for the window in the attic…

while having fear of heights…

so that my mother and auntie can breathe

and sleep easily

when they come next time Easter…😹

I asked Granny

to put me in today…

to show you that I’m purrectly fine…

and that I ignored all my twofeet siblings this time…

🐰🌼💛🐤Hope you all had a wonderful Easter my furriends🐤💛🌼🐰

Here’s a little gift for you…

…a puzzle…

just click on me


E N J O Y ! ! 

– P A W K I S S E S –

38 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BellaDharma's LadyMew
    Apr 29, 2019 @ 19:55:54

    Meow-wow mee iss so far bee-hind vizzitin mee sweet Sistur Binky. Pleese furgive mee Binky; LadyMew has bin strugglin with her health an inn see-vere pain so lyin down more than usual…Today shee said shee wuud make sure mee red all yore bloggiess an vizzit you.
    ***paw kissesss*** an **purrsss** Sistur BellaDharma


  2. The Swiss Cats
    Apr 28, 2019 @ 08:18:10

    Great quote, MOL ! We’re glad you’re fine after that busy week ! Purrs


  3. Carolyn Page
    Apr 28, 2019 @ 02:14:47

    Wasn’t it just a little bit good to see your mama and auntie, Binky? Once a year is good, but, it seems once every leap year is even better… Hahahahahahaha…
    You look so darn cute… 🙂

    xoxoxo 😂 😂 😂 🐾 🐾 🐾


  4. Lone Star Cats
    Apr 27, 2019 @ 07:19:04

    MOL, momma’s pretty shure dis house wuz clean – once.


  5. catladymac
    Apr 27, 2019 @ 01:14:34

    Glad you are ok. Binky – and there are some things you just have to do. Purrs.


  6. The Island Cats
    Apr 27, 2019 @ 00:05:36

    We’re glad to see you, Binky!


  7. violaetcetera
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 21:56:46

    “This house was clean last week…” is great! I am glad all is well at your home!


  8. Brian
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 20:25:37

    You sure are look darn cute, as always, sweet Binky!


  9. Tails Around the Ranch
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 20:16:21

    Nice to see you survived Easter. Time to get ready for more spring-like weather.


  10. draliman
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 20:15:26

    It’s good to relax and do your selfies after all that cleaning up 🙂


  11. 15andmeowing
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 19:42:26

    Thank you for the beautiful puzzle. It took me 19 min to do- I am so slow 🙂 I had fun though and that is all that matters. XO


  12. Three Chatty Cats
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 19:31:31

    Hi Binky! Sounds likes it’s been busy around there. Glad you’re doing well!


  13. Catwoods
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 19:17:43

    Good to see you Binky! You look so cute in the photos!


  14. databbiesotrouttowne
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 18:56:43

    binky; yur afturr easturr iz bee ewe tee ful….we reel lee like fotoz three; yur pro file 🙂 ♥♥♥ de food gurl iz crackin up at grannies towel !! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  15. utesmile
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 18:56:02

    Love that cloth! yes nobody ever comes when it is no nice and clean…. Well done Binky! need to do the puzzle now! ♥


  16. Sandee
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 15:38:00

    It’s good to see that you are fine. We had a nice Easter too. It’s important to enjoy such a special holiday.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, Little Binky. My best to your peeps. ♥


  17. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 15:32:10

    Love your preciousness in the photos. Many 🐾kisses ❤️


  18. easyweimaraner
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 12:08:06

    we love that saying… unfortunately our guests missed that time of the clean house too ;O)


  19. Animalcouriers
    Apr 26, 2019 @ 11:38:15

    We always suspect you’re awfully busy Little B, snoopervising all the crazy human goings on 😀


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