Sunday Selfie

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

with this heat…

it’s almost to hard…

to reach out…

for my…


better withdraw…

and take it easy…

just like our laptop…

who’s working real slow now…🐌

even with the cooler….sigh…

but that should not spoil the fun…right😸

💗Have a wonderful Sunday everyone💗

– P A W K I S S E S –


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if only for one day😺

E N J O Y ! !

53 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 🇦 🇦 🇳 🇳 🇪 🇷 🇮 🇳
    Jul 05, 2019 @ 21:24:32

    Cute 😍


  2. Invisibly Me
    Jul 05, 2019 @ 11:59:18

    Aww so photogenic! My catkins gets extra lazy in the hot weather, like even moving an inch is just a bit too much for him 😂xx


  3. databbiesotrouttowne
    Jul 02, 2019 @ 19:36:39

    mys stars binky; I daresay pink IS your color; you look FABulous even in the 287 degree heat and we all hope your week a head is PURRfect…hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥♥♥


  4. Laila and Angel Minchie
    Jul 02, 2019 @ 00:08:18

    Beautiful selfie, Binky, even though it is so hot there. Wouldn’t you be cooler laying on the tile floor? Hope it cools off soon.


  5. World Of Animals, Inc.
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 22:14:40

    Hey Binky. We hope this weather cools down just a little. Taking selfies is a hard job and when it’s warm you can only do what you can do to pull it off. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.


  6. Cecilia Upchurch
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 18:24:55

    Dearest Binky and Granny…yes it is me…I have figured out how to comment on WP.
    I wasn’t about to let that silly thing get the best of me.
    We have a friend who was in Germany for a meeting 2 weeks ago he told us it was
    absolutely horrible and no a/c in the hotel rooms.
    Hugs Cecilia


  7. Colehaus Cats
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 18:17:01

    Absolutely beautiful Selfies! Stay cool this week!


  8. caren gittleman
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 18:10:01

    I just kissed your paw, did you feel it?


  9. Three Chatty Cats
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 16:02:55

    Stay cool, Binky! Beautiful selfie!


  10. Carole Schulman
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 15:49:18

    Good morning my dear. WE have the hots too. I had to get mom to take my selfie. XX
    Katie isabella


  11. Simon
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 12:07:11

    I’m sure the laptop will be fine – just enjoy the sun 🙂


  12. Lone Star Cats
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 09:26:25

    Cute selfies! Stay cool!


  13. rubytheairedale
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 05:48:42

    Gurl, you look cool in any weather! I hopes you gets some cooler weather soon my pal! You can come over here ~ it’s not bad this week at all and we can snooze and have some margaritas! (not necessarily in that order….hehehehe)
    Ruby ♥


  14. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 05:11:44

    Everything slows down in the heat! We don’t blame you one bit.


  15. Melissa Lapierre
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 05:11:25


  16. Charles Huss
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 01:35:59

    At least you look good in the heat. I guess there are advantages to not sweating. 🙂


  17. philosophermouseofthehedge
    Jul 01, 2019 @ 00:47:37

    It’s even hard to stay awake when it’s so warm. Take care!


  18. draliman
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 22:14:25

    It’s best not too move around too much when it’s so hot. But I’m glad you still managed your Sunday selfie 🙂


  19. Genevieve Petrillo
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 20:44:19

    When the laptop starts feeling the heat – that really HOT! Stay cool and cute, Little B.

    Love and licks,


  20. violaetcetera
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 20:25:37

    Heatwave or not, your selfie is wonderful. It’s supposed to cool down here, maybe it becomes more bearable where you live as well.


  21. Valentine
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 20:20:37

    Maybe you can make a fan from the feathers of one those birdies that visit your garden. Birdies seem to be in large supply and their feathers, too. Tee hee hee. Winks.


  22. erinthecatprincess
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 20:16:39

    I know exactly how you feel, even though we have aircon for the first time ever this year, it is still hard when ones has to work 😉


  23. The Island Cats
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 19:57:28

    It’s hot here too…but we hear it’s hotter where you are. We hope it cools down soon. You’re right, you don’t want to exert yourself too much.


  24. 15andmeowing
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 18:36:35

    Keep cool cutie. XO


  25. The Swiss Cats
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 17:59:15

    We’re melting here too… Stay cool ! Purrs


  26. utesmile
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 17:36:09

    Keep cool Binky, with fur it is even harder than for the humans….. Drink a lot!


  27. BellaDharma's LadyMew
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 17:32:49

    Meow meow Sistur Binky eelsss sorta laid back like you today…..iss *hot* here too!! Mee iss waitin till Sun goess bee-hind buildin an then mee go back out inn Condo!
    Yore Selfie iss lovelee…yore lovelee!
    Wishin you a less *hot* week there with lotss of snackss an treetss!
    ***purrsss*** an ❤ ❤ an **paw kissesss** Sistur BellaDharma


  28. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 17:17:14

    It’s really hot here too today. Cino & I are staying in and staying cool


  29. Brian
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 16:32:57

    Terrific selfie sweet Binky!


  30. Margie
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 16:21:41

    Great selfie, Little Binky. It is way too hot here too. You have a good day.


  31. Tails Around the Ranch
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 16:03:40

    We hope it begins to cool down soon. Peeps, cats and computers all work better when it’s not pizza oven hot.


  32. meowmeowmans
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 15:37:38

    Thank you for taking your selfie even though it is so hot, Little Binky. We hope things cool off a bit, and that your computer is okay. Hugs to you and Granny!


  33. Elaine
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 14:21:12

    It was way too hot for me too yesterday, much better today ☺️


  34. sidilbradipo1
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 11:41:32

    You are so lovely, little Binky 😍
    Stay comfy, stay cool!
    Happy Sunday


  35. Jyoti
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 10:20:28

    Love your all selfies…
    Adorable 😺🐱🐱😻😻😽😽


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