Mewsic Moves Me on a Wordfull Wednesday

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤


I’m here again…

on my misty Island…

our homecation is over…

the introoders left the building yesterday…

and now that they’re gone…

I can finally get myself

some real good mewsic over here

for the weekly blog hop with my furriends @

and today’s theme


sorry we’re a little late for that

but better late than never right…

eh…right?….MOL 😉

We sure hope you all had a wonderful time anyway…

Let’s see what we can get for the L

a song when my mom was born in 1979…

no…not Granny…

she’s a little much older than my mom…

but enough about my mom…

here comes the


Lost in Love from Air Supply…

now let me put the A right behind this song…

All out of love

from same band from Australia…

Iand now the B of Bat…

no, not bat…

it’s just that Granny and I saw two bats

flying over the garden the other day…

I don’t mind to batch…eh…catch…

me one just to get a closer look…😸

now let’s catch the other


Babaji of Supertramp…

Granny said it’s about a Hindu holy man…

while I was hoping that it was about Batman…

because of the B…and the bats….


let’s go straight to the


Only because of you of Roger Hodgson

the former vocalist and songwriter from Supertramp…

but I guess that was obvious already…

I see some Rain coming…

that brings me immediately to the


Rain of The Cult…

I hope we keep it dry a little longer

maybe until I’m ready with

me and my Granny’s playlist…

but in case not, here comes the


I close my eyes for this


Dream Weaver of Gary Wright…

still a great song…isn’t it?


Time to wake up now…

with one of our favourite bands of the Eighties…

*give me the A Granny*

A Forest of The Cure…

they were at the Pinkpop festival this year

and I could here them almost in our garden…

but then the Pawty Pooper closed the door

because of the flying objects that were buzzing around

Granny and Grandpaw…

so I had to come in and watch the show on the computer

together with Granny…

she was back in time during the two and a half hour concert…

…they were amazing…

one more letter to go…


You are Young of Keane…

I don’t know about you…

but with this mewsic

I feel so much younger than today…♪♫♪

💗Have a wonderful day my furriends💗

– P A W K I S S E S –


43 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cat9984
    Nov 17, 2019 @ 23:17:37

    I have not heard Air Supply in years. Thanks for the memory. 🙂


  2. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Sep 09, 2019 @ 00:57:11

    I was in my 20’s when Supertramp went big, and I bought one of their albums (Breakfast in America). It is nice to hear that voice again. I love Lost in Love, had never heard the other Air Supply song. The Cure, the Cult – enjoyed both of these. Hope you had a good week. Purrr!


  3. BellaDharma'ss LadyMew
    Sep 06, 2019 @ 19:18:25

    Mew mew mew what a grate selection of songs this week Sistur Binky! As today (Furiday) iss rainy here wee love THE Cult song “rain”! LadyMew LOVeSS this band. An “Dream Weever” iss one of THE kewlest songss mee efurr herd. LadyMew sang it to mee an it was so speshell….
    An ‘Babaji’ iss a kewl song too!
    You look wunderfull an reelaxed inn yore photoess Sis!! What a guud week wee both had…..
    ***purrsss*** an ❤ an dubbell **paw kissesss** ~~ Sistur BellaDharma~~


  4. Charles Huss
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 23:06:59

    That was a good selection of songs. I think I would go with Dreamweaver as the best.


  5. The Island Cats
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 22:50:08

    That was quite the playlist this week, Binky. Nice to see you out in the garden.


  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 16:31:29

    Another good selection of songs, Little Binky. My favourites were The Cult, The Cure and Keane.
    That is a lovely little island you have for resting on.


  7. draliman
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 09:19:32

    You look very serene sitting in your garden and listening to your music 🙂


  8. meowmeowmans
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 04:47:51

    You sure look happy out there in your magical garden, Binky! Great playlist, especially when you included the Cure. That’s one of our fave bands, too. 🙂

    Hugs to you and Granny!


  9. 15andmeowing
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 00:51:51

    Your Mom is 10 years younger than me. Granny has such great taste in music- and kitties 🙂 XO


  10. catladymac
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 23:23:43

    Lovely pictures of you in the Garden, Little B !


  11. Genevieve Petrillo
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 22:40:11

    I read it and read it and finally I got it! Labor Day! Clever!

    Love and licks,


  12. utesmile
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 21:26:58

    Lovely to see you Binky, in your wonderful Garden!


  13. databbiesotrouttowne
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 21:26:21

    it bee grate ta see ewe again binky N ya bee lookin gorgeouz az all wayz !! gary wright’s song iz awesum huh !! ::) ♥♥


  14. rubytheairedale
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 21:13:12

    Oh Binky, I do loves that you’re back my furiend! I loves your Misty Island! I thinks I would loves to lay there and waits for the mousies to cross in front of me! ehehehee
    Okays, nows Ma is hummin’ that Dream Weaver song! Oh! My tender ears!!!!! BOL!
    Ruby ♥


  15. Catwoods
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 20:29:43

    Looks like a pleasant day in the garden, Little Binky! And, lots of interesting music, too!


  16. Sandee
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 17:01:43

    It’s good to see you Binky and you know how much I love to stroll the garden with you. I also enjoy all the wonderful music videos too. We like the same kinds of music.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. My best to your peeps. ♥


  17. Tails Around the Ranch
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 16:01:37

    It’s never too late to take a Labor Day moment. Beautiful job with the mew-sic.🎶


  18. Cathy Kennedy
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 15:46:24


    Your mom was born the year DH & I got married. Air Supply is a great band. I sometimes forget about them until I get a reminder from a furriend. Supertramp is a group I don’t recall a lot about and naturally, I don’t know any of the band members by name, so I appreciated the introduction. I really enjoyed ‘Only Because of You’ by Roger Hodgson. Very beautiful instrumental prelude leading up to the vocals. The Cure, while I know by name their mewsic, slipped passed me in the 90s. They came to popularity when I was a mommy of three small fries which drained me of all my energies so dancing wasn’t high on my list of things to do. lol ‘Dream Weaver’ is a favorite oldie of mine but that’s one that predates your mom. Didn’t it come out in 1975? ‘You Are Young’ is new to me but you know mewsic makes me feel young, too. To keep feeling young we need to listen to mewsic every. single. day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful song set with the 4M crew and it’s great having you a part of the greatest dance party in Cyberville. Have a boogietastic week, little furriend!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Sep 05, 2019 @ 19:57:18

      Yes, CK, Dream weaver is of 1975, only the Air Supply was of 1979. The other songs were much later, except of Dream Weaver and Babaji (1975 and 1977). Sorry if it was a little unclear. Granny was married in 1978, one year earlier than you btw 😉 Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞


  19. Brian
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 14:08:21

    It’s nice to see you sweet Binky and we enjoyed your tunes!


  20. colonialist
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 12:48:35

    The only authentic kitty mewsic is numbers like, ‘We are Siamese if you please; we are Siamese if you don’t please’. Now, that is cat-egorically true!


  21. My GBGV Life
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 12:44:47

    You sure look content there in your own little jungle!


  22. Animalcouriers
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 12:30:16

    Great to have you back! What a fine playlist too 😀


  23. easyweimaraner
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 12:28:33

    oooh all out of love… how could we furget that song? it was so great for the furst broken heart as a teenie …


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