Satisfied Wordless Wednesday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

“There are always flowers…

for those who want to see them.”

-Henri Matisse

NB Update on the loss of my furriend’s brother



…now we have to concentrate

on Ninja

so let’s put our paws together

and purray real hard…

we want him to come home soon too🙏👼💗

🌸Have a wonderful Wednesday my furriends🌸

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– C L E A N  P A W K I S S E S –


33 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TravelerInMe
    May 14, 2020 @ 16:19:03

    Binky is such a darling! Such a bundle of softness all curled up. Have a Happy Week ahead my friend 🙂


  2. Natasha
    May 13, 2020 @ 08:20:53

    Binky, I wish I could sink into that comfy bed of yours and get lulled into La-la land. ❤

    Hugs and cheer to gran and you, you adorable darling. ❤ ❤


  3. Tails Around the Ranch
    May 08, 2020 @ 20:26:35

    That looks like quite the comfy bed, Binky. Glad to hear your fur-iend Bean was located; we’ll concentrate our powers toward Ninja being found next. 💙


  4. draliman
    May 08, 2020 @ 06:40:19

    That’s a very comfy-looking bed 🙂


  5. Crystal
    May 07, 2020 @ 20:46:04

    Glad you found the one cat no hope you find Ninja.


  6. -Eugenia
    May 07, 2020 @ 18:57:30

    So glad Bean has been found and now we have to hope Ninja will come home. Binky, you look adorable in your flower petal bed. 😻🌸 🌼 🌻


  7. caren gittleman
    May 07, 2020 @ 18:48:49

    Binky!! You and I have the same bed except mine is purple! Love, Cody xoxo


  8. Gattina
    May 07, 2020 @ 10:54:09

    That I call a cozy bed !!


  9. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    May 07, 2020 @ 06:38:45

    Hooray for Bean…and now lets hope and pawray that Ninja will also come home!


  10. meowmeowmans
    May 07, 2020 @ 04:35:29

    You sure make an adorable flower, Binky!

    We are happy that Bean came back! We hope and purr that Ninja follows suit.

    Hugs and headbonks to you and Granny!


  11. 15andmeowing
    May 07, 2020 @ 00:30:37

    I am so happy about Bean. I have been praying for both of them and will continue to pray for Ninja. XO


  12. BellaDharma an LadyMew
    May 07, 2020 @ 00:01:11

    Mee-yow wow Sistur Binky yore THE purrtiest flower efurr!!!
    An HURRAH fore BEAN reeeternin home! Now to purray xtra hard fore Ninja cat…where inn THE werld can hee bee???
    ***purrss*** an dubbell ❤ ❤ an **paw kissess** sistur BellaDharma


  13. zita666479
    May 06, 2020 @ 23:53:27

    What a beautiful cat


  14. songbird1329
    May 06, 2020 @ 23:47:33

    Hi Binky. That bed looks comfy.


  15. Valentine
    May 06, 2020 @ 23:24:14

    Binky, you are a sleeping beauty in your buttercup bed. I’m glad to hear that your furiend Bean is no longer missing and I sure hope that our furiend Ninja finds his way home and safe, too. Luvs.


  16. catladymac
    May 06, 2020 @ 22:48:45

    We are so glad to hear that Bean has been found ! We continue to send purrayers and POTP that Ninja will come home !


  17. Freddie Mercury online
    May 06, 2020 @ 22:34:05

    Binky you are so cute 😍😍


  18. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    May 06, 2020 @ 22:22:10

    That is very good news that Bean has been found. I hope Ninja is soon found too.
    You look very comfortable in your bed.


  19. Timmy Tomcat
    May 06, 2020 @ 20:28:46

    Great Satisfaction Binky. We are so glad Bean is back home and continue to purr for Ninja


  20. Brian
    May 06, 2020 @ 19:18:08

    We’re glad Bean has been found and we’re all praying for dear Ninja.


  21. Sandee
    May 06, 2020 @ 18:56:30

    I’m glad Bean has been found now let’s find Ninja.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday, Little Binky. My best to your Granny. ♥


  22. Loulou
    May 06, 2020 @ 18:54:54

    What a cool beddy bye and so pretty. Just like a flower bed.


  23. databbiesotrouttowne
    May 06, 2020 @ 18:41:04

    binky; ya bee lookin gorgeouz az all wayz !!!! we iz BUZZED happee bean iz home N we troo lee hope ninja findz hiz way home az well ♥♥♥


  24. Carole Schulman
    May 06, 2020 @ 13:21:43

    I need to do this. I will print this. I would add cherries.


  25. Carole Schulman
    May 06, 2020 @ 13:16:52

    Binky you yourself look like a flower tree in your beddy. You dear little girl. It grieves me about Ninja and now Bean.
    Katie Isabella


  26. easyweimaraner
    May 06, 2020 @ 11:42:41

    right!!! and life is good, we only have to look at da pawsitive things ;O)


  27. onespoiledcat
    May 06, 2020 @ 11:33:38

    Binky you look so comfy in the middle of your “flower petal” bed! I’m glad your friend Bean has come home and we are hoping that Ninja does the same – soon!

    Hugs, Teddy ❤


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