Prepurring for Christmas

Hi (Furry)furriends🎅


what a mess…

We finally have a tree…

but effurrything went wrong

as the tree almost collapsed

when Granny put it on the table…

so she had to put a big stone

to straighten up The Tower of Pisa

the Christmastree…

and now we have to decorate it…

but we don’t know where to start…

because there are so many boxes

with no names on it…

and we first have to figure out

in which we put the lights last year…

even if I shine a light on the subject

it’s not enough…

and it really stesses me out…

so much…

that I wanted to run away from all of it…

but you can’t run away

in the middle of a purroject…can you?

let’s concentrate on the cards first…

and say some

T H A N K F U L s

for all the snail mail

…live in our mailbox and


🙈sorry haven’t sorted them out yet🙈

before we go on decorating again…

I first have to do something else…

be back in a sec…


I did not!


I’m still awake…

and Crispsmouse is in da house…


I think I forget something…

a picture from my sistur BellaDharma

now look at that diva…

what a girl huh?

Thanks for your picture sweet sister BellaDharma…

now I have you always nearby…

so maybe you can help me

with my poem this week too…

“I need to look my very best

on the moviestar contest

I took a bath and curled my hair

and did a little morning purrayer

but I’m feeling still a little blue

when I see myself in the mirror next to you

I look like a clown

coming from downtown


not so strange as I have to compete

with a lot more on Coronation Street.”

and how about some artworks too…

come on

you we can do it…😹

🎨📚Have a Wonderful Weekend my furriends📚🎨

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


Where are you Thankful for today🙏

Get inspired by the real poets among us📚

Don't forget to add your masterpiece too🎨

E N J O Y ! !


25 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Dec 20, 2021 @ 19:29:33

    Mew mew mew yore poem-em iss purrfection sweet Sistur Binky! You got “Coronation street” inn poe-em which is BellaSita Mum an mee’ss faverite show! That foto makess uss giggel an BellaSita showed mee an old black an white foto of Missus Hilda Ogden who allwayss had curlerss inn front of her head!!! Mew mew mew…..
    Wee sure hope yore littel Catmess Tree stayss uprite an that you fidn litess an decoss’ yore l00kin fore Binky!
    An many humbell THANX fore showin mee foto mee sent to you an likin it so-o much! Mee wanted to bee there with you butt with tellyportin reestrictionss mee thott a foto was a guud choice 😉
    Dubbell ***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~Sistur BellaDharma~~ an ❤ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum


  2. 15andmeowing
    Dec 20, 2021 @ 04:19:57

    Binky, you are such a trooper to stick through your project and write a nice poem and make your art and a puzzle. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


  3. utesmile
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 18:31:09

    Frohe Weihnachten! ( saw this in your puzzle! )


  4. utesmile
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 17:50:54

    Decorating a tree is hard work. You must be exhausted. Have a good rest in your Christmas corner, it looks wonderful! Enjoy my lovely Binky!


  5. Tails Around the Ranch
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 17:37:35

    Your Granny’s house is beginning to look quite festive and hope you are able to finish up all the decorations 🎄


  6. Athena and Marie
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 16:44:13

    Well done for helping with the decorations!

    Love the art!


  7. Eugi
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 14:46:29

    Wow, little Binky! So much to do but I am glad you stuck with your project. I love your poem and the art! Good luck with decorating your tree! Merry Christmas! 🥰😻


  8. draliman
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 07:27:56

    It can be very overwhelming at this time of year. I think a little nap midway through was a very good idea 🙂


  9. meowmeowmans
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 04:28:58

    You did a great job of sticking with that project, Binky. We bet you have everything decorated purrfectly now. XO


  10. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 00:43:18

    You’ll get it all done, Binky! LOVE Crispsmouse…


  11. onespoiledcat
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 00:26:47

    Oh my goodness Binky! You have a tree and a lot of boxes so it might take a while to figure out where everything is but you’ll fix it up beautifully I just know! You also got inspired by the dog with curlers because you wrote a wonderful poem….well done my little friend. Now don’t work too hard on that tree – you can take your time. “Tis the season to be jolly” and not TIRED!

    Hugs, Teddy


  12. Brian
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 00:16:46

    You sure had your paws full with all that decorating sweet Binky but I know you can handle it! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  13. Mary McNeil
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 00:15:37

    Oh B inky, some of that conusion is just part of the season ! We send purrayers and purrs and best wishes to you and all your furamily !


  14. Cathy Keisha
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 00:14:27

    Your house is a Christmas wonderland.


  15. Carolyn Page
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 22:52:38

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Binky, Granny and Grandpaw!
    I love all the photos, the poem, the art.. Indeed everything!


  16. The Island Cats
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 22:52:37

    You are a great help getting things ready for Christmas, Binky!


  17. The Canadian Cats
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 22:08:43

    Binky, you are so busy this time of year.


  18. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 21:51:39

    You worked very hard and deserved a nap under the tree. Your poem is very sweet, and so is your art. Thank you for the puzzle.


  19. erinthecatprincess
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 19:31:40

    You know what, I think you did a great job, Binky, in the face of all those boxes and the trauma of the tree collapsing, almost. Was that a little mousie I saw????
    We loved your verse, and the picture of the hound with curlers made Mrs H fall about laughing…. or mybe that was the sherry> Anyways, we loved the artwork, and will be back to attempt the jigsaw tomorrow, when Mrs H sobers up, MOL


  20. cindy knoke
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 19:06:11

    How sweet! Love the poem and the photos. Merry Christmas!


  21. Carole Schulman
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 18:35:14

    Little Binky! I love seeing you shining a light on the tree! XXOO
    Katie Isabella


  22. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 18:12:38

    What a great post as you purrpare for Christmas! We bet your tree is purrfection by now:)

    Loved you poem, and the art is fabulous!
    Sleep well under your tree, Little Binky:)


  23. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Dec 18, 2021 @ 17:20:52

    Love the photos and update. Y’all have been busy. Wing you all safe happy holidays. ❤️🐾


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