Now look who’stalking

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I know I know…

but I had to come down

to help Granny…

to get some order in the house again…


hey boys…

Granny and Grandpaw

need some extra eyes…

with these two little…


that I sent on their way

Thursday last week…

after all the grieve

it was time to go on…

and allthough they thought they had found

a right match almost two weeks earlier…

from the “Cat in distress foundation”

Granny was very disappointed

when the foundation was finally able to call

…after almost two weeks of waiting…

to tell them that the grown up ladies

had already found a furrever home…

but that it was so busy during this


that they couldn’t recall earlier…

so that’s were I stepped in…

and I lead them to


a foundation for cats in trouble…

where they found these two

motherless kittens…

bottle fed and well raised in a fantastic host family…

and while I keep my eyes on them…

let me start to introduce you

to my nephews…


(Dutch for Dot..tie or Little Dot😺

and Peachy….

I guess that doesn’t need

further explanation…


that you can’t eat him…🙊😸

two brothers

born around Mai 11 2022


Gotcha September 2 2022…

and here they are live…

on their first entrance in their new

Furrever Home…

after potty

they ate as they’ve never eaten before…

Peachy needed a little suck-the-skin-time…

while Stippie waited

for his turn…

after the snuggles and huggles…

Stippie went to my remembrance place…

looked at my picture

and stepped down on the ottoman…

while Peachy explored the pictures

of my twofeet siblings…

after that Stippie did the same

while Peachy went down

for a little inspection in my cube…

and then Granny had to go to the store

to buy a little cat tree…

…that looked smaller in the big store…MOL😹

to give them something to climb on

during the months that they have to stay

in the house…

and in the meantime

that Granny was away…

they waited for her


with Grandpaw who still is home from work

because of a lower back injury…

but when she came back…

they both were very pleased to see her…


and Grandpaw too🙈

so Granny sat down with them…

and they played with her hair…

and went into a deep sleep

right after again…

that means that I can also continue my sleep…

with some peace of mind…

I only will keep an eye on the rascals

to supervise them on my blog…

 it’s a serious job

but children also must play…

I’ve been young once too you know😺

for now I am


for Marly of KATIMO

for all the hard work she does for the kitties

and especially what she did for ours😻

Stippie and Peachy are the purrfect match

and they sure keep Granny busy…

that’s why we couldn’t tell about them


it took us a week to get this post done…MOL…


I hope you all give them a heartful welcome

in cyberspace

like we did in our home💗

😻Have a wonderful Thursday my furriends😻

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

✨P A W K I S S E S


      H e a v e n✨


Where are you Thankful for today?

E N J O Y ! !


46 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natasha
    Sep 21, 2022 @ 08:43:26

    Welcome to Gran and Granpaws world you gorgeous kitties – Stippie and Peachy.

    So blessed you are to be in their angelic home, as are they to have you.
    Binky you always sprinkle your fairy dust wherever you go. Keep shining your gorgeous light on this precious fam always.

    Love ya all. ❤ ❤ xoxo


  2. onespoiledcat
    Sep 17, 2022 @ 21:20:12

    Oh my dearest Angel Binky – we just found this FABULOUS post of yours in our SPAM folder! How very sweet those two babies are that you “found” for your Granny and Grandpa to keep them busy! They are really adorable and so little – both of them have beautiful furs. You sure did find them the purrrrrrfect home. They look like they are super happy there. I know you are happy that you’ve made them and your Granny and Grandpa happy. I hope they will find little signs of their “Angel Binky” all around their new home………….

    Love and Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam too


  3. Carole Schulman
    Sep 12, 2022 @ 21:30:40

    WELCOME to your forever home darling kittens. You will love your Grannie and Grampaw and Angel Binky will tell you every single thing you need to know. XXXXXXXX


  4. Charles Huss
    Sep 12, 2022 @ 12:57:17

    They are super cute. I’m glad the brothers got to stay together.


  5. The Swiss Cats
    Sep 11, 2022 @ 20:23:27

    Welcome to Stippie and Peachy ! What a cute pair ! We’re so happy for Granny and Grandpaw, you did a pawsome job, Little Binky ! Dalaï Lama is so true… Purrs


  6. Savannah's Paw Tracks
    Sep 11, 2022 @ 18:04:38

    Welcome sweet boys. Binky you picked out wonderful kitty companions for Granny and Grandpaw.


  7. The J-Cats
    Sep 11, 2022 @ 14:13:44

    Oh, Binky! What a wonderful thing you did, to lead your Granny to those sweet little furry babies! We KNEW you would continue to watch over things and make sure that effurrything happened as it was supposed to.


  8. cat9984
    Sep 11, 2022 @ 03:31:46

    OMC, they are adorable! Glad you’re there to oversee things. It sounds like a win for everyone.


  9. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Sep 11, 2022 @ 00:10:35

    I am so, so, SO happy for your family, Binky! You did a pawsome job finding a pair of precious babies that needed a home and lots of love. They sure lucked out with your peeps!


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  11. meowmeowmans
    Sep 10, 2022 @ 17:34:12

    It’s great to see you, sweet angel Binky. What a wonderful thing you did to lead Granny and Grandpaw to find Stippie and Peachy. We love that you will be able to sleep better now, but look forward to seeing you whenever you feel like it. Hugs!


  12. Ann and June
    Sep 10, 2022 @ 16:18:54

    Welcome to a whole new world. Sometimes things do not work out as planned, sometimes they just work out better. We suspect that Little Binky had a paw in choosing these two little kits as the ones who should come and live with you. And how blessed they are ~ they will now have a beautiful and amazing life in a home where they will be so loved, and watched over by a very special little Angel Kitty. Thank you for sharing this touching story with us, for sharing these heart warming photos … I know I will visit often, to watch them grow and thrive. And to have the excitement of their first days in the garden …and even though we cannot comment, we’ll be there with you in spirit.
    Love, Ann and JUNE


  13. Laila and Angel Minchie
    Sep 10, 2022 @ 14:59:47

    We are so happy that there are new kittens in your house once again. Know you will keep a close watch on them to make sure they are safe and live a wonderful like just like you did, Angel Binky.


  14. Garfield Hug
    Sep 10, 2022 @ 05:36:23

    I love you and miss you Binky. I am glad your relatives are now in Granny’s arms. Please look out for Queen Elizabeth II – her corgis are in UK and she might need your company.


  15. Ida P. Krause
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 20:54:46

    Hoping my first comment went through. If not I just want to congratulate all of you for these two new additions to the family. They are adorable & Blinky you did good.


  16. Ida P. Krause
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 20:52:28

    Oh my gosh Blinky, You lead your Granny and Grandpaw to the most adorable little furry friends. Stippie and Peachy are so cute. I’m so happy for them. You pop in whenever you want as you will always be welcome. Can’t wait to see more antics from these two new family members.


  17. easyweimaraner
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 18:37:23

    oh how great that you came to help a little with this two cute kitties…. we bet you picked the best friends with your paws and you are always there angel binky …


  18. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 17:49:12

    OMC ‘angel’ Sistur Binky an Granny an GranPaw what furabuluss mewss!!!
    Look at those sweet Neffkitts! They are both so adoorabell….

    Wellcome Neffkitt Stippie! Wellcome neffkitt Peachy!

    You are goin to have THE bestest life there 😉
    Katimo soundss like a wunderfull Cat place two!
    ***paw kissess*** an all mee ❤ LOVE ❤ Sistur an Aunty BellaDharma
    an {{{huggiess}}} an ❤ LOVE ❤ BellaSita Mum


  19. The Oceanside Animals
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 16:30:46

    Charlee: “Welcome, Stippie and Peachy!”
    Chaplin: “You have a wonderful new home!”


  20. Eugenia
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 16:14:06

    This is beautiful news! Angel Binky, thank you for introducing us to Peachy and Stippie! Sending hugs and purrs to the new kitties. 💕


  21. Three Chatty Cats
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 14:45:56

    So good to see you, Angel Binky. I’m so happy to meet the new little ones! What cuties they are.


  22. Turtle Lover
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 14:44:17

    Welcome Stippie and Peachy!


  23. suzannedunaway
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 09:10:46

    Oh, this is beautiful news and you have found two treasures and more….and how wonderful of you to be mama and papa for these darlings. It is clear that Little Binky wanted you to make this choice and they are absolutely darling. We hope the back is better…..


  24. draliman
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 08:37:04

    Aw, what a cute pair! You’re still looking out from Granny and Grandpaw, Binky 🙂


  25. 15andmeowing
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 03:26:51

    I love still getting to see you on your blog Binky, but I am glad your Granny and Grandpaw opened their hearts to these 2 cuties. XO


  26. The Florida Furkids
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 00:37:56

    Angel Binky, you did a super job sending these two cuties to Granny and Grandpaw. We also read that today is your Blogoversary so Happy Blogoversary too!


  27. Correne
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 00:19:11

    So cute. I’m happy they have joined your family.


  28. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 23:27:53

    Welcome to your forever home, Stippie and Peachy . You did a great job leading Granny and Grandpaw to them, Little Binky.


  29. The Island Cats
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:39:28

    Aw, Little Binky. I know you had something to do with this. Stippie and Peachy are adorable! And I know they will make your Granny and Grandpaw very happy.


  30. Eastside Cats Blog
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:38:51

    Stippie and Peachy, what sweet wee kittens you are!
    Granny and Grandpaw are going to have to up their activity level, Angel Binky.
    We hope both young’uns grow into their ears.


  31. Caren
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:21:40

    ohhhh my eyes are leaking!!! They are PRECIOUS!! Just precious!! Oh my TWO kittens!! When Roary was a kitten (young like yours), boy oh boy did he keep me busy!!! Nothing more fun than rambunctious kitties in the house! Welcome precious babies! I am sooooooo happy for you and your new furmily!!! You have an amazing home!! xoxo


  32. Genevieve Petrillo
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:10:28

    OMGoodness, Little B. I knew that when the time was exactly right, that you would pick the exactly right kitty for Granny and Grandpaw. And you did!! TWO of them! They’re absolutely perfect. Great work, sweet fren. You got it right. Welcome home, Stippie and Peach! You are right where you belong.

    Love and licks,


  33. Tails Around the Ranch
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:07:46

    Oh gosh, welcome little ones! You are both so adorably precious and I can tell you are very attached to Granny and Granpaw already. We can’t wait to watch your adventures and know Binky will provide you with some excellent training for all the skills you’ll be using. 😻


  34. manxmnews2014
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 21:01:57

    OH Binky I am so glad you helped lead Granny & Grandpaw to these beautiful young kitties! We welcome them into our cat world and can’t wait to see how wonderful they grow up!


  35. utesmile
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 19:52:53

    They are little sweeties. They will keep Granny and Grandpaw busy I believe…. as you know youngsters :-)Glad you can keep an eye on them.


  36. Sheila Morris
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 19:02:39

    So happy for you with your adorable little ones – they are in for tons of love and fun, but they have big paws to fill. Give them and yourselves time.
    Hugs to you all from South Carolina


  37. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:43:44

    Angel Binky you sure were busy conjuring up those two sweeties!!

    Welcome Stippie and Peachy. (I would have called Stippe, Stippeltje, cause he’s so small! LOL!)

    Grannie and Grandpaw, you are going to be busy…wait…Double Busy!! What sweeties they are. ♥


  38. Leah
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:38:50

    What a couple of precious cuties! Good going Little Binky, Stippie and Peachy will make everyone very happy!


  39. Cecilia Upchurch
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:15:21

    Angel Binky well done your hard work finding the purrfect fit for Granny and Grandpa,
    Gleeful squealing for Peachy and Stippie. They are just beautiful kitties.
    You paved a path of love to their new for them. They will make you proud
    Hugs and angel kisses


  40. databbiesotrouttowne
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:14:38

    OH EM COD! binky ewe did a most eggs cell ant job sendin stippie N peachy two granny and gram paw
    hay ewe doodz, welcome two blogland and yur new for everz home, ewe got de best! veree happee two meet ewe both, ewe two R most handsum
    and we look for werd ta reedin bout ewe in de yeerz two come
    we haz sum internetz izzuez rite now, but stop bye trout towne any time and help yur selves ta what bee cookin on de grill🐟🐟
    welcome again and pleez ta tell granny thatz knot a little cat tree
    itz a hole cat condominium 😺😺😺❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️


  41. Brian
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:13:01

    Sweet Angel Binky, you out did yourself with the selection of those adorable wee ones. Simply the best thankful of the day, week, month! I know you’ll be guiding them. We’re so happy for Granny and Grandpaw. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  42. Susan from Bucks County
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 18:02:32

    What wonderful news! I am so happy for Granny, Granpaw and the 2 kitties (they are adorable!).


  43. Sandee
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 17:56:23

    Oh so cute they are. I’m so happy your granny and grandpa have these two precious kitties. You made me smile.
    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday Angel Little Binky. Scritches to the kittens and my best to your Granny and Grandpa. ♥


  44. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 17:50:55

    Wonderful Binky. ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾


  45. Gidget Blue Sky
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 17:31:14

    oh miss binky, how wonnerful!!!!! doze boy babiez r so lucky to habz yoo, granny and grandpa. we r so ha-pee fur all obz yoo


  46. Animalcouriers
    Sep 08, 2022 @ 16:58:53

    What simply fantastic news for Granny and Grandpaw! And for you too Little Binky as you must have worries about them. Two gorgeous young whipper snappers to bring smiles to all faces. It was fate that brought them to their new home with a lot of help from above 🥰❤️❤️


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