Snowwhite and the eating dwarf

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I just needed a little me-time…

after all that running around the house…

like crazy…

so I found myself a little bench….

to chill out for the next round a while…

and I made myself comfortable…

in front of the windowsill…

and people were cutchie cutchie me…

they may have thought I was that doggie kitten in the window…

and then I got rudely disturbed…

by Peachy…

who wanted to be in the picture too…

and I stepped down…

just in time

before the whole couch fell over…

and thus Granny thought…

when I turn the cast iron couch

it will stand safe and firm…


because besides my admirers couldn’t see me


Peachy and I got into the wild…


now we only have a blankie…

to lie on…

while we’re waiting…

for a pluche windowsill for Winter…

💗Have a great Wednesday dear furriends💗

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

 – D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Come on let's get speechless...🙊

E N J O Y ! !


24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Oct 11, 2022 @ 22:51:26

    You look so cute on that little bench.


  2. The Island Cats
    Oct 07, 2022 @ 22:57:30

    Good thing Peachy rather eat than take your bench from you.


  3. Three Chatty Cats
    Oct 07, 2022 @ 16:26:29

    You’re just the cutest on that little bench!


  4. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Oct 07, 2022 @ 03:43:02

    You windowsill seating arrangement seems comfy…though maybe a little less ‘posh’! Cute videos, too!


  5. 15andmeowing
    Oct 07, 2022 @ 00:23:54

    Cute video. You are both adorable. XO


  6. Eugenia
    Oct 06, 2022 @ 17:40:14

    Too cute for words! 😽


  7. draliman
    Oct 06, 2022 @ 08:55:59

    What a cute mischievous pair they are 🙂


  8. suzannedunaway
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 22:52:21

    Those kitties are just too much cutitude to bear. You must not get anything done, Granny, with thos two living in sight all day long!


  9. Mary McNeil
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 22:34:06

    You two are certainly active ! We love seeing you ! Purrs !


  10. Eastside Cats Blog
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 21:07:54

    Kittens doing what kitten do so well: look cute while creating havoc!


  11. Brian
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 19:47:12

    You two are so adorable and we totally loved seeing your photos and video!


  12. Caren
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 19:25:21

    Peachy didn’t care one bit what you were doing! MOL!! Peachy just wanted that food! xoxo


  13. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 18:42:50

    Mee-yow wow Stippie iss hard to bee so populur rite?
    Wee hope neether you or Peachy were hert when bench toppelled over!
    Mee hopess Granny findss youss’ a plush windowsill seat fore two.
    An Stippie yore so like mee….sniff sniff an walk away!
    Peachy you sure LOVE yore nomss! Mew mew mew….
    **paw kissess** Aunty BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum


  14. Tails Around the Ranch
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 18:15:05

    Squeals…that little bench is just too adorable.


  15. meowmeowmans
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 17:03:04

    That bench is so cute. We bet everyone loved seeing you in it before it got turned around. 🙂
    Those singing kittens sure are talented. And we love the title of YOUR video, sweet pals. XO


  16. The Oceanside Animals
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 16:55:48

    Charlee: “Oh no, a furniture failure! See, this is why we can’t have nice things …”


  17. Sandee
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 16:10:22

    You are adorable and so is your bench. It fits you perfectly.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday Scritches all around and my best to your Granny. ♥


  18. utesmile
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 15:38:22

    I love that bench in the window! Really beautiful and you fit perfectly on it. Happy Wednesday!


  19. Genevieve Petrillo
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 15:35:40

    What a perfect kitty-sized bench to showcase your cuteness! And it works facing either way. Sharing is possible, but not recommended.

    Love and licks,


  20. onespoiledcat
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 14:35:43

    Well you two had access to a little bench but it was just a bit “too much” for the two of you….now you have little blankies but I do think a nice warm fleece in the windowsill will be PURRRRRFECT for wintertime! You sure are a couple of cuties!!!!
    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam


  21. Carole Schulman
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 14:02:34

    YOu two are such sweet and busy babies! A joy to your Grannie and to me.


  22. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 13:03:35

    So adorable. ❤️🐾


  23. Andree
    Oct 05, 2022 @ 12:44:40

    They are simply adorable. That coat patterns! Brilliant.


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