Happy Thanksgiving Dear Furriends!

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

Don’t mind me, Stippie…

I can wait…


in the meantime I watch you…

taking care of my nipnanner…

and when you have enough of it…

it’s my turn…

to take care of it…

and then we’re both satisfied…

knowing that we can share…

whenever we want to…

and that’s what’s life’s all about…

“Great satisfaction

comes from

sharing with others.”

Granny shares her home grown

fruits and vegetables

with Grandpaw and twofeet aunty

nephews and niece..

and neighbour…

and she’s


that she had a rich harvest this year

to satisfied all of them…😺



that Granny always makes time

to play with us…

and sometimes we just sit

and feel satisfied…

just from watching each other…😹



for our badge of the teaser

from a view weeks ago…

and the right guess


not first…

but we got a turkey badge anyway…🦃

and now let’s do a poem

for our furriends Angel Sammy

and his brother Teddy

with this picture…

“OMC isn’t it insane

they put me

on a riding train

I don’t even know

which way it will go

but have to sit straight

even of my weight

and focus on the rail

of this unendless trail

I don’t know

how many power there’s left

but once it’s finished

I want to go straight up to bed

cause this adventure

almost makes me cry

and thus I’m not satisfied.”

🍁🎃🍎📚Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my furriends📚🍁🎃🍎

🙏Let our hearts be full of both

Thanks and Giving😻

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Where are you Thankful for today?

Get inspired by the real poets among us

E N J O Y ! !


33 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caren
    Dec 09, 2022 @ 18:58:00

    this was sooo sweet!! I cannot believe I am just seeing it now!! xoxo


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  3. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Nov 27, 2022 @ 21:17:28

    That nipnanner has lots and loads of kitty ‘a-peel’…tee-hee!
    THose sure look like yummy peppers, we here too use lots of those, but they don’t care for thew growing conditions…and the garden pests love them way too much to bother trying to grow nice ones. We do sometimes have jalapeno peppers, they seem not to be too much bugged by those bugs!
    That poem made us giggle!


  4. Tails Around the Ranch
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 18:24:59

    We’re always thankful for you guys!


  5. Carole Schulman
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 13:45:34

    OH my goodness gracious- me- oh- MY! Sharing the nanner? What good babies you are! I love my nanner and dont have to share it but if I did have to, mom would have to MAKE me do that. I am jealous about my nanner! Your mommy has a cherry tree I think I remember…how lovely to have cherries from that!!! And enough for friends! XXX


  6. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 00:43:52

    Furabuluss poe-em mee Neffkittiess an Granny an ‘angel’ Sistur Binky!!
    An mee deer Neffkittiess yore so kind to each other…so sweet….
    An wee here are THANXFULL youss’ are Furamillee!
    ~~~head rubss~~~an **paw kissess** BellaDharma~~~
    an {{{huggiess}}} an ❤ Aunty BellaSita Mum


  7. Eugenia
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 23:23:56

    Aww, those cuties and all our furbabies give us such joy! Concats on your badge and Happy Thanksgiving! 😻😘


  8. Charles Huss
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 22:47:55

    That is a really nice poem and it is great that you two share.


  9. Eastside Cats Blog
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 16:43:43

    Such sweetie pies you two are!
    Cute poem; what a weird expression on that babies face.


  10. Anonymous
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 09:11:49

    Your site often asks me to log in to WP when I am always in it anyway. But I log in and hope my comment get to you!


    • angelswhisper2011
      Nov 25, 2022 @ 16:25:04

      LouLou, your replies come through, but you have to be patient, as we have to control them first before they come online and we’re not always behind the computer, so sometimes it takes a while before we see your, or anyone elses comment😺🐾😽💞


      • suzannedunaway
        Nov 25, 2022 @ 18:13:25

        Oh, thank you for the information. We are patient and happy to wait. We just didn’t understand the logging in to WordPress for your comments window when we are logged in already and comment on many blogs without having to say who we are. Merci for the update!


  11. suzannedunaway
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 09:06:54

    OH, those nip ‘nanas are really…uh…attrative. And you both are so good to share with one another. Thank you all for sharing your lovely thoughts and photos each day with US!


  12. draliman
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 08:08:03

    Aw, I’m sure there’s room for both of you in there 🙂


  13. meowmeowmans
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 04:31:37

    Happy Thanksgiving to you two, and to Granny and Grandpaw, too! Thank you so much for your friendship! XO


  14. 15andmeowing
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 01:14:26

    Great poem and wonderful thankfuls. I am thankful for your friendship. XO


  15. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 23:19:06

    That is a fun poem!


  16. catladymac
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 22:36:10

    How nice that you two can share that nanner !


  17. Cecilia Upchurch
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 21:39:47

    Peachy, Stippie, Granny and Angel Binky. what a fun fun poem. That little guy was surely not wanting to be on board.
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes
    Hugs Cecilia and Angel Madi


  18. cindy knoke
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 20:30:58

    Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 🍁🙏🦃🌰🍾


  19. tommyandteaghan
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 20:28:56

    Happy Thanksgiving! That was a pawsome poem you wrote. And it was nice how you shared your nanner on Thanksgiving Day!


  20. cat9984
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 18:48:28

    What sweet kitties you are! Especially you, Peachy


  21. utesmile
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 18:18:26

    You two share beautifully. It is good to be patient and
    play and share together. Well done.


  22. Sandee
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 17:54:45

    You two are so adorable and I know Granny loves you bunches. Lots of wonderful thankful things.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. Pawkisses to you both and my best to your wonderful Granny.


  23. The Island Cats
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 17:29:17

    Good job on sharing!


  24. Brian
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 16:57:29

    You two are just so adorable and so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us and thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  25. The Oceanside Animals
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 16:26:41

    Charlee: “Happy Thanksgiving!”


  26. The Florida Furkids
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 14:43:46

    ConCatulations on those pawsome badges!! It’s nice that you share your nip nanner. We’re thankful you are our friends.


  27. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 13:03:12

    Happy Thanksgiving to you two and granny and the rest of your family. ❤️🐾


  28. onespoiledcat
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 13:02:28

    Congratulations on your badges!!! We thank you again for giving us some fun Teaser photos AND hip hip hooray you even guessed RIGHT! We think the photos of you both playing with your nip nanner AND of you and Granny playing are SOOOOOOOOO sweet! We want you to know from the bottom of our hearts that we love you all and have THANKS in our hearts that you are our friends….always and forever.

    Love, Pawkisses and Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam


  29. Animalcouriers
    Nov 24, 2022 @ 12:12:45

    A purrfect arrangement! Happy Thanksgiving 😀


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