It’s all in the box

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

The coast is clear, Peachy…

When the coast is clear – Jimmy Buffett (1986)

let’s bring in a little fight action

after all that hanging out and waiting

for Santa Claws🎅

I don’t wanna fight – Tina Turner (1993)

we can do that now

as he’s on his way to return


Return to sender – Elvis Purresley (1962)

don’t say that about Santa Claws

as he was really good on us…

Gifts from God – Chris Tomlin (2020)

purromise you won’t say that


This Charming Man – The Smiths (1984)

the next round…

as I can’t get enough of it…

Just can’t get enough – Depeche Mode (1981)


I hear something…

Who is it? – Michael Jackson (1992)

now act normal…

for as far we you can do that…

We can do better – Matt Simons (2018)

no, Granny

we’re not fighting…

just having a good time

in the box…

It’s all for love – Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting (1993)

🎵🎶Have a wonderful Boxing day my furriends🎶🎵

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Start your day with a little mewsic on the way♪♫♪

Shower Yourself With Cuteness🥰

and Enlighten your Soul with a Spark✨


don’t forget to

E N J O Y ! !

✨it all💗

21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Dec 28, 2022 @ 22:13:08

    Aww, you kitties enjoying Boxing Day (which we don’t have here in the United States). Wishing you and Granny a Happy New Year. Some nice song selections; enjoyed especially The Smiths and Depeche Mode. Alana ramblinwitham


  2. draliman
    Dec 28, 2022 @ 08:44:49

    Aw, such innocent-looking furry faces 🙂


  3. meowmeowmans
    Dec 28, 2022 @ 03:34:59

    You two sure are great (and adorable) boxers, Stippie and Peachy! XO


  4. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 17:38:03

    Mew mew mew a littel Bothurlee Boxin inn THE Box lookss liek fun!!
    Wee KNOW youss’ jsut playin Stippie an Peachy!Love yore song choicess~~DePeche Mode REELLY rock it don’t they?????
    ***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~Aunty BellaDharma~~
    an {{{huggiess}}} an **blowss kissess** Aunty BellaSita Mum


  5. Tails Around the Ranch
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 16:17:13

    Seems like a box is one charming playground for your two.


  6. onespoiledcat
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 15:26:43

    You two know how to make an empty box the BEST and most FUN gift of all! I’m sure Santa brought you lots of fun things but that box might be the best!

    Hugs and love, Teddy and Mom Pam


  7. Curious as a Cathy
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 14:11:32

    Peachy & Stippie,

    Did Santa Claws leave you lots of good things? I betcha he did coz y’all are such stinkin’ cutie-pies! Thanks for sharing such fab tunes to get my groove on this chilly, chilly morning. I’ll see you in the new year if not before then. Have a boogietastic week, furriends! 😽🐾💕


  8. Anonymous
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 08:59:54

    WOW, great music!!! And Rod Stewart once pinched mama’s derriere in a park in LA when she was running…..a good story…..


  9. csuhpat1
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 01:38:21

    Such great songs. Thanks for the nice playlist. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  10. 15andmeowing
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 00:49:43

    Great spark. Nice music choices. You two cuties scored a great box. Happy Boxing Day! XO


  11. Brian
    Dec 27, 2022 @ 00:06:57

    How nice that you two got to enjoy some serious boxing time!!!


  12. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 22:43:23

    Looks like you both had a very good Boxing Day!


  13. Genevieve Petrillo
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 21:17:28

    We pups and kitties don’t care a real lot what people think. Our cuteness gives us plenty of leeway.

    Love and licks,


  14. cat9984
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 20:13:34

    We understand. It’s hard to be good all the time. Purrs, Snoops & Kommando Kitty


  15. utesmile
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 18:24:49

    Enjoy your Boxing day in the boxes! 🙂


  16. The Oceanside Animals
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 17:21:05

    Charlee: “Oh yeah, empty boxes!”
    Chaplin: “The best thing about Christmas!”


  17. Leah
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 16:32:07

    Adorable pictures, those two are so cute. Love Tina Turner!


  18. Eastside Cats Blog
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 16:06:22

    Da Boyz had started WW3, until I’d walked away.
    The biting, kicking, screaming…
    And then, they snuggle up like peaceful little lambs.


  19. Carole Schulman
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 15:31:47

    Oh you two beautiful soft delectable babies! You look adorable in your box! Mom and I loved seeing this.


  20. Sandee
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 15:21:40

    You two are just the cutest. A huge Awww.

    Love your videos and my favorite is I Don’t Wanna Fight.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches and pawkisses to the kitties and a big hug to Granny. ♥


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