There comes the Sun

Hi (furry)furriends💗


the Sun is back…

for a whole week they say…

and it looks like late Autumn again…


Seasons in The Sun – Terry Jacks (1973)

so why can’t we go out yet

to enjoy the Sun

…in the garden…

Cold Day in the Sun – FooFighters (2005)

instead of watching him from the inside out…

Sunshine – Nazareth (1974)

without catching touching anything…

that’s hanging around there…

Distant Sun – Crowded House (1993)

you know we’re getting a little impatient


Where’s The Sun – Aslan (1993)

and we can’t catch touch that..uh…


from the inside out…

The Sun always shines on TV – A-Ha (1985)

so please tell Grandpaw to hurry up with the garden…

so we can have a little breezer

and so do you…MOL😸


We are all the same (Gli altri siamo noi – 1991) Umberto Tozzi


♪♫♪Have a Sunshiny Monday my furriends♪♫♪

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Start your day with a little mewsic on the way♪♫♪

Shower Yourself With Cuteness🥰

...and enlighten your Soul with a Spark✨

E N J O Y ! !

29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat and Dog Chat With Caren
    Feb 17, 2023 @ 23:20:07

    we have sun too but it is bitter cold today! Warming up this week!


  2. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 22:10:42

    We are finally seeing the sun where I live in the Northeast United States, and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for the sunshine songs – The Sun Always Shines on TV is one of my all time favorites. Alana ramblinwitham


  3. Birgit
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 19:06:42

    Your pussy cats are so cute. Ours are looking for the sun too. Great songs to go along with this.


  4. Tails Around the Ranch
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 18:31:53

    Hurrah…a sunny day is always welcome!


  5. meowmeowmans
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 03:35:04

    Hooray for some sunshine, Peachy and Stippie! Guess what? WE had sunshine here today, too! XO


  6. The Oceanside Animals
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 03:18:26

    Charlee: “It’s true, we cats do bring our own sunshine wherever we go, but it’s mainly for the humans to bask in our glory. That’s why we like to lie in puddles of sunshine in front of the window, to, you know, recharge our supply …”


  7. Curious as a Cathy
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 19:15:17

    On those cold days of winter, it sure does help to have beautiful blue skies and the sun shining. It takes the bite off old man winter and lifts your mood, too. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M crew, Stippie & Peachy. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet furriends!


  8. Genevieve Petrillo
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 19:08:12

    It’s so nice to have the sun back, but you kitties always bring your own sunshine. #nailedit
    Love and licks,


  9. The Island Cats
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 14:57:44

    We have sunshine here too! Hooray!!


  10. The Poupounette Gang
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 14:56:09

    We have sun too and we love it!
    The Chans


  11. Eugenia
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 14:42:51

    We love the sun too! It makes for a cheery and uplifting day! Hugs! 💖


  12. Carole Schulman
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 14:12:08

    WE have some sun TOO!!!!!


  13. onespoiledcat
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 12:01:31

    It’s always nice to see Mr. Sun if he’s been hiding for a while – I think that even though the sun may not be shining OUTSIDE, it is forever shining INSIDE because you two are so adorable and make your Granny and Grandpaw so happy it means LOVE SHINES through! Love the music…..makes me wanna dance! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love, Teddy


  14. Animalcouriers
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 11:38:22

    Doesn’t your outlook change when the sun comes out! Your playlist brings out the smiles too 😀


  15. easyweimaraner
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 10:35:48

    ooh let he sunshine in… we always love the song by terry jakcs… although t has somethig of final countdown… but that is a different song LOL happy valentines day!!!


  16. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 08:21:08

    Sunshine brings so much light and happy feelings!!
    We hope soon you’ll be able to go outside, to enjoy that wonderful garden your Granny and Grandpaw have made.


  17. draliman
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 08:03:24

    Aw, I’m sure you’ll be able to go outside soon, maybe when it gets a little bit warmer 🙂


  18. Natasha
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 07:22:00

    How awwww-dorable are you darlings.
    Valentine day sweet kisses and plenty of hugs and love, to both of you, granma and granpaw. ❤
    We wrote about some feline wonders we met in the forests recently and you would love to read about them here:


  19. Lone Star Cats
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 07:14:18

    Pawsome playlist. I luv me some sun too.


  20. Brian
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 01:09:07

    Those are good tunes and a great Spark. You two look so terrific with the sun too!


  21. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 00:57:55

    Furabuluss songss mee sweet Neffkittiess! An cute fotoss two!
    Our fave iss from band “A-HA”…they were so kewl.
    Wee put our link to Terry Jacks song heer fore youss’:
    Wee hope this link werkss!
    Mee wantss to go out inn Condo butt still not quite warm enuff. Wee have to bee payshunt a littel longer Peachy an Stippie….just a little longer…..
    ***paw kissess*** an ~~~head rubss~~~Aunty BellaDharma~~~
    an ❤ an {{{huggiess}}} Aunty BellaSita


  22. 15andmeowing
    Feb 14, 2023 @ 00:16:52

    Nice spark and great song choices. 🙂 XO


  23. catladymac
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 23:56:18

    Hope you kitties are out and about in some warmer days soon !
    We were surprised not to see “The House of the Rising Sun” in your music list !


  24. Gidget Blue Sky
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 23:28:52

    yoo too r just too cute!!!!


  25. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 23:27:14

    I hope you are soon able to go out in the sun. Lovely choice of records. Seasons in the Sun used to be one of my favourites.


  26. Anonymous
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 23:20:16

    You two kitties are OUR sunshine!


  27. Eastside Cats Blog
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 21:25:15

    You two kittens are rays of sunshine in our world!


  28. Sandee
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 21:22:34

    You two are so cute and very photogenic. Love your playlist too. You and Granny always do such a great job.
    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.
    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Double Pawkisses to you and a big hug to Granny. ♥


  29. utesmile
    Feb 13, 2023 @ 20:54:51

    Absolutely, you always bring your own sunshine and you make me smile. I love seeing you two. We have sunshine and I loveit,it make the world warmer.


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