Spring isn’t in effurrything yet

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

Hey Stippie…

do you hear that?

the birdies are singing…

Rockin Robin – The Jackson 5 (1972)

Yes I can hear that Peachy…

and I see a blue sky…

that I haven’t seen in… ages…

Mr. Blue Sky – E.L.O. (1977)

it must have hidden himself

sky high…

Sky High – Jigsaw (1975)

I guess…

but at least it shows itself now…

and also the flowers coming up…

all kinds of effurrything…

All kinds of Everything – Dana (1970)

but wouldn’t it be nice…

Wouldn’t it be nice – The Beach Boys (1966)

if we looked out our back door…

Looking out the back door – CCR (1970)


See The Sun – The Kooks (2008)

so we could follow him…

I’ll follow the Sun – The Beatles (1964)

as for now

we only have storm and rain

here in our Country…

Rain – Uriah Heep (1972)

and just waiting for the Sun…

Waiting for the Sun- The Doors (1968)

but we can conjure up a little Sun

in our hearts…

just by listening to one of our favourite

classical mewsic…

so let’s hang out together

and close your eyes

to let the Spring coming in…

by one Season of

Vivaldi’s Le Quattro Stagioni…

Spring – Vivaldi (1678-1741)

♪♫♪♪🌞Have a Sunshiny Happy Springtime my furriends🌞♪♫♪♪

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Start your day with a little mewsic on the way♪♫♪

...and enlighten your Soul with a Spark✨

E N J O Y ! !


27 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adorapurr
    Mar 26, 2023 @ 17:44:41

    I love yoor cat tree. I think I should put in my order for one like yoors. Love, Dori


  2. meowmeowmans
    Mar 26, 2023 @ 03:19:04

    Awesome selections, sweet Peachy and Stippie. We sure hope that sunshine makes it to you real soon! XO


  3. cat9984
    Mar 25, 2023 @ 22:23:55

    Spring is just about here. The robins have arrived.


  4. Smudge
    Mar 25, 2023 @ 11:24:06

    The last two days here have been splendidly sunny and warm. My dad says thanks for the memories- says he could listen to some of these songs over and over and over.


  5. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 23:54:54

    We still have some snow that needs to melt too!


  6. csuhpat1
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 19:05:35

    Great songs and pictures here


  7. Eugenia
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 15:31:39

    You two are the ultimate of cuteness! Love the mewsic! Rock on! 💖


  8. The Island Cats
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 14:00:12

    I’m waiting for spring too! ~Ernie


  9. draliman
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 07:16:25

    Very soon you kitties will be napping in the sun puddles 🙂


  10. Brian
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 00:30:42

    You both look very happy to see Spring and those nice tunes will get you happy dancing!


  11. 15andmeowing
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 23:44:34

    Great songs, especially Credence. Nice spark too. And I always enjoy the photos of you two cuties. XO


  12. utesmile
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 20:26:00

    Indeed, sunshine is in our hearts. and it shies through our eyes. Let’s always have sunshine coming through our eyes – the windows of our soul. 🙂


  13. Genevieve Petrillo
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 19:02:37

    Spring will come at its own pace, kitties. You will not need to do anything at all – except enjoy it.

    Love and licks,


  14. Tails Around the Ranch
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 18:53:05

    February seemed endlessly long and brutally cold and snowy. We want to see warm days now too. Hopefully soon for both of us.


  15. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 18:17:54

    Goodness; the sun is hiding here, today, too. And the rain is falling as well.
    At least it isn’t snow!
    Yes, we can have plenty of sunshine in our hearts…its warm and so beautifully bright.
    Love that Vivaldi music. We heard that at a live concert and they put all kinds of related pictures on the screen.


  16. onespoiledcat
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 18:17:15

    Spring is TRYING to arrive here…..but we’re still having rain and cold temps at night even though trees are budding finally. BUT just seeing you two enjoying your climbing tree for a nap makes us feel like we’re standing in the sunshine with smiles on our faces! My Mom loves Vivaldi’s “Spring”……it makes her happy.
    Hugs, Teddy


  17. Cat and Dog Chat With Caren
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 18:07:35

    I love the last quote you included (with the photo!) Also, very clever the way their dialogue matched some of my favorite songs! We’re having rainy weather too……paws crossed we all get sunshine soon! xoxo


  18. The Oceanside Animals
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 15:51:32

    Charlee: “We finally have some sun today after pretty relentless rain the last few days.”
    Chaplin: “Months of rain!”
    Charlee: “Yeah it has been a rainy few months actually. But there has been sun here and there.”
    Chaplin: “MONTHS OF RAIN!”
    Lulu: “He’s not wrong. Since December it’s been pretty wet every time we go to potty out there.”
    Charlee: “Fortunately that’s not something we cats need to worry about.”


  19. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 15:03:44

    We have gales and heavy rain here and on top of that are the spring leap tides. I am glad we live at the top of a hill because the bottom of the village is flooded! Your choice of songs will cheer me up though.


  20. Charles Huss
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 14:58:38

    I hope spring is good to you this year.


  21. Eastside Cats Blog
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 14:03:06

    We are experiencing rain right now, Stippie and Peachy, so no blue skies but NOT SNOW!


  22. Curious as a Cathy
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 13:16:56

    Peachy & Stippie,

    Sometimes spring is slow to get into gear with cool and rainy conditions. This week the mornings have been rather chilly but as the days slipped away each one has improved upon the previous day, which is great. Today the forecast is 78º and tomorrow warmer. It’s gonna feel like summer instead of spring. I’ll enjoy it for now because I know it’s sure to cool off again like it usually does. I loved your music picks! I don’t remember the artist Dana. She has such a sweet voice. I’m going to YT to listen to more by her. Have a boogietastic day, furriends!


  23. Carole Schulman
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 13:03:14

    We have mostly chilly rain. Gloomy days and nights. But…the tulips are up, shivering in the cold rain. You two look so sweet. XXXXX


  24. Anonymous
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 11:47:04

    Great hotel you run there!


  25. Natasha
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 11:19:26

    I love your chill chitter chatter cutie-pies. Those cosy beds you have are efurrything, I say. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all my favourite music. There is some spring fervour in our nook too:



  26. easyweimaraner
    Mar 23, 2023 @ 11:11:24

    we have lots of rain… oh how we would love to follow da sun…


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