Quality time in the Rhyme

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

What’s that green stuff in your hands


Furresh Catnip?

the honour is on you, Stippie…

you give it an inspection

while I wait for your reaction…

I’m not sure about me…

smelling it from here

doesn’t give me the urge to try it…

it smells strange, Peachy…

not like the nanner….

and it tastes different from Granny’s cactus🙀

and it feels like it’s

transforming my brains…

and my imagination…

I have to get into it a little more…

but to be honest…

I prefurr my nip-nanner…

and fishie and mousies and…

so on…

above this…uh…

guilty pleasure…😎

Talking about guilty pleasure…

how about one guilty pleasure song

for our weekly mewsic hop…

but don’t ask me why or if they’re especially guilty…

as we don’t know it either…😸

These songs makes us happy


that’s all we know…♪♫♪

I’ll tumble for 4 ya – Culture Club (1982)

Can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake (2016)

Sounds like a Melody – Alphaville (1984)

Come dancing – The Kinks (1982)

You’re the first, the last, my everything – Barry White (1974)

Don’t leave me this way – The Communards (1986)

(original Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 1977)

and now we’re up for a few

T H A N K F U L ‘ s

The Bride is back…

full in bloom

even without any sun

and our Angel Binky😿

but there stood one little forget-me-not

next to Angel’s Place…

that made Granny smile…

after a while…😺

and the flowers of the Periwinkle sprouted out

and there are a lot more on their way

to show their colours

in Angel’s Place…


and there was only one Hyacinth full in bloom

and two Narcisses…(sorry no picture)

so at least there were some flowers

surrounding her little grave….

now we’re only waiting for the Sun to come out…

so far we only have rain rain rain…

and wind…lots of wind…

but at least we had a lot to be




Now we have to work on our poem…

for our Angel furriend Sammy

and his brother Teddy…

on this picture…

“There was a Century

so different from now

where we still had patience

and time for each other somehow

a time to listen to the radio

or watching a nice tv show

we didn’t care how the people got in there

nor how they made sound

we even didn’t noticed

that it was black and white

at the background

we just enjoyed our time together

that was our colourful delight

and if you would ask me

that was even better than alright.”

☂🌸Have a Happy Caturday my furriends🌸⛈

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


Start your day with a little mewsic on your way♪♫♪

Where are you Thankful for today?

Get inspired by the real poets among us

E N J O Y ! !


21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Apr 03, 2023 @ 19:21:00

    Mee-yow mee not wild ’bout fresh Nip eether…what ISS all THE fuss about? ‘Mee likess THE dried Nip bitss bettur to roll inn an lick off mee furss 😉
    Yore poe-em iss furry guud an so true!
    THE Garden iss lookin lovelee deespite THE wind an weather….’angel’ Binky iss defo there purrtectin her garden an yore home Sippie an Peachy…..
    All our ❤ ❤ an **paw kissess** Aunty BellaDharma an Aunty BellaSita


  2. The Oceanside Animals
    Apr 03, 2023 @ 16:31:11

    Charlee: “It’s medicinal!”


  3. Eugenia
    Apr 02, 2023 @ 15:27:52

    What a beautiful poem and so apt. Love your mewsic selection. Hugs! 💖


  4. The J-Cats
    Apr 02, 2023 @ 13:20:28

    Guilty pleasures are the best!
    We have only effur had dried nip. We don’t know whether We would like the fresh stuff.


  5. draliman
    Apr 02, 2023 @ 07:25:20

    That’s it, send in Stippie to check things out first 🙂


  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 23:29:13

    The Bride in your garden is beautiful. It is nice to see the flowers too. That is a great poem when times were much simpler, and people made their own enjoyment.


  7. The Island Cats
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 23:28:29

    I love fresh nip! ~Ernie


  8. Genevieve Petrillo
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 23:26:34

    That garden is a spectacular place of memories. OMGoodness, that circle of blue flowers looks like a halo. The sweetest!
    Love and licks,


  9. Seville at Nerissa's life
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 22:35:34

    Fresh nip? LOVE it! You’re very lucky kitties, indeed, even if the nip nanner is better. purrs

    PS. Ummm… How do you know what Granny’s cactus tastes like? Inquirin’ minds wanna know. purrs


  10. onespoiledcat
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 21:25:19

    Well boys – I agree with everyone else that that catnip will be much more “INTERESTING” once it’s dried out! It will certainly have your attention. It sure does look beautiful in Granny’s garden and the forget me not where Angel Binky is resting is a sign – but she knows that Granny will never forget her ever ever. You boys have a lovely garden and yard to play in. The poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day is absolutely wonderful! That photo brought back a lot of memories for my Mom and a lot of people it seems. Sending hugs, love and pawkisses to all of you from all of us!
    Teddy and Mom Pam


  11. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 21:06:18

    What a gorgeous Bride you have in your garden, and all those precious spring blooms.
    We loved your poem, its exactly purrfect to the situation of yesterday vs today. Sadly enough. We all need to work at having together times like that, don’t we. So many distractions surround us all the time.


  12. meowmeowmans
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 19:51:12

    Wonderful musical selections today, Peachy and Stippie. And we loved seeing the tree blooming and Angel Binky, too. XO


  13. Dakota/Caren/Cody
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 19:02:14

    do you believe Roary is NOT a big fan of catnip? OMG the black and white TV!!! Have a pawesome weekend! xoxo


  14. Tails Around the Ranch
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 18:11:43

    Oh my gosh, your ‘bride’ is spectacular! Have a great weekend and try to enjoy the fresh treat.


  15. 15andmeowing
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 17:41:00

    Just like herbs, the dried catnip is 3 times stronger than fresh. You have great taste in music. I love that there are flowers on Angel Binky’s grave.
    And you did a fine job on your poem. XO


  16. songbird1329
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 17:40:16

    Love your music choices today.


  17. Eastside Cats Blog
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 16:29:55

    We are hoping the weather will get warmer and stay that way, kitties…Old Man Winter keeps sticking his nose back in where he doesn’t belong anymore.
    Our Angel kitties mean so very much, but having rascally rascals like you two has got to be so wonderful for your Granny.


  18. Brian
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 14:27:56

    I’m glad you got to try some of that fresh nip, it looks good to me. I really liked your tunes, your thankful and your poem too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  19. Carole Schulman
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 13:56:14

    I love the forget -me- nots. They could be a garland for Little Binky’s sweet head. And the poem was just right! If I had wrtitten one that is what it would have been like.


  20. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 12:05:34

    A beautiful post. Have a happy weekend. 🐾❤️


  21. Anonymous
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 11:18:37

    Oh, the return of the Jardin of Angels….so beautiful and uplifting. As are you two, always!


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