Happy Birthday to Us

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

We’re waiting…

for all our furriends

on this very impawtant day…

but I can’t see anyone coming…



you better take a closer look…

from over the hills…

so I can prepurr all the pictures

that we collected for our first Birthday…

and we found one picture for each month…

let’s see what we’ve got here…

you remember this one…

and that one…

here we were already 18 days

on this planet…

and taken care by a wonderful caretaker

as our birthmom was nowhere to find

after we were born…

…we sure hope all’s well with her

and that she remembers

our Birthday as well…

here we’re making a jump to

about three month old…

and all ready for adoption…

and when our new mommy…

…aka Granny…

saw us

she fell in love immediately…

and after waiting just two more weeks

our Granny came to get us

and took us to our

Furrever home…

and after a week

we grew bigger

into our scratching post

that she bought the same day

that we arrived here…

and you could see us growing


day by day…

and effurry month…

we even celebrated Granny’s Birthday in November…

for the first time…

we learnt a lot effurry day…

and effurry thing was for the first time…

and we continued to grow…

more and more

each month…

and we love to hang out with Granny…

day and night…

we’re not complete

when she’s not there…

Granny can’t hardly believe

that it’s our first Birthday…

and now we want to have a blast

on our Birthday…


I see someone’s coming…


it’s our Angel Auntie Binky…

so Happy you could make it

to our Pawty…

we wouldn’t want to miss you

purrecious Auntie…

Yeah we know…

you loved Birthday’s…

💞and we love you💞

😸Have a Wonderful Thursday my furriends😸

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


E N J O Y ! !


42 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natasha
    May 16, 2023 @ 12:39:10

    Happy birthday swee-peas. May you always sparkle purrfectly and shine pawsomely.

    Biggest hugs. ❤

    Congratulations to gramma and grandada too. xoxox


  2. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    May 15, 2023 @ 06:03:14

    I am so very behind, but I needed to stop by anyways and send you our Belated Happy Birthday wishes and greetings!
    Hope yo uhad a fantastic day, and may you enjoy very many more birthdays!


  3. cat9984
    May 15, 2023 @ 01:34:25

    Happy Birthday! You’ve grown into beautiful kitties!


  4. utesmile
    May 14, 2023 @ 22:48:16

    Happy Birthday to you two lovelies. Is it that long ago…..time goes fast. Glad you had a great pawty. Binky is missing but she will see you from above! You have grown, my darlings, to 2 very beautiful cats.


  5. The J-Cats
    May 14, 2023 @ 14:15:53

    Happy birthday to you, darlings! And Happy Mother’s Day to Granny.
    And We send Our Love to sweet Angel Binky at the Bridge too. Bless you all.


  6. meowmeowmans
    May 14, 2023 @ 03:02:55

    Happy birthday, Peachy and Stippie! We love you, and hope you had a love-filled and wonderful day. What a special treat that Angel Auntie Binky came to help you celebrate, too. XO


  7. Garfield Hug
    May 14, 2023 @ 02:58:11

    Happy Cat Birthday to you both. And please wish Granny a Happy Mother’s Day


  8. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    May 14, 2023 @ 00:18:22

    HURRAH!!!!! Our Neffkittiess are 1 yeer old!! Youss’ grew up so quiklee an are so hansum an tallented an smart an lovelee…..
    Happy Birfday deerest Peachy ❤
    Happy Birfday deerest Stippie ❤
    May this comin yeer bee full of joy an fun an wunder an grate treetss fore youss!
    An no sirprize that 'angel' Aunty Binky came to cellybrate! Shee iss watchin over us fore sure ❤
    Guess what? Mee gonna tern 11 yeerss old Monday May 15th so pawty sum more fore mee OKay???
    All mee ❤ ❤ an tripell ****paw kissess**** Aunty BellaDharma ❤
    ❤ ❤ ❤ an {{{huggiess}}} Aunty BellaSita two


  9. The Florida Furkids
    May 13, 2023 @ 14:47:14

    We hope you had a fabulous birthday. How cool that you share your special day with our Raz!


  10. Cat and Dog Chat With Caren
    May 12, 2023 @ 22:25:50

    It’s been an ENTIRE YEAR ALREADY??? Where has the time gone??????? OMC!! You are both STILL as adorable as when you were tiny babies! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all the joy you have brought to your precious Granny!!!! I KNOW you are being spoiled today for sure!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU PRECIOUS BABIES!! xoxo


  11. Eugi
    May 12, 2023 @ 17:40:25

    Happy Birthday, you sweet little cuties. I’m so glad Auntie Angel Binky was at the party! 😻


  12. The Oceanside Animals
    May 12, 2023 @ 16:40:59

    Charlee: “Happy big oh-one, Peachy and Stippie!”
    Chaplin: “Many happy returns!”
    Oona: “You were so smol! Even smoller than Oona!!!”
    Charlee: “Oona! You didn’t yell that whole thing. Does that mean you are growing up?”
    Oona: “NOT YET!!!”


  13. Crystal
    May 12, 2023 @ 15:49:04

    Happy Cat Birthday To You


  14. sidilbradipo1
    May 12, 2023 @ 15:41:13

    Happy Birthday cuddly guys ❤ ❤ ❤
    Super-pawkisses 🙂


  15. The Island Cats
    May 12, 2023 @ 14:56:12

    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! Happy Birthday, cuties!


  16. Animalcouriers
    May 12, 2023 @ 10:23:54

    Happy Birthday boys! What a splendid record of the adventure so far ❤️


  17. writetowag
    May 12, 2023 @ 09:49:10

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Sending so much love your way!!!!


  18. easyweimaraner
    May 12, 2023 @ 09:44:48

    happy happy happy happy birthday to youuuuuuu


  19. Little Miss Titch
    May 12, 2023 @ 08:08:36

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you both had a fabulous day xoxo Little Miss Titch


  20. draliman
    May 12, 2023 @ 07:44:30

    Yay, happy birthday little kitties 🙂


  21. databbiesotrouttowne
    May 12, 2023 @ 05:17:07

    a most happee birthday two ewe peachy N stipey and heerz two de next 100 ….hope yur day total lee rocked, ya had lotz oh mice creem on dizhez N platez filled with fizhez and heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ❤️❤️🐟🐟


  22. sierrakoester
    May 12, 2023 @ 03:55:59

    Happy 1st Birthday!!


  23. Marsha Gay
    May 12, 2023 @ 02:32:55

    Happy birthday sweeties


  24. Brian
    May 12, 2023 @ 01:26:45

    Sorry we are late getting here sweeties. Happiest Birthday from all of us. You sure couldn’t have pick a better loving place to land.


  25. onespoiledcat
    May 12, 2023 @ 01:07:12

    Happy Birthday you absolutely adorable kids! I’m glad Angel Binky came to your pawty and Mom and I just want to let you know that we think you two are more adorable with every passing day. You have the BEST home in the world and will have more love than you ever imagined there. Sending you BIRTHDAY HUGS !!
    Love, Teddy and Mom Pam


  26. scrapydo2.wordpress.com
    May 12, 2023 @ 00:15:48

    Happy birthday you two. I can’t believe how you’ve grown into two lovely kitties.


  27. 15andmeowing
    May 12, 2023 @ 00:05:15

    You were such adorable kittens and you still are. Happy Birthday cuties! I am glad Angel Binky made it to the party too. XO


  28. suzannedunaway
    May 11, 2023 @ 23:56:32

    Bon anniversaire, you two darlings.we loved watching your year of growing and oh, my were you two cutie pies as kittens or what!


  29. mary mcneil
    May 11, 2023 @ 23:42:08

    Happy Purrthday to you two handsome kitties ! And many more !


  30. catscue
    May 11, 2023 @ 23:24:56

    Has it been a year? Wow, that went fast! Happy Birthday you two cuties!


  31. Tails Around the Ranch
    May 11, 2023 @ 23:09:30

    Aww, Happy Birthday you two. Hope your day has been catstastic! 😻


  32. Correne
    May 11, 2023 @ 23:07:35

    Happy Birthday!!


  33. Kathe W.
    May 11, 2023 @ 22:46:24

    Happy Birthday to all your sweeties!


  34. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    May 11, 2023 @ 22:41:43

    Happy birthday to you two lovely kitties. Of course Angel Binky wouldn’t miss your birthday!


  35. Eastside Cats Blog
    May 11, 2023 @ 22:35:40

    How can it be a year already?!?
    Happy Birthday, Peachy and Stippie, and many, many more…


  36. Genevieve Petrillo
    May 11, 2023 @ 22:08:17

    Super – sweet! Happy birthday, kitty friends. One is a great age. Hope your day was extra-special! xoxo

    Love and licks,


  37. cindy knoke
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:42:01

    Happy Birthday Catastics!


  38. Gidget Blue Sky
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:21:58

    happy birthday to you two berry cute babies


  39. Susan from Bucks County
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:17:40

    Hope you both have a wonderful day!


  40. Sandee
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:11:55

    Awww, it was fun walking through your first year on earth.
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Stippie,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Peachy,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫
    I miss Angel Binky too.
    Have a purrfect birthday you two. Double Pawkisses to you both and a big hug to Granny. ♥


  41. Carole Schulman
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:07:21

    Happy Birthday you darling precious little ones. Well, you are all grown up now but you’ll stay babies in my mind. I am happy Auntie Binky came to the Pawty.


  42. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    May 11, 2023 @ 21:07:00

    Happy birthday you two lovelies. Many many more. The photos are precious. ❤️


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