A Birthday in Heaven

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

It’s Angel’s Birthday…


so we have brought him some


…to celebrate…

…Can you see them Angel…

…they are for you…

we couldn’t find your



So we brought you these

little purple Swan River daisies…

from Australia…

…Can you smell them…

and the soil…

…from where you are…

We hope you have a great Pawty

with all our siblings…

and family…

and furriends…

…on the other site…

Not a day passes

without thinking of you…

…remembering you…

…missing you…

and your place…

is one of my favourite


just to hang out…

…with you…

and to be near…

…by you…

and maybe get a glimpse…

…of you…

and while Granny and I were ready…

with our ceremony…

you showed up

to tell us…

❤ that you are always near ❤

– P A W K I S S E S –

A Special Birthday in Heaven…

Hi (Furry)furriends,




I am staying…


near by Angel…


at our new

Angel’s Place


…because of his Birthday…

and notice

that even the tulips have wings…


…and they look like a birdie too…

and we brought you flowers



just to let you know

that you are in our hearts

❤ F O R E V E R ❤


– P A W K I S S E S –

Goodbye’s the saddest word…

Dear (Furry)furriends,


Another sad day

has entered our life…

Yesterday evening

we got a call from my mom

to tell that she had to go

to the vet…


because my furry sister


was very inactive

the last few days,

slept a lot

and she also had lost

a lot of weight…

…at once…

We knew that she was

born with URI

and that she had to

undergo an operation…


for her eyes…


…in the future…

according to her vet…


but we were completely


when we got

the extremely sad news

that she has been send

to Furryland

because of

Feline Leukemia..(FeLV)..


There was nothing more

to do…


She was only two and a half

years…. young…

….still a baby….

We feel so sad

and Granny can’t hardly type

because of the tears

so we leave you

with some photo’s

full of beautiful memories

of my beautiful sister girl

❤ Feline ❤

who had to leave us

to young…

to soon…










– P A W K I S S E S –

My Low Battery Selfies and Pet Share


Not yet, Granny,

I’m watching television…


I know it’s Sunday…


but I’m not prepared…




Now where is that camera…

Ah..there it is…


I think I have to sharpen it..


not quite yet…


…now what’s wrong with it…

must be low batteried…


or something….

I need to…


charge up the phone…


and try again later…..


…in the meantime

I have to be patient…


to finish my blog 🙂

– P A W K I S S E S – 

Angel verjaardag11

❤ ❤ ❤


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Friendship never ends….


Dear (furry)furriends,

Granny asked me to let you know

that she won’t be around

for a period of time…

because she just found out

that her furriend Corine

has lost her battle

against breast cancer.

corine en ik 2002fix

Here they are together

back in 2002 on the graduation ceremony.

She was only 36 years young.


That wasn’t easy, Granny…

but here we go..

Enter… 😦

– S O F T  P A W K I S S E S S –

Memories: Happy Birthday Muschy


Hi (Furry)furriends,

Today it is memorie time,

so this post won’t be about me,

but of another special cat

in Granny’s life.

The pictures are very blurry,

but the memories never will….

Muschy's basket

While we were cleaning up the attic…

I saw this basket,

with a soft blue chamber coat inside.

I thought Granny got me a new sleeping place,

but when I asked her about it

I saw tears in her eyes

and she answered me with a lump in her throat…

that this was -the final basket- of her first beloved cat

Muschy asking to play with her


This was the first picture of Muschy,

she was about four month old here.

She really was beautiful…

Beautiful just like me

…just like me…

Granny was almost 11 years old

when her Grandmother

told her that she had a surprise for her

and that they have to go to a furriend

to pick it up.

Muschy is making a binky :D

Muschy was a little kitten about 2 month old

and she lived in a shed…

…kind of stable as far as Granny remembers…

together with her mom and other kittens

and the furriend of her Grandmother

had to look for  the kittens

because they were hiding above in the hay,

when they came to pick her up.

Muschy, here she was about 6 years old

Granny was astonished,

when she saw the little kitten

and she was

in love with her immediately,

and the love was mutually,

because after a few days of hiding,

Muschy came out of her hiding place,

when Granny came out of school,

and she jumped on her lab

and walked around her neck back into her lab,

purring like a crossmotor

and kneading and sucking at her clothes

untill they were all wet…

and giving her the look of love…

The look of love

Just like this…

Muschy was a very studious kitten..

Muschy played hide and seek with her and Granny’s sister

and she sat down and gave a paw

when Granny asked her…

She was so special…

and Granny always played with her

and her arms and hands were full of scratches,

but she didn’t mind at all.

Granny’s clothes were never without hairs,

and they were always wet of the sucking…

but Granny didn’t see it…

she didn’t care at all…

all she cared about was

Muschy and Granny

that they would be together for always.

When the whole family emigrated

from Germany to the Netherlands,

the end of the year Muschy came into their lives,

Granny and her sister had to bring Muschy back

to the furriend where she came from,

because it wasn’t allowed to cross the border with an animal…

and Granny was heartbroken

and cried for days

and then her Grandmother said..

“Go and get Muschy,

we’ll give it a try to bring her across the border.”

Granny never forgets that when she and her sister

came at the shed where Muschy lived,

and she called her,

how fast Muschy came running from the ladder

purring out loud of happiness.

Muschy in Rotterdam

Everything was packed to leave for Holland

and Muschy was sitting in the car…

between the furniture and other stuff.

Her first trip in a car…

..and then they came at the border…

They had to stop

and opening the car…

and Granny’s Grandma was purraying

that they didn’t find Muschy…

and after almost an hour

the border guards said that

everything was allright,

so they could continue their way.

Binky ask herself

OMC, what if they had seen Muschy…?

Where was she anyway…?

They didn’t have carriers in that time,

so Muschy was probably hinding somewhere

in the car.

When they came at their new Residence house

and started to unpack everything

they started to wonder where Muschy was.

Granny’s grandmother was worried and afraid

that she had jumped out of the car

when they were checked out at the border,

but when everything was unloaded,

they heared a little meow,

then they looked under a locker

and saw her sleeping like a Queen in it.

Muschy looking up propably to the birds

She found herself a place where she felt safe…

She was so wise…

Granny called her miracle cat,

because that’s what she was.

Muschy in the garden

She liked the garden

as much as I like it…

Garden fragrance

She liked to smell

and walk around…

just like I do…

Muschy Christmas

They took her almost everywhere

Granny wasn’t happy

to leave her behind

when they went on vacation…

….That never changed b.t.w…

Then one day

when they were on vacation

she sneaked out the door

and run away…

Muschy in the garden

After almost 2 weeks of searching in that area,

she finally came back to the house,

but was very sick.

The vet supposed she was poisened,

because of the symptoms.

Granny says that people fried sponges

in that time

to kill the cats,

and Muschy must have eaten that,

because she couldn’t find any other food.

It was horrible to see

your beloved cat dying

on such a horrible way.

It still hurts….

The vet tried everything she could,

but 5 days before Granny’s 17th birthday,

Muschy was only 7 years by then,

she had to bring Muschy

to the vet

While her Grandfather was driving,

Granny held the basket with Muschy on her lap

and so many memories came back

like a flasback…

and she tried to held her tears,

so that Muschy could not see how heartbroken she felt…

Muschy's basket

and when she came to the vet

Muschy looked up at her

with the same look of love

as how it all begun

and Granny said to her in spirit,

cause she wasn’t able to talk anymore…

“Thank You for being my furriend.

I ❤ You.”

Muschy the miracle cat


5-9-1969 – 8-11-1976








S O F T  P A W K I S S E S –

❤ ❤ ❤


Memories: Happy Birthday Angel

binky memorieblogfix

Hi (Furry)friends,

Today is memory time.

It’s Angel’s Birthday,

and Granny and I have brought

him flowers…


and we’ve brightened up his place…


with more beautiful flowers..

Angel memories 2014fix

Then we sat down

and told him

how much we still miss him…




and how much

we still love him…

and guess what happened then…


we saw a little white butterfly,

coming out from nowhere…

and he was flying in circles

 in front of our eyes…

witte tijgervlinderfix

and then he sat down on a leaf

and stayed there,

untill Granny made a picture…

then he flew away.

Isn’t he beautiful…

it’s a White Tiger butterfly or

in Latin Spilosoma lubricipeda.


That was for sure a sign of our Angel…

no doubt about that 🙂


To Granny: “Maybe it was Angel, Granny,

he’s still wearing a piece of his fur as you see.

that means Angel is a White Tiger now…WOW. “


Angel memorie blog 2014

Sending Extra  Healing PAWKISSES

to everyone who misses their beloved ones

as much as we do.


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