Awarding Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤


I have a lot

to be thankful for



We had a

wonderful Christmastime

…when I was sitting

all by myself

in the middle of the night…


waiting for Santa Paws…

…singing Christmascarols

loud and clear…


so he could fine me

and bring me a deer...

a new mousie…


but when I heard

the monsters angels coming…

I went as fast as I could

…to fast for the picture

if you ask me…


to bed…

and waited


until it was bedtime

for THEM…

but I am Thankful

for my tablet

so I could watch tv

in the meantime…


…and while I was lying there

I remembered that I was nominated

by my furriends

Dezi and Raena

for the


and that made me really purroud…

and Thankful too…

so Thank You again

dear Dezi and Raena

for thinking of me

while you were passing on

the award…*bows head*


I have to answer a few…



…to receive this award…

so stay with me now….

1. Do you have interests that keep you busy, but that you don’t blog about?

Nope, I write about everything that keeps me busy…

from which sleeping is my main point…

2. Be Honest: Do you read long posts from beginning to end?

Or do you quickly skim through the post, scroll to the end and hit the Like button?

Granny and I always read the whole post and sometimes we have to read it twice,

before we know what we read…

Granny says it all has to do with concentration

and sometimes there’s a lack of it…

3. Do you prefer to read the book or watch the movie?

I like to watch the movie,

so I can focus on the birds and not the papurr.

4. When making decisions, do you go by gut feeling or reason?

Always by gut,

how else do I know when I am hungry?

5. Do you still send hand-written letters or cards, or do you send emails and whatsapp?

Granny sends cards for special occasions,

handwritten or handmade….

by computer 😉

but she also sends emails and whatsapp…

especially whatsapp because of the monsters

my two feet siblings…

6. If you could go on a time travel for the day, to where and when would you go?

I would cross the world and visit all my furriends…

and then I fly to the Moon just to look down at the world from there

and then I would ask Granny

to take a picture from Binky The Cat in the Moon…

and then…

I would land on Granny’s lap and dream about it…

 7. Do you know any poems by heart?

Yes, of course I do,

“Silent night, holy night,

Get that mousie

and hold it tight…”

…that’s my favorite…

at Christmastime…. 😀

8. Which conspiracy theory do you like best or think is weirdest?

I don’t know, I wasn’t there….

9. Imagine there’s suddenly no power for 3 months. Would you be prepared?

Yes, we have a lot of candles

and blankies…

and food…

and fish…

We have had a few hours of no power at all

that felt like 3 months,

but you realize what you have

when it happens,

so I guess that’s a good thing…

10. What’s your favorite Music and Movie Genre?

Preferably tranquil music

and Puss in Boots-likeys 😀

11. Are you a night owl or are you up with the lark?

I’m up with the Granny…always 😉


Now I have to make some


and here they are…


who have read this

till the end

are nominated

for the Liebster Award

because that’s what you are!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the purrson what nominated you.

2. Answer 11 questions.

3. Compose 11 questions.

4. Nominate and notify new blogs.

5. Post the Award Badge and Rules.

and one Extra Rule:

6. take a long nap after…

you’ll need it!


– P A W K I S S E S –

Old Garden Selfies and sharing the Liebster Award

Old garden Selfie

A few weeks…

Old garden Selfie

before the moving…

Old garden Selfie

I inspected my old garden…

Old garden Selfie

and myself…

Old garden Selfie

from every side…

Old garden Selfie

so I would never forget…

Old garden Selfie

our old garden…

Old garden Selfie

I even laid myself on the ground…


Old garden Selfie

and captured it from upside down…

Old garden Selfie

gave it some thoughts…

Old garden Selfie

and a few thoughts more…

Old garden Selfie

before I turned myself around…

Old garden Selfie

and curled up my tail…

Old garden Selfie

and felt very happy…

Old garden Selfie

for enjoying this beautiful place…

Old garden Selfie

for so many years…

Old garden Selfie

and then I reached for the camera…

Old garden Selfie

and made my Sunday Selfie

with my left paw 🙂

– P A W K I S S E S –

We have been nominated ages ago

for the


by our furriends Ritu  from But I smile anyway

and my purr furriend Ali  from Sunsetdragon

and we want to thank you both for sharing

this award with us.

Sorry for the delay,

but we had to do a moving first 😉

Ritu asked a few questions,

who I’m willing to answer, of course.

I also have more Liebster Awards,

but they all have other colours.

So this blue one will be added to the collection 😀

Liebster Awards

Now let me see…

  1. What makes you purr loudest? – When I wake up Granny in the middle of the night and she pets me anyway 🙂
  2. What is the best gift you bought in for your human? – I guess that extra hairball lately 😀
  3. What do you prefer, being inside or out? – Outside…can’t wait till I’m allowed to be around the house again 🙂
  4. Is your human really your owner, or secretly your slave? – What do you think… 😉
  5. Can you post your best picture of yourself?Just look above and choose…. 😉

This Liebster Award is for all my furriends and followers,

because I think you are all Lieb!

So if you do Awards

feel free to take it with you.


Just a little note before we go:

we’re still very busy

and we haven’t been able to visit all of you,

but we do our best

to see you all soon ❤




We’re part of


Please join the fun!

My Awarding Selfies…

show my left side selfie0

Hi (Furry)furriends,

While I’m taking

my selfies….

show my left side selfie0

I want to tell you

what I have gotten…

show my left side selfie0

from two of my


on the caternet

show my left side selfie0

Ute of Utesmile

nominated us for the


a little while ago…

and Trompy of Scrapydotwo

nominated us for the


also a long time ago… 😀

We already have the Liebster Award,

but we’re honored to receive it



So thank you both


my dear furriends

for the totally Pawsome


You know you always

get an extra Pawkiss for that…

❤ ❤ ❤

And YOU my faithful

readers, furriends and followers

are nominated for both

of the awards too…

because we all ❤ you too 🙂


And Finished!…amost…

…just one more minute…

I’m a star on Katzenworld,

if you like to read my story

just click on my winning

cat-in-the-box picture



– P A W K I S S E S –

We’re part of


and the

weeklypets and we love it.

Just click on the badges

for more cuteness

and as ever

Y !

Weekly Pet Share – 75


Hi (Furry)furriends,

When I woke up this morning

and I looked outside,


I saw the sun behind the trees….


so I thought,

after almost a whole week

of foggy, wet-cold weather…


I finally can catch myself

some sunbeams,

and play a little

with the birds…


but while I was preparing myself

to go outside…


it didn’t clear up,

the only thing that has changed…


was the sun moving

a little bit further away…


So what do I do now,

besides letting my head hang down…

while I have to wait

another day

for the sun to come out…


Let me think…..



that’s what I’m going to do now…


I never do these kind of things…


but when you’re feeling bored

you have to get to inspect…




you have never




and probably…


never will…



you’re not allow to… 😀


Now that you’re here

I also want to make a few announcements,

Granny we forgot to mention earlier….

Ages ago A few weeks ago

we were nominated by our furriend

Vanessa of Traveling Cats

for the


so we want to thank her properly again

for the nomination.


Thank you so much again, TC,

we like to travel with you

and being some explorers in space too… 😉

We already have this award,

but not in this colour,

so we will paste it with honour

next to the pale grey one 🙂


Another lifetime  few weeks ago,

my furriend Cupcake

nominated all her furriends

for this Neat Blog Award…

and we are also very grateful by receiving

this lovely Award…

Thank you too sweet Cupcake ❤


Stay tuned, furries, I’m not ready yet,

I only have to lay myself down

for a minute….


before I fell down

to tell you all

that we have reached



but that was also a few weeks ago…MOL… 😀

From the bottom of our ❤

We thank you all

for reading,



appreciating us so much…

….we sure do you all ❤

and you all will get an



and for tomorrow…

loonapix thank you

–  H E A R T S H A P E D  P A W K I S S E S –


Click on the badge to join us

and as always


❤ ❤ ❤




I am still Liebster


Hi (Furry)friends,

I blew it…

I didn’t come home last night..

again for the second time this week…

and now I’m grounded…


but in spite of  feeling bored,

irritated, annoyed and stressed out…

I came to my senses

and made myself useful…


by flattering helping Grandpa…


and sliming helping Granny,


with her new curtains…

kat naait

but then I blew up her curtains…


and wondered if I could blew up even more…

but then I remembered

that I was nominated by our furriend Bacon for the

liebster award

And I realized

that no matter what..

I am the Liebster  anyway 🙂

Thank you again my sweet furriend Bacon

for passing this Award on to me 🙂

If you don’t know Bacon yet,

please hop over to his blog,

and make acquaintance…

He is the most funniest pig

I’ve ever met 😀

There's nothing wrong with me, it's just a treat that's lies on me.

We already have this Award,

but we’re feeling so honored

by  receiving it again,

that I will answering my furriends questions


So here we go:

  1. When you get really tired, how can your parents tell?- I blink with my eyes while I’m looking at Granny to say that’s time for bed.
  2. What is your favorite food in the entire world?- Tuna and salmon.
  3. What is your favorite television show to watch? – Live tv throughout the window.
  4. Do you have chores around the house?- Yes, I help Granny watering the plants, digging the ground for more exciting stuff, look after Granny’s veggies and sleep guarding the house from introders.
  5. Do you like to ride in the car? – No way, cars make me sing and I avoid them in every possible way. Car riding makes me unbalanced and I feel locked up like a….cat.
  6. Do you have siblings? – Yes, my former post was about my siblings. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and 2 two-feet brothers and 1 two-feet sister, but they all live at my mom’s. I was the only one allowed to live at Granny’s…in fact in that time I was the only cat around… 😀
  7. Do you like cartoons? – I like Tweetie…I guess 🙂
  8. Have you ever spent the night at someone else’s house? – I don’t want to talk about it. I have bad experiences with sleeping in someone else’s house, you can read all about it in our Page.
  9. Do you like to read or be read to? – Both. Granny and I like to read all the blogs we follow. We have fun reading, but we’re not fast readers, because English is not our native language. Sometimes we don’t pick it up when somebody makes a joke, because we’re to concentrated with reading and translating, and sometimes we have to read a blog a few time to fully understand the intention, but we’re improving day by day. There is progress 🙂 To be read is fantastic. We’re always happy when we see that somebody read our blog and liked it, that inspires us to go on.
  10. Do you have a pet? – No, I’m a lone ranger… I can’t live with other pets around me. It’s because the trauma I’ve had…*whispers*and I don’t like the idea that I have to share Granny 😉

Liebsterfix6That’s it for now, my furriends.

I have to ignore the treat on my belly,

because I don’t let me buy off.

When they tell me that I can go out again,

I’ll consider to eat it 😉

About the Award.

You’re all precious to me us,

and all our Liebsters,

so if you don’t have the Award yet,

please feel free to pick it up

and paste it on your bloggie,

that will make us all Lieb 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend!

– E X T R A  P A W K I S S E S –




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