A Poetic Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I’m waiting for Granny

to teach her all about Meowga…

but in the meantime

I want to say

Thank You

to a few furriends who dominated nominated us

for a few Awards that we are very



…first there was Hannah

who nominated us for the

💝Liebster Award💝

and the

💝Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award💝

and a few weeks ago my furriends

Snoops and Kommando Kitty

nominated us for the

💝Liebster Award💝

Isn’t that amazing…

we always feel very honoured

when we receive such a wonderful gift…

I already have them in different colours and shapes

but every time we get another one

we have a smile on our face

…from ear to ear…

and a warm feeling in the heart

knowing that so many kitties think of me as

a Liebster…

and as I am a Liebster…

…I may say so myself…

I’m going to answer all your questions


because I’m double Lieb…


get yourself a seat

because this is going to be a loooong bloggie…

but don’t get up until the end

because you’re getting rewarded

with some sweeter than sweets… 😉

Let me first start with the questions of

my furriends

Snoops and Kommando Kitty of

The Adventures in Cheese land…

that you really have to visit if you haven’t yet…

they’re so funny…

Now let’s start with their questions…

1. How did you choose your human?

I’ve already known Granny all my life

as she is my real Granny…

because of a lot of circumstances

that you can find in the About Me page…

I was 6 years old

when I decided 12 years ago

that I wanted to stay with Granny

for the rest of my life…

kind of vice versa…MOL😸

2. Have you ever sneaked outside?

What you think…MOL 😉

3. What’s your favorite season?

Definetely Summer…

4. Do you have any siblings of a different species (you may include humans)?

My twofeet brothers and sister and a hamster

but they all live with my mom…

5. If you could only have one channel of Cat TV, what would it be?

Bird tv…

6. What is your proudest moment?

When I see that Granny knows what I want,

that means that I can make myself heard…

7. Does your human have any habits that drive you crazy?


when she’s going to vacuum without letting me know….

8. If you could only have one toy, what would it be?

That’s easy…a mousie🐭

9. Have you ever gotten even with someone after they got you in trouble/embarrassed you?


that stoopid introoder still has to pay for climbing over the fence into my garden

I make sure that he doesn’t do that anymore as I’m on guard almost the whole day…

when I don’t accidentally take a nap….

10. Have you been able to train your human to hunt?

To be honest, Snoops and Kommander Kitty

I trained them to do everything for me…MOL😸

11. Do you have a favorite hangout?

I like to hangout in the garden

so I can see Bird tv live

or at least dream of it 😉

Don’t go now…

we have to do another round…

with the questions of my furriend Hannah of

Illustrated by Hannah

I hope she is still painting on her bloggie

because we haven’t seen her in a while…

but anyway

here finally the answers of Hannah’s questions…

1. What inspired you to write a blog?

Me and Big Binky…

We were the inspiration for Granny’s blog.

2. What are your favourite hobbies/pastimes?

Besides blogging my hobbies are sleeping…

haunting mousies…


help Granny in the garden…

chill out…

and more sleeping…

3. State your favourite quote OR Is there a book that changed your life? If so, in what way?

“Live and let live.” 

that’s my favourite quote…

well, except of the mouse part…

4. If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tuna…definetely furresh canned tuna🐟

5. What is your definition of success?

Follow your heart…

always be yourself and go for the things you really want

and be satisfied with what outcome ever.

and maybe the most impawtant one:

Never judge yourself or another…

and always stick with your own truth…

…that’s it so far…

6. What is your biggest fear?

Fear itself…

Granny and I believe that fear is a state of mind

and that you can easily change it into another mantra

Face Everything And Rise

7. What have you learned during this pandemic?

To take it easy and relax like always…

and stay with your own truth

even if it seems that everyone else want to let you believe

something else…

8. If you won the lottery, what would you spend that money on? (Imagine that you have won millions).

We would have our own retirement home for animals

and we also would help other animals in need…

and I would have my own mousefarm and maybe…

no…for sure a nip plantation…

9. What places are on your travel bucketlist to see?

Eh…let me think…

…to the Moon and back…

10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Here, with Granny and Grandpaw.

Are you still here?

That was a long sit huh?

But here comes the reward…

🎉Feel free

to take an Award home with you🎉

and paste it to your bloggie

and if you like to answer some questions

you can use my questions too…

and if you want some sweets

you can have it too

because it’s also poetry time with my furriends

Angel Sammy and Teddy…

but you have to wait

until I have finish my Poem…

“There’s a cake sweeter than sweet

waiting for you just to eat

try if you want to

and make a choice

if you want to fill up your body

and enjoy

don’t care if your bloodsugar rises

higher than high

and your body grows around you

and can’t no longer fly

as long as you’re here on my bloggie

you can have a try.”

☮🧘‍📚Have a Happy Thursday my furriends📚🧘‍♂️☮

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


Click on the badges

to see where my furriends are

Thankful for today

and get inspired

by the real poets

among us

when you click

on Angel Sammy’s badge…

and don’t forget to

E N J O Y ! !

it all



A Poetic Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I have to find myself a cool shady spot

as the heat is coming over us


so let’s see if there’s a spot for me

where I can tell you

for what I’m


for today…

now look at that…

that wasn’t so far…

a purrfect place to be


for today…

and for another

…double Award…

that I received from my new furriend


that you can find HERE

if you like to check out her blog…

she’s very creative with words

and makes beautiful artwork…

…from pop-art to mandala art…

so stop by and say Hello to

my new furriend…

to make her feel welcome in our world…

I’ll save the answers on the questions

for another time

but just wanted to let you know again how


and honoured I am

to receive these awards…

I’m also


that I was a right guesser…

but that I was to slow

to be first…


always look on the bright side, huh…

That brings me to my weekly poem today

for my furriends Angel Sammy and his brother Teddy…

with the next picture…

“Look at him working

her furresh groom

while she stood purroud

as a flower in bloom.

They were just driving

on their honeymoon

when the tire said big bam boom

so now instead of having fun

he had to change the tire at once.

But nothing could get

that smile of her face

when she realised

that he would do everything for her

in the first place.”

😻👸💑📚Have a Happy Thursday my furriends📚💑👸😻

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


Click on the badges

to see where my furriends are

Thankful for today

and get inspired

by the real poets

among us

when you click

on Angel Sammy’s badge…

and don’t forget to

E N J O Y ! !

it all


A Liebster Feline Furriday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I was nominated for the

by my furriend Teddy

the other day…sss ago…

and as we still love to do these award thingies

…even if we have already a few of them…

we always feel deeply honoured by receiving one…

…so Thank You my sweet furriend

for handing over this award to me…

*bows like Puss in Boots*

Teddy asked all the receivers of this Award

to answer some questions

so lets start with the first question:

1) Do you think there is life on other planets?   Why or Why Not?

Yes, we believe that there is life everywhere in the Universe…

because we believe

that we are made of energy and vibration…

We vibrate the energy that we think and feel

out into the Universe…and that impacts everything…and thus we’re all connected…and sometimes visible too…MOL…I better go on to the second question

before I lose myself in the Universe…

2) What is your VERY FAVORITE meal either to cook yourself

OR to order in a restaurant?

At this moment it comes out of a sachet

Almond Nature Holistic

chicks…and fishies…

Granny likes to cook Vegetarian Pilav

when my twofeet family comes….

it’s easy and delicious…

what else do we need 😉

Granny and Grandpaw hardly go to a restaurant

mostly the restaurant comes here…

but when they go they’re going to eat Italian…

because Grandpaw loves the white saus

and Granny not…MOL…

3) If you could afford ANY car in the world – what would it be?

A Binksmobile for me…

and for Granny No car…

she is a biker…

but she has a little Fiat Panda 

and at this age she’s very satisfied with it…

when she was younger she wanted to have a

Triumph Spitfire…

but that was before she took a seat in it…MOL..

4) Are you superstitious?


Granny was when she was younger…

she made a three-round dance

when she saw the chimney-sweep…

never got under a ladder…

bad luck 13

black cats…

and everything else that

someone brought into this world

for one reason or another…

Thank Cat she grew over it…

7) Do you prefer early mornings or late nights or both?

Early…very early mornings…

ask Granny…MOL

8) What is your favorite type of music?

I prefurr Classical mewsic

but for Granny it depends on her mood…

but Alternative Rock mewsic and New Wave

are definetely her favourites…

I see dinner is calling…

just want to say

that you are all nominated for the


if you like to have it…

for the rules that we never do you can check at Teddy’s HERE…

I have to get in now…

It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses,

worlds are hidden of which we are unaware.


✨👩‍🚀🧙‍♀️Have a Happy Furriday my furriends🧙‍👨‍🚀✨

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– C L E A N  P A W K I S S E S –


Give the weekend

a good start

with the



E N J O Y ! !


Awarding Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤


I have a lot

to be thankful for



We had a

wonderful Christmastime

…when I was sitting

all by myself

in the middle of the night…


waiting for Santa Paws…

…singing Christmascarols

loud and clear…


so he could fine me

and bring me a deer...

a new mousie…


but when I heard

the monsters angels coming…

I went as fast as I could

…to fast for the picture

if you ask me…


to bed…

and waited


until it was bedtime

for THEM…

but I am Thankful

for my tablet

so I could watch tv

in the meantime…


…and while I was lying there

I remembered that I was nominated

by my furriends

Dezi and Raena

for the


and that made me really purroud…

and Thankful too…

so Thank You again

dear Dezi and Raena

for thinking of me

while you were passing on

the award…*bows head*


I have to answer a few…



…to receive this award…

so stay with me now….

1. Do you have interests that keep you busy, but that you don’t blog about?

Nope, I write about everything that keeps me busy…

from which sleeping is my main point…

2. Be Honest: Do you read long posts from beginning to end?

Or do you quickly skim through the post, scroll to the end and hit the Like button?

Granny and I always read the whole post and sometimes we have to read it twice,

before we know what we read…

Granny says it all has to do with concentration

and sometimes there’s a lack of it…

3. Do you prefer to read the book or watch the movie?

I like to watch the movie,

so I can focus on the birds and not the papurr.

4. When making decisions, do you go by gut feeling or reason?

Always by gut,

how else do I know when I am hungry?

5. Do you still send hand-written letters or cards, or do you send emails and whatsapp?

Granny sends cards for special occasions,

handwritten or handmade….

by computer 😉

but she also sends emails and whatsapp…

especially whatsapp because of the monsters

my two feet siblings…

6. If you could go on a time travel for the day, to where and when would you go?

I would cross the world and visit all my furriends…

and then I fly to the Moon just to look down at the world from there

and then I would ask Granny

to take a picture from Binky The Cat in the Moon…

and then…

I would land on Granny’s lap and dream about it…

 7. Do you know any poems by heart?

Yes, of course I do,

“Silent night, holy night,

Get that mousie

and hold it tight…”

…that’s my favorite…

at Christmastime…. 😀

8. Which conspiracy theory do you like best or think is weirdest?

I don’t know, I wasn’t there….

9. Imagine there’s suddenly no power for 3 months. Would you be prepared?

Yes, we have a lot of candles

and blankies…

and food…

and fish…

We have had a few hours of no power at all

that felt like 3 months,

but you realize what you have

when it happens,

so I guess that’s a good thing…

10. What’s your favorite Music and Movie Genre?

Preferably tranquil music

and Puss in Boots-likeys 😀

11. Are you a night owl or are you up with the lark?

I’m up with the Granny…always 😉


Now I have to make some


and here they are…


who have read this

till the end

are nominated

for the Liebster Award

because that’s what you are!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the purrson what nominated you.

2. Answer 11 questions.

3. Compose 11 questions.

4. Nominate and notify new blogs.

5. Post the Award Badge and Rules.

and one Extra Rule:

6. take a long nap after…

you’ll need it!


– P A W K I S S E S –

Old Garden Selfies and sharing the Liebster Award

Old garden Selfie

A few weeks…

Old garden Selfie

before the moving…

Old garden Selfie

I inspected my old garden…

Old garden Selfie

and myself…

Old garden Selfie

from every side…

Old garden Selfie

so I would never forget…

Old garden Selfie

our old garden…

Old garden Selfie

I even laid myself on the ground…


Old garden Selfie

and captured it from upside down…

Old garden Selfie

gave it some thoughts…

Old garden Selfie

and a few thoughts more…

Old garden Selfie

before I turned myself around…

Old garden Selfie

and curled up my tail…

Old garden Selfie

and felt very happy…

Old garden Selfie

for enjoying this beautiful place…

Old garden Selfie

for so many years…

Old garden Selfie

and then I reached for the camera…

Old garden Selfie

and made my Sunday Selfie

with my left paw 🙂

– P A W K I S S E S –

We have been nominated ages ago

for the


by our furriends Ritu  from But I smile anyway

and my purr furriend Ali  from Sunsetdragon

and we want to thank you both for sharing

this award with us.

Sorry for the delay,

but we had to do a moving first 😉

Ritu asked a few questions,

who I’m willing to answer, of course.

I also have more Liebster Awards,

but they all have other colours.

So this blue one will be added to the collection 😀

Liebster Awards

Now let me see…

  1. What makes you purr loudest? – When I wake up Granny in the middle of the night and she pets me anyway 🙂
  2. What is the best gift you bought in for your human? – I guess that extra hairball lately 😀
  3. What do you prefer, being inside or out? – Outside…can’t wait till I’m allowed to be around the house again 🙂
  4. Is your human really your owner, or secretly your slave? – What do you think… 😉
  5. Can you post your best picture of yourself?Just look above and choose…. 😉

This Liebster Award is for all my furriends and followers,

because I think you are all Lieb!

So if you do Awards

feel free to take it with you.


Just a little note before we go:

we’re still very busy

and we haven’t been able to visit all of you,

but we do our best

to see you all soon ❤




We’re part of


Please join the fun!

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