A Poetic Thankful Thursday

Hi (furry)furriends💗

I’m still inside as the storm is still running…

yesterday it seemed

that the wind was finally going to sleep…

so I went out for about 15 minutes…

and came running inside

because it came back

with all its intensity…

that was left after the real storm…

so what do you do the whole day

when there’s nothing else to do than

…sleeping and eating…


you watch tele…

and I’m so


that we all have our own tab

so that we can watch…

our own soapie…

and now we go right on to our poem

that we made

for our Angel furriend Sammy…

The little house on the prairie

didn’t look so functionary

while it was standing there all alone

the roof started a life of its own

and everything around it was growing so fast

that only the little creatures knew how long it would last

that it was stading there purroud like a King

in the middle of Lost Springs.

📚📺Have a Happy Thursday my furriends📺📚

– P A W K I S S E S –


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it all



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