Bacon’s Show and Tell


Hi (Furry)friends,

We”re so excited when we heard about

Bacon’s Show and Tell Post,

that we started looking for

Granny’s first puppets


And here they are…


This is Crobs.

Crobs is almost 54 years old

and slept with Granny until her 11th year.

He was a puppet of a puppet theatre

and wore a yellow dress.


Granny always thought it was a pig,

but now we think it’s a bear.

He isn’t decent anymore,

so we put him into Granny’s first

self made crochet pot-holder.

That’s 49 years old now, btw.


Granny has eaten the ears,

she ate the feet, vingers and ears

of all her puppets…


and the nose of this cute

little elephant,

whose name is Janneman.

He is a few month younger than Crobs

and they were inseparable.

Granny took them everywere.

Janneman doesn’t have his outfit anymore,

it was grey and he looked like a bear.

No, no, Granny didn’t ate the outfit,

it was worn out,

so Granny threw it away.


Crobs feels like he is still alive,

he is sticky and he smells…yikes…

but he has a history,

just like Janneman,

there are so many memories

coming up when Granny looks at them.


Well, I’m her puppet now…

I’m all in one…

and I’m decent,

but I make a cute little puppet to,

don’t I 😉

– P A W K I S S E S –

Thank you Bacon for making this post possible ❤

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