Animal Appreciation Day 15 februari 2016

Hi (Furry)furriends,


My furriends Bacon and his cousin Sammy

created a whole new world day

….right after

Valentine’s Day….

and it is purroudly present as…


…and of course we ❤ to join

this special event



because I appreciate

all of my loving furriends and followers

that I made throughout the

-almost five- years

of my blogging… career…

…and to be honest

I couldn’t have done it without you 😉


My appreciation

goes to my best

but unfortunately …just now…

late doggie furriend


because he always made us smile

when we saw him…

He had the cutest face

and he loved to ride in the car

with his head out of the window…

Imagine how his hair

was blowing in the wind… 😀

And we were able to talk in Dutch

with him and his mom

…out there in Africa…


We are going to miss you,

sweet little furriend.

You also left pawprints in our ❤

Check out his mommy’s blog

She is a fantastic photographer

animal and nature lover…

and there is a lot of swarming…

going on….

including, among others, monkeys, birdies

and spiders..

BUT when you are afraid of latter

you better not go there

or just close your eyes 😉

AAD2016Have I already said

that I appreciate all of you..

and that you are all very special to me…

If I have

I hope you don’t mind


I would say it again and again and again


because I mean it 🙂

– P A W K I S S E S –

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