195fixLast week we’ve got the ABC-award, from Sunshine. She passed it to me, Big Binky and granny and we all feel very honoured.  Thanks, Sunshine, we think your blog is amazing. You bring so much sunshine in our lives with it, every time it’s full of suprises and we thank you for that and hope you hold on to that writers-spirit. Here’s the link, look for yourself what I mean SimplyCharming

Us three will do the ABC-round together in English, we had such a good time, like in The Sound of Music, and believe me it wasn’t easy, but finally we made it and here are the results:

A is for Animals of all kinds, big, cute, hairy, bald, four-footer, two-footer and eight-footers, long, tall, little and small, granny loves them all and I love all the 8-legs running and flying ones. I also believe in Angels to protect us:)


B is for Binky…I mean both of us and Bongo, the only dog friend we have 😉



C is for the choises you make in life and hoping you choose the right ones.



D is for dinner. I’m always happy when it’s dinner time, it can’t be soon enough:)



E is for eating. I eat everything that’s eatable, that means my dinner, Little ones dinner when I get the chance, grannys’ when she doesn’t look and after that I am waiting for my the desert. I’m like a dog, I love to eat:)


F is for fulfillment by doing the things you like to do in life.




G is for generously to feed, love and comfort me for always:)




H is for Herman the hedgehog in our garden. He’s the one that costs me my nose every time when I want to look after him.  Well as they say: Herman couriosity kills the cat:(


I is for Intuition to be use by every step you make.




J is for joy and laughter, just make some fun every day with lightballs or feathers.



K is for kisses, lots of kisses, hugs en cuddles, but not of the bitchy little Binky.



L is for Lots of Love for everyone.




M is for Mew… and Big Binky, the things that are really important in life;)



N is for the Neverending Story, like my buddy Angel. Miss you pal:(



O is for oops and oh, oh.



P is for Peace, certainly between Big Binky and me. I have to work on that 😉



Q is for quality time, meaning all the time I can get from my be loved granny.



R is for Remembering of all the times we’ve had with the people and animals we’ve loved, all the people we’ve met, all the places we’re went, and not to forget,  who we are and where we came from.


S is for Slowmotion, when I wake up somewhere in the late morning 😉



T is for Transformer, to transform myself into a big tiger and scare the beeeb out of Little Binky 😀



U is for Understanding that you can’t always get what you want and sing it out loud with The Rolling Stones:)



V is for Vocabulaire for all the difficult words I have to pronounce besides miaow and prrrrt since we have this English blog.



W is for Wintertime, to hang out with my family and that furry black & white chick and spent lots of time to sleep, eat and cuddle.



X is for XOXOXO for all our beloved ones and blog followers, readers and passers and everyone who needs it.



Z is for Zzze end. Tanks for reading our ABC. I think I need a nap now. ZZZzzzzzzz




I have a few blogs to whom I want to pass on the ABC-award and I hope they will like it as much as I did:

Heavenly thoughts

Sabine’s kooikerhondjes







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  3. Sunshine
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 15:17:23

    Angelswhisper, your ABC list was great! My apologies for my lateness in getting over here. My fave from your list, oh, I think I love them all! Congratulations and thank you for the kind shout back! 🙂


  4. Marion Driessen
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:08:33

    Thank you so much, Angel, for nominating our blog! And for giving us all an insight in your ABC.


  5. Bongo
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 07:11:53

    Congratulations on your award, and thanks for putting me as your friend under B. But please don’t tell Scratchy I have more kitty friends. He might get really jealous.


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