A Poetic Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

We finally have beautiful weather again

so I decided to go outside

for some Sunbeams…

and some rolls

in the garden…

to warm up my body

because the temperature is lower than low…

but now that I’m all warmed up

I can absorb every beam of the Sun…

on every side of my body…

see how he shines

on my tummy…

Life’s good huh…

So today I’m


for beautiful Autumn weather…

pawlicious paws…

clean whiskers…

and ears…

and wonderful days

like these…

and now that I’ve said that

I think I’m ready for my furriends

Angel Sammy and Teddy

to make a poem with this week’s picture…

“Let’s try it

one more time

up and straight in line

and now quietly

very slow

follow the wind

wherever it blows

just feel the rythm

in your heart

and look at me

from the start

we can do it together

just wait and see

when the Sun comes out

to add a little mystery.”

😎🌞‍📚Have a Happy Thursday my furriends📚🌞😎

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


Click on the badges

to see where my furriends are

Thankful for today

and get inspired

by the real poets

among us

when you click

on Angel Sammy’s badge…

and don’t forget to

E N J O Y ! !

it all


26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too
    Nov 08, 2020 @ 19:46:17

    We have been having gorgeous weather this week. Warmer than the norm for this time of year. But in October we had way cooler temps, below freezing some days and snow! So I’ll take this! 😊


  2. -Eugenia
    Nov 07, 2020 @ 19:44:54

    Awww, such adorable pictures, Binky! 😻


  3. draliman
    Nov 07, 2020 @ 07:01:19

    Fun in the sun, fluffy Binky 🙂


  4. BellaDharma an LadyMew
    Nov 07, 2020 @ 01:05:19

    Mee-yow wow what gorgeeus fotoss of yoreselfie Sistur Binky! An yore poe-em iss purrty furabuluss too!
    An mee wantss to add a mewsick linky to yore post:

    Iss sorta a LOVE song butt THE Sunshine part reelly werkss with yore post….mee hopess you like it!
    **purrss** an ❤ ,3 an **paw kissess** Sistur BellaDharma


  5. The Island Cats
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 23:29:56

    Little Binky, you look so happy in the sun. We hope it shines for you all weekend.


  6. Lola The Rescued Cat
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 22:37:39

    Little Binky, you always bring a smile to our faces.


  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 21:53:01

    Oh it does look like that big majestic tree is telling the others to stand tall and straight.


  8. catladymac
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 21:41:54

    What a great poem and wonderful pawkisses Binky !


  9. Tails Around the Ranch
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 20:56:05

    Kittie rolls in the sunshine…love it!


  10. databbiesotrouttowne
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 20:43:34

    binky ewe bee lookin ten wayz oh gorgeouz two day N yur poem bout de treez
    total lee rox !!! we hope yur week endz a grate one & pleez N joyz sum out side time for uz with thanx 🙂 ♥♥


  11. 15andmeowing
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 19:16:45

    Great poem and adorable photos of you Binky. XO


  12. Three Chatty Cats
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 18:25:46

    You are just the cutest most precious kitty! I’m glad you’re all warmed up.


  13. Eastside Cats
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 17:05:18

    Yesterday was cloudy, but today is sunny and warm!
    While I won’t show my belly to the sun, I will life my face to it.


  14. Sandee
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 16:44:55

    I’m with you, Little Binky. Autumn gives us such wonderful weather. Enjoy.

    I hope you had a purrfect Thankful Thursday.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Pawkisses to you and a hug to your granny. ♥


  15. Timmy Tomcat
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 15:59:02

    Those sun puddles look so very nice Binky! And your poem hits the mark. Ahhh relaxation


  16. Brian
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 14:16:09

    You sure look happy in your sunbeams sweet Binky and your poem was really terrific! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  17. Carole Schulman
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 13:24:11

    MY mommy said there is not a lot more wonderful than watching a kitty bathe.
    Binky, your poetry is always just right.
    Katie Isabella


  18. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 13:15:07

    You are the loveliest of sun kitties. Beautiful poem photo and poem. ❤️🐾❤️🏡


  19. onespoiledcat
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 11:33:46

    Such a beautiful poem you have this week! Mom and I love the FEELING in your words. You also look like you’re enjoying many good sunpuddles in your garden as you snooze AND take a bath!
    Hugs, Teddy


  20. LOULOU
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 08:32:08

    Oh, to watch you sun and bather must be a joy!!!


  21. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 08:01:15

    Oh, we hooligans like to roll in our yard too…in the warm grasses…and we enjoy sunshine too…but…well, maybe you need to teach us how to wash our paws the way you do. It might help to get the mud off, which somehow annoys the peeps here…

    Pee Ess:
    We feel funny going to kitty sites, as there are only us two hooligans here now…maybe the two angels, Minko & Pipo should continue on as spirit kitties…what do you think of that???


  22. easyweimaraner
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 07:55:00

    that is very sweet and we hope nature will be always with us to attract us with it’s magic


  23. utesmile
    Nov 06, 2020 @ 07:50:59

    Such a sunny lovely post, enjoy every sunray!


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