A Turnaround

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

What a beautiful weather we’ve had…

we were in the garden

almost effurry day…

checking on the plants

that came back to show themselves

for another flowerful year…

look how they grow

in the sunshine…

and while I was inspecting it all…

Granny did another great job

on pruning the grapes…

and emptying the raised bed

because it’s falling apart…

and thus has to be replaced by a new one…

‘Made by Grandpaw’ again…

one day…😸

I saw the buds on the prunus…

and every day there was more blossom…

until she showed her true colours in further extension

as The Bride that she is…

and while I was observing it all…

I saw it coming from afar…

and I had to run…

not only because I knew what happens next…

but because I worked so hard…

that my tummy needed an update…



because Granny took away my crispy snack before I could eat it…🐭

and after the refill

I was looking outside

and could hardly believe what I saw…

The Bride was covered in white…

what a coincidence…


at least we finally have time

to make some artwork with a puzzle…

and a Selfie…

and as the temperature has dropped down to -5℃/23F

at night…

I also can show you my new badge

that I won in class last Tuesday…

and effurryone was so purroud of me

…even more than I was of myself…

that I’m going to paste it on the right side of my bloggie

above my other badge

that I won about a lifetime ago…😸

and because it’s going to rain all week…

I probably have time enough to visit you all


…sorry if I haven’t yet…

and to do a poem…

“When snow turns into water

and you are running deep

be sure you meet that old man

down at the river creek

he knows the in- and outcome

of what the Earth contains

and when you’re very lucky

especially what remains

it could be a fishie

or a plate of gold

or maybe something

that you were never told

just go and see with your own eyes

don’t listen what’s been told

about the earthly mystiques

and the end of the world

cause it may surpurrize you

of what you’re going to see

just close your eyes and listen

to Mother Natures dreams.”

📷📚🎨Have a warm Sunday my furriends🎨📚📷

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


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39 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 15andmeowing
    Apr 07, 2022 @ 00:10:58

    That was a quick change of weather. Beautiful blossoms, but none as beautiful as you. Great poem and beautiful art. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


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  3. Tails Around the Ranch
    Apr 05, 2022 @ 16:55:12

    Oh my goodness…you have spring like us. Here’s hoping warmer days are on the agenda.


  4. catscue
    Apr 05, 2022 @ 16:38:10

    What a lovely garden, those blooms are amazing! Sounds like the weather is being silly as Spring weather always is. Lovely poem Binky.


  5. Animalcouriers
    Apr 05, 2022 @ 11:55:44

    Wow! What a day 😀 Those muddy paws made us laugh!


  6. The Oceanside Animals
    Apr 05, 2022 @ 03:38:28

    Charlee: “That snow stuff always seems to sneak back in when you don’t expect it.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah, it’s crafty that way!”


  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 23:18:53

    What a change in the weather! I can see you have been working very hard by the dirt on your paws.


  8. Three Chatty Cats
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 21:22:18

    That weather is just teasing you! Beautiful garden, rain or shine!


  9. databbiesotrouttowne
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 21:11:32

    binky; yur toez getted a nice taste oh spring fora wee few any way 🙂 !!! we hope yur treez N flowerz iz all rite….we haz had snoz late lee all sew… N we iz tired oh it frank lee….we thinkz de tulipz iz gonerz ~~~~ 😦

    conga ratz two ewe on yur badge !! ♥♥


  10. utesmile
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 20:46:48

    Congratulation to your badge, well done! Yes the weather is crazy, first 19 degrees and then minus and snow. Real crazy. Well it can only improve! 🙂 Thanks for the puzzle! ♥


  11. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 20:22:38

    Ssitur Binky yore garden lookss so lovell an Granny di dso much werk with you!! An then stew-pid Snow comess an makess a mess!! CATIFSH! Efurryone has weerd weather it seemss!
    Yore Selfie iss deevine (just like you) an yore artwerk iss lovelee two.
    Concatss on yore badge!
    Wee loved yore poe-em; you are so guud at poe-etry!
    Lotss of ***purrss*** an ***paw kissess*** Sistur BellaDharma
    an ❤ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum


  12. Sandee
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 19:25:39

    It’s always good to see you, Little Binky. It’s also good to see that spring has sprung all over that beautiful tree. Spring is my favorite of all the seasons.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Pawkisses to you and my best to your Granny. ♥


  13. Eugenia
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 16:39:14

    Winter just doesn’t want to go away, Binky! But spring will eventually prevail and the garden will be full of springtime blooms. Stay safe and warm. 😻🌺 🌸


  14. Eastside Cats Blog
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 15:54:10

    Winter and Spring are still fighting each other for control of the weather.


  15. suzannedunaway
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 09:22:50

    WE LOVE YOUR GARDEN! But my comments are not being received or published. Strange.


  16. suzannedunaway
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 09:21:11

    We love the tour of the garden, always! And your beautiful Binkerino.


  17. draliman
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 07:59:28

    Your garden is looking lovely, Binky 🙂 We also had lovely weather, sitting outside in the sun, then yesterday morning the water in the birdie bath was frozen 😮


  18. Lone Star Cats
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 06:37:44

    Why does that winter stuff hafta keep coming back?


  19. meowmeowmans
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 05:15:44

    Oh, and just when your garden was looking so lovely, and the weather was good … snow again? We’re sorry about that, Binky. It’s the same here, too … we just can’t seem to shake the winter blues. Hugs!


  20. DashKitten
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 02:26:05

    Wow, you looked as though you had the best weather them Pffft snow AGAIN?? This is not fair is it? You must be ready for Spring and some warmth.


  21. Savannah's Paw Tracks
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 01:08:45

    OH my cat! Binky you barely made it inside before that snow landed in your once sunny garden! Congratulations on your new badge!! Good job!! Paw hugs


  22. Brian
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 01:05:07

    My, the weather sure went from good to yucky in a hurry but I’m glad you got to enjoy some outside time sweet Binky. Terrific poem too!


  23. Charles Huss
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 00:38:15

    You are so lucky that you can enjoy your beautiful garden when the weather is nice and then go inside when it isn’t.


  24. suzannedunaway
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 23:22:53

    Wow, that was the most eventful day we have ever visited! And then a bowl of something good to finish off! Thanks for having us visit, Little Binkerino!


  25. Sheila Morris
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 23:14:46

    Wonderful, Granny! But Brrrrrrr…
    Stay warm and well!


  26. Mary McNeil
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 23:09:48

    Binky it is lovely to see you and your garden – we hope the snow is quickly gone ! Purrs !


  27. The Island Cats
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 23:08:11

    Binky, the same thing happened here. Though we don’t have flowers yet. I woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground. Enough already!!


  28. cat9984
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 22:39:57

    You are such a beautiful kitty! We can’t seem to shake the last of winter either.


  29. Carole Schulman
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 22:17:44

    Your poem was one of the nicest I have read, Little Binky. Thank you for it. And thank you for the tour of the garden. I am so sorry that the Bride had to wear a veil of snow! Maybe no hard came to her despot the below freezing weather. XO


  30. Athena and Marie
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 22:14:21

    Great art!
    The weather has gone crazy here in the UK too.


  31. The Florida Furkids
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 22:07:11

    Wow, it sure changed from Spring to Winter!! Glad you made it inside and got to have a good snack too. ConCats on your win at the Teaser!! Great artwork and thanks for the puzzle.


  32. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 21:10:20

    Beautiful selfie! We keep going back and forth between winter and spring here too.


  33. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 20:08:20

    Wonderful post, photos, and poem, Binky. Pawkisses to you and granny. Happy Sunday. ❤


  34. onespoiledcat
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 19:50:48

    Binky! What pawsome photos of Spring in your backyard – at least until WINTER came back as a BIG surprise! That’s like our weather – back and forth…..warm and cold…..good and bad. Crazy. I was so very proud of you and Granny being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Teaser last week! YAY! I also think that the poem you wrote is absolutely amazing. You did a beautiful job reminding us that we can find answers in the beautiful world around us – Mother Nature shows us the way.

    Love, Teddy xxoo


  35. cindy knoke
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 19:49:48

    Catastic QT!


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