Hi (Furry)furriends💗

My door hangs in, Stippie…

now we have to hang in yours…

Granny needs all the help

she can get….

to get us out safe and sound…


just one extra check on the door…

now’s your turn…

to get in there…

not in my box Stippie…

we can’t get in there together


this one is yours…

it has that smell in it…

to get us calm and relaxed…

it’s Cedarwood Oil…

it also helps against flying objects

like insects and fleas…

and it’s completely safe for us…

Granny put a drop or two on our blankie…

in our carriers…

to keep us relaxed and calm

when we go to our Vet

for our catstration…


she says we’re big boys now…

but we don’t feel like that…


we’re still babies…


in these pictures…

of three month ago anyway…

…one question…

would you like to send us some purrs

for tonight and tomorrow…

as these hungry boys

are not allowed to eat anymore

after 6 PM…


in return we make you

some artwork

and a puzzle…


an Extra Double Pawkiss

…that will do for now….

…I suppose🙊😸

🎨📸Have a wonderful Sunday my furriends📸🎨

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– D o u b l e  P A W K I S S E S –


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E N J O Y ! !


33 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cat9984
    Dec 09, 2022 @ 13:45:38

    Hope it went well. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty


  2. Natasha
    Dec 07, 2022 @ 08:23:54

    Dear Darling Gran,

    It’s so good to be here. It’s been a while and I have been hibernating.
    Winters are the best time to do so too. 🙂

    I marvel at how big the boys have grown.
    One of them is a spitting image of our dear Binky.

    Thank you for the reminder on Cedarwood Oil; it’s a personal favourite and I’ll replenish my stock too.
    And I will in all probability use a Lavender oil for Mishka who has been a bit restless off late. 🙂
    Your posties are always a joy to read.

    Big hugs and lots of love and good vibes for a smooth, easy procedure.

    God speed. 🙂 ❤ ❤


  3. Tails Around the Ranch
    Dec 06, 2022 @ 22:21:16

    Sending tender POTP all goes well with your procedures.


  4. The Oceanside Animals
    Dec 06, 2022 @ 16:36:25

    Chaplin: “Good luck with your big boy surgery!”
    Charlee: “We’ll be purring for your quick recovery!”


  5. WhskrDesign
    Dec 06, 2022 @ 01:52:17

    You two are the cutest little men i ever saw and you are obviously very VERY spoiled with lovely oil and carriers!


  6. Eastside Cats Blog
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 16:44:23

    Purring for these two adorable fellows.


  7. Eugenia
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 15:49:19

    Good luck boys and I know you will be okay! Sending purrs and prayers. 💞


  8. The Island Cats
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 14:56:47

    Purrs that all goes well with your surgeries. You are getting to be big boys.


  9. Correne
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 00:58:12

    You are both so cute. Good luck tomorrow.


  10. mochasmysteriesandmeows
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 00:37:24

    Sending lots of purrs to you both, cutie pies!


  11. 15andmeowing
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 00:31:20

    I will be praying all goes well for both of you. I love your art. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


  12. Brian
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 00:06:44

    We are all sending lots of purrs and prayers to you sweeties and we know all will be okay and you’ll be back home before you know it.


  13. catladymac
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 23:02:49

    We certainly send you boys all purrayers and Power of the Paw to get through your surgeries safely.


  14. utesmile
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 23:00:06

    The very best for you two tomorrow. You are big boys and it will be all ok. Sending extra Purrrrrs for you two. Much love 🙂


    Dec 04, 2022 @ 21:39:27

    Good luck tomorrow boys! You are so brave!


  16. Athena and Marie
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 21:21:07

    You are both so adorable. Sending purrs for tomorrow xx


  17. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 21:13:10

    Mee-yow youss are brave an strongg an this will bee a snip….a snap….it will bee OKAY! Trust yore Aunty!
    You mite bee sleepy tomorrow so just sleep an rest an beeleeve mee; youss’ will bee all bettur inn 2-3 dayss, like nothin happened!
    ‘angelss’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry an Aunty Binky will watch over youss’ Purromise!\Wee send POTP an purrayerss an ❤ ❤ an ***purrss*** an {{{huggiess}}}
    ***paw kissess*** Aunty BellaDharma an **air kissess** Aunty BellaSita Mum


  18. Genevieve Petrillo
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 19:38:57

    Good luck, frens. Mom and I send wishes for a quick, complete recovery and lots of treats for your courage!

    Love and licks,


  19. KDKH
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 19:28:33

    You won’t even miss the trouble nuggets, boys! Just stay calm, get through it, come home, and I’ll bet a celebratory meal will arrive. Er, probably the next day.


  20. tommyandteaghan
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 18:17:25

    Oh nose. Where will your food be hidden? Don’t worry it’ll go by so fast and you’ll be right back home takin a nap and back to yurselves in no time. Mom is sending quick and good healing to you.


  21. Caren
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 17:47:08

    I didn’t realize you are BOTH BOYS! I thought one of you was a girl!!! You will be fine but will send lots of purrs!!!! Tell Granny I have similar PTU’s……but she should get the ones that open from the TOP AND THE FRONT. That’s what I have and it’s much easier getting a kitty in. You don’t have to push the kitty in that way. Mine has a door like yours but it also opens from the top. (((hugs)))


  22. draliman
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 17:38:50

    Yikes, I hope you both heal up quickly 🙂


  23. Animalcouriers
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 17:11:07

    Oh guys, you are so BRAVE! Good luck and heal quick. xxx


  24. The J-Cats
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 17:01:58

    It comes to all of Us. Good luck for tomorrow, you two!


  25. meowmeowmans
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 16:36:13

    Gentle purrs and prayers that all goes well tomorrow, Peachy and Stippie. You’ll both do great, we are sure. XO


  26. songbird1329
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 16:32:54

    My Shadow just had her first visit with the v-e-t, just a checkup and shots, but she was so traumatized…I’m not looking forward to when I have to schedule her surgery.


  27. Gidget Blue Sky
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 16:31:14

    yoo r still babiez, yoo will alwayz bee babiez


  28. Erin, the Literary Cat.
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 16:10:34

    A delightful jigsaw this week! Hope all goesa well with the you know what, too!.


  29. Memories of Eric and Flynn
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 15:18:22

    Good luck for tomorrow, boys! Don’t worry, it is what happens to mancats in training.


  30. Sheila Morris
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 14:32:05

    You win best blog title, Granny! Catstration brilliant.
    Hope the boys do well…


  31. Anonymous
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 14:23:53

    Around here we see that a kitty is getting fixed. That’s why I Loulou hates the word fix when we use it and says could you please use another word thank you? Good luck to you two kitties tomorrow – I’m sure it’ll be fine and you’ll be fixed rightup ha ha! Seriously, bonne chance!


  32. onespoiledcat
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 14:01:08

    Be brave my little friends – you will be JUST FINE I promise. You two are (by the way) every bit as adorable as you were when you first came to live with Granny and Grandpa!!!! My Mom and I will send you prayers because we love you but we are sure you two will be flying around your house very soon after your visit to the vet!

    Love and Pawkisses, Teddy (and Mom)


  33. Carole Schulman
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 13:21:20

    Darlings…my Honey’s…be calm knowing you will take a nap and wake feeling a little strange but then, you will be just as always XXXX Purrs and prayers for you both.


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