What about those herbal drops?

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This morning Granny and I read the newspaper…well,

Granny was reading and I was looking pictures, sitting in the way and purring around, and it’s really cosy and comfortable.

It became even more cozier, when she was reading an article about a cat and almost laughed her head off

Sometimes I like a little fun, but Granny had to explain first what the story was about, before I had my laugh.

The concerning cat was brought in to the vet, because he was wobbling on his paws when he was walking around. In fact he had quite a disturbance of equilibrium. He fell of the couch, run into anything and had a hazy look in his eyes.

No, granny, I have not …

The vet controled the cat and wasn’t able to tell his mom where the disturbance of equilibrium was coming from. They took a bloodsample, controled his reflex actions, his breath was smelling awful… of alcohol! The cat was tipsy…

No, Granny, not me… that’s the sun shining in my face.

Granny, did his mom gave him alcohol, or does he likes whisky, just as Big Binky the boozer we still miss?

His mom gave him Bach’s Rescue Remedy,. It’s a natural remedy with flower essence mixed with alcohol. It’s a First Aid Remedy you can use against a lot of syndromes and the cat’s mom used it against stress and gave her cat this remedy also to get relaxed when he had trouble with his bladder.

Granny gives me always nature remedies, but I’ve never been drunk of it…. just look at this, perfect balance on one leg paw 😉

A lot of natural remedies are made on a base of alcohol, so that the product stays good for a long time. It isn’t harmful for people, but for animals you first have to evaporate the alcohol, before you give it to your pet.

First you have to boil some water (in a cooker) and pour it on a saucer or on a spoon and drip a few drops of the remedy into it and let it cool down and give it to your animal.

Granny has a very little bottle where she puts it in, she thinks that’s easier.

Of course you can buy the remedy based on water, they’re also for children, but they’re not so easy to find.

And this is Granny’s remarkable stunt… if she can’t put the remedy in my mouth, she lets the fluid run on my fur, so I can lick it of and she knows that I’ve taken my remedy, without getting drunk 🙂

Ok, Granny, that’s enough…

…I have to give myself now some pine tree essences… it’s good for my self esteem…laterrrr 😉

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