Thinking of you – Award

Wow, Granny, we’ve got a new award.. hurry up and look at it…

isn’t it a wonderful award?

It was given to us by Texas, a cat in New York, he was thinking of me  when he passed it through… ok, granny, he was thinking of you too 😉

Merci beaucoup, Texas,  for this magnifique award! We’re very pleased and feeling honoured and also a little touched by receiving this award.  We’re also very happy you found our blog, so we could find yours and  enjoying your stories ever since.

7 things that I love and that I think about daily:

1.  Sunbathe, I like to hang out in the sun.

Binky zonnebaden

2. I love my nest…

Binky in nest

3. I love washing myself lots of times of the day.

Binky washing

4. Bite my nails. In fact this is not a daily matter, but when I do it, I have to go on and on and….I just can’t stop.

Binky biting nails

5.  Lying on Grandpa’s my couch.

Binky's couch

6.  Just sitting and looking at the sky, thinking of lobsters, fishvingers, moths, crickets, spiders, butterflies and dragonflies.

Sitting looking

7.  Sleeping in my Grandparents bed.

Binky bed

Well, that must be 7.

Now I have to pass the Thinking of you Award to 7 others:


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The rules to accept the Thinking of You Award:

1. Thank and link back to the sender.
2. Tell seven things that you love and that you think about daily.
3. Pass the award to seven other blogs.

Isn’t that easy? That’s all folks 😉

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