Binky bewerktHiya (Furry)friends,

When Granny and Grandpa are away for a day

or longer…

they always bring me something

from another place,

town or land.


This time they brought me

a lot of photos from other animals…

…I don’t know how they could even think

that I was waiting for that…

and another little sculpture

that you can hang on the wall.


I have to admit that this cat is really nice made…

This cat has bue eyes,

that protect you from evil.

Turkish people call them Nazar Boncugu,

the blue eyed charm.

They put and hang this charm everywhere,

in front of the shops..

boze oog1

nearby a Furrball…

bewerkt boze oog1

and on the Furrbal’s neck…

sorry, but we don’t have proof on that..

in fact the eyes are everywhere..

binky berwerkt1

…and we have the Protective Powers

of the blue eyes everywhere

in our house now too…

No, it has nothing to do with Granny’s blue eyes…

nor with mine…

green eyes

but Granny likes all that kitsch stuff,

and it wasn’t the first time they have been in Turkey,

so we have already a little collection

of eyes.

We also have an amulet in the car,

hanging on the mirror,

and the window was almost broken of it,

because it dangled hard against it while driving …

..talking about powers 😉 …


Now I have to thank a few friends,

because I’ve got another gift.

My friend Texas nominated me for the

dragonsloyaltyaward1 (1)

and we want to thank him for this Special Award.

It really means a lot to us, so thank you so much my Friend.

We already have te Loyalty Award,

so if you want to see the post



A new friend of us, Ute Smile,

nominated us for two Awards


CLICK HERE for the corresponding post

and CLICK HERE for the



Thank you for spoiling me so much, Ute.

Very appreciated.

Hop over to Texas’ and Ute’s blog to get to know them,

they’re both very special to us.


I have to make another announcement.

Those who also know me on Facebook,

maybe have already noticed

that I’m not longer part of it.

Granny tried both, Twitter and Facebook,

for almost a year,

but she says it’s to much

on her head.

It makes her restless

and nervous…

so she decided

to quit Facebook…

Twitter already was out of sight…

and now Granny is back in her Zen

and I get more quality time.


Well, dear ones…

this was an extremely long post…again,

so it’s time to take a few hours off

and close my eyes.

P A W K I S S  🙂


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