Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge -55

I wait here untill they're out of here!

Hi (furry)furriends,

It’s very busy outside,

with lots of noise,

because the congregation decided

to renew the sewer-pipes in our neighbourhood…

I won't go outside...

so when I went outside…

…..to powder my nose…

Do you hear that noise?

I looked at Granny

who was standing right behind me…

…no…not to powder her nose 😀 …

but to pet me for a few…seconds..

but when the workmen and machines

overwelmed almost Granny’s voice

I turned around

Would you pet me please?

and ran got inside again to hide myself

and made myself comfortable

under the secretary.

I'm NOT scared ;)

Now I only have to wait untill….

they’re out of here…

before I can do my shopping today 😀

– P A W K I S S E S –


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Bacon’s Show and Tell – 3


Good Morning (furry)friends,

It’s Bacon’s Show and Tell 3 today yesterday

and like usually we couldn’t manage in time…

but here we finally are again…

…besides that..

it feels like yesterday… 😉

Granny is the Star in Bacon’s Show,

so I will tell you what she told me 🙂


Photo from 123rf.com. Thanks for sharing!

Bacon has asks us to mention a toy that you are really loved when you were a kid,

and that you absolutely could not live without …

the one that gave you hours and hours of entertainment…

Bacon's Show and tell3.fix

Her colour pencils were one of her favorite “toys”

she couldn’t live without.

Not only because she could eat the pencils…

((…..everything was still eatable in her younger days 😉 …

and she wasn’t only plastic addicted…..))

but also because she loved to draw.


I made you a drawing

of what she drew when she was 4 years old…

((have you seen me next to Granny the gnome 😉 )

and she didn’t had drawn only one of these gnomes-family,

no…. she drew it over and over again…

She told me her whole sketchbook was filled

with the same drawings…


Among us…

I’m not sure,

but it seems that there’s another addiction

in the picture…

…MOL 😀

– P A W K I S S E S –

Bacon's show and tell

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but also this “going back in time”

makes us happy.

Thanks Pal ❤

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 42

felinefix5Hi (Furry)friends,

Here we are for a new week of

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.

And for this week I like to introduce you

to my brothers and sisters,

who are living at my mum’s and two feet’s place

Thank Cat they do 😉


Here they are…

from left to right,

Pumba, Bobo, Sphinx and Feline…

the two feet is Granny…

she always brings them treats..


when she visits my siblings…


Here are the two little ones

in the garden…


They’re all very active too…


just like me….


Well, that’s it for today’s challenge.


You only saw the back side?

Okay, okay, here comes the front…






That’s it for today…

My belly is calling.

See you next week 🙂


– P A W K I S S E S –


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 36

michelle 36fix


A new week of Michelle’s Pet Challenge

has started again….

michelle 36.1fix

but I can’t right now…

michelle 36.3fix

I’m busy….

michelle 36.4fix

I have to watch

after the kitchen garden.

michelle 36.5fix

No, I can’t look into your direction…

michelle 36.6fix

There’s an invasion over here…

I don’t know where they came from…

maybe they came pouring down

with the rain..

I don’t know..

michelle 36.7fix

I know that they’re all on their way

to your kitchen garden…

michelle 36.8fix

because they’re hungry…

michelle 36.7

they’re all baby’s.. you know…

michelle 36.10fix

Tell my furriend Michelle

I’ll join in later.


It’s better to lie down now

and stop the invasion.

-P A W K I S S –


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 35

Hi (Furry)furriends,

It’s week 35 of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge already,

well, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun…

I want to show you this week

how to stay relaxed….

and balanced.

Don’t forget to biggify me if you want me almost

life-sized in your room 😉

michelle 38fix

Begin to sit and stare in front of you…

michelle 39.1fix

don’t fall asleep….

just sit and be aware of your sitting.

Do that for some time….

michelle 40fix

…then look to the left and stare into nothing…

no sleeping here either….

hold on for a few seconds….

michelle 41fix

then lift up your head into the sky…

pretend that you’re seeing a flying object….

hold that pose just a little bit longer

than the former poses…

michelle 42fix

then turn your head to the right…

stare with open eyes

at whatever your eyes see…

make it look interesting…

hold it for a little while…

michelle 44fix

then take time to reflect on what you’ve seen…

with your head still to the right…

and just BE… simple…

michelle 45fix

and when you’re ready…

get up…


and take a seat on another spot

and repeat the whole session

from a different view.

-P A W K I S S –


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