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– P A W K I S S E S –


The good old days and the new awards


Granny, who’s that little girl in the picture…

she’s cuddling me, see…


I can’t remember I let somebody pet me besides you and grandpa lately…

What you say?

It isn’t me?

Binky memories

..are you sure… of course it’s me…

She has the same pattern as I have…

Binky remembering



Granny, what.. really…

that girl is you… when you were a little girl…

and that cat was somebody else’s cat…*that sounds familiar…*

and would have been 44 by now…

44 what, granny…. lightyears…?

Binky herinneringen

Ah, human years… but granny, then she could be me,

after all I’m almost 10… that’s about 44 and a bit, isn’t it?


Woh.. and then 4 times more…

What’s the name of the cat? That’s a nice name…Mickey.

And she came back 3 conse-what, consecutive days

to get cuddles and milk

and then she went home and you haven’t seen her ever after?

Binky remembering

Granny, what’s it about you and female cats with male names..

we’re all ladies, isn’t that obvious?


I like this memorie-stuff… but now we have to do some currently things again. Wait a minute, I have to wash myself first.

Ok, I’m ready. We were nominated again for a few awards. I think we’re very lucky this year, with all the awards we already have gotten and every time when we get a new award, we’re really excited and happy and even if we already have the award, Granny gets a smile on her face and I’m rolling from one side to the other.. Granny calls me roll hering when I do that….


This Award is given to us by Princess Zena and she really makes us laugh by telling her stories and about her pal Raffles. Zena has a very expressive face, when you see her, you can’t refuse her anything. Thank you Princess, We love thee too 🙂

The rules for the Why I Love Thee Award are:

Thank the one who gave it to you, post the award, tell everyone why you love someone and then nominate a friend or friends and pass it on.

I love my Granny and Grandpa, because they feed me, cuddle me, pet me, nurture me, let me lie on Grandpa’s my couch, so that he has to sit somewere else, let me lie on Grandma’s my pillow, so that she has to lie down next to the pillow, because they let me in when I’m running inside out about… 44 times in the evening and because they never leave me alone. I love thee both very much, because you’re always there for me.

Binky herinnering

Next on the list are two awards from our friend Terry: the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you Terry for both the Awards. We already have the Inspiring Award, but now we’re beautiful also 🙂

Terry’s blog is wonderful, we love her poems, they’re very funny and realistic, but she does more. Check out her blog and let she surprise you.


For the rules and answers on this award, please click here

Binky herinnering

I’m almost done. Last but not least our friend Hope passed her Shine On Award to ME 😀

We already have this one, but we’re very happy with receiving this award again from a beautiful peace blogger. Thank you HopeTheHappyHugger for the


Award. We’re all shine on together now.. Awesome!

Now, dear friends, we will pass the Award(s) to you who doesn’t have one of  these yet and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

I have to go outside now to see if everything is clear, before I go to sleep. Nighty 🙂


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