Almost three weeks without you

My dearest Little Binky💗

Where do I start your post

when you’re not here with me…

my greatest muse

and biggest fantasy…

now leaving only memories…

since you were gone

it’s hard to move on…

never to see your lovely face again…

or to have you sitting next to me…

watching movies of a friend…

or just looking up to me

if that’s all

you wanted to see…

lying on Grandpaw’s lap…

or in between…

so close to me

never more will seen…

nor your walks

towards me…

when you hid yourself

for our twofeet family…

in your own house

right next to me…

you were so very smart…

after doing yoga with me

you read your own cards…

and your mousies

in and outside the housie…

had no chance

when you did your sword dance…

and when I’m in the garden now

you’re everywhere I see

but then I look at Angel’s Place

and know that it can’t be

cause you’re not longer here with me…

sometimes when I look at the door…

I wished you stepped right through it

like you always did before…

giving me some headbonks

on the kitchen floor

that I so adored…

before you ate your beefie

as your daily score…

now I only have last pictures

and your last food in store

and your memories to hold on

cause no one comes through that door


you left a big hole inside my heart

and sometimes it hurts so much

that I almost collaps…

it’s lonely

and empty in the house…

 and it took me some time

to take a seat

on the chair

knowing that you’re not there…

and when I see that empty basket

and how much you loved your weeds

my heart breaks in pieces… 

because there’s a second crob waiting

but there’s no one to eat…

even mousie misses you

he brought you Angel Wings’ flowers

and made a heart for you


💗I loved you too💗


It has been almost three weeks ago now

Thursday evening 21:44

when I wrapped you in your clouded blanket

and laid you next to me

on the bedroom floor…

together with your favourite mousie…

one last night close by your side

like it was yesterday once more…

Angel’s Place

has gained

a new Angel

and your family and friends

have all welcomed you home

so you weren’t so alone…

Thank you


making me


when I felt so sad for a while

because the future didn’t felt so bright

after losing your sight…

but you always showed me

that you handled it

with dignity…

Thank You

for bringing me happiness

and sunshine

when it rained inside

that old heart of mine…

Thank you for everything…

that you brought into our lives…

having you around

for so many years…

was not a fuss

but the best thing

that ever happend to us…

Thank You

for having enriched my live

in so many ways…

I hoped and I prayed so much

that you could stay…

but God wanted it the other way…

only your body could stay

and given back to Mother Earth…

but during the time we had you here

it was more than worth…

Thank You

when you sent me that Butterfly

who sat down on my left chest

and telling me that you’re doing fine

so that there’s no need anymore

to cry…

She came back the other day

and sat on my right shoulder

just to say

“she’s right here with you

it’s okay…”

and then she flew away

but came back again very soon 

to get down on my left shoulder

just for comfort

I assume…

Your Grandpaw gave me a heart

with you name in it

and I want to Thank Him for this

special gift

he said he can’t bring you back

but at least I have you near and dear

close to my heart around my neck😊

Thank You Ann and June of Zoolatry

Ingrid, Dalton and Benji of Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

and Janet and sweet KittiesBlue

for these beautiful badges

to remember you…

Thank you all

for reaching out to me by email

(e)cards, special letters

and prayers

your replies of comfort on our bloggie

and on Instagram

and your memorial posts to Little Binky

that I haven’t read properly yet

as I couldn’t see the letters

through the tears I(‘ve) shed…

I will leave the links here below

for everyone who hasn’t read them also…

✨Especially for you✨


In-memoriam-stanley-bazzie-and-binky/ (sorry can’t find the post)


Sunday-selfies-with-blogville-sadness (sorry can’t find the post)


…maybe there’s more

I just don’t know

because I haven’t been around yet

from door to door…

You were my sweetest hello

and my hardest goodbye…

We loved you so much

that I hardly can say

how much we miss you

every day…

I don’t want to stop

this longest post…

there’s still so much more to see

as we made so many memories

you, Grandpaw and me…

now take your rest

sweet Little Angel of mine…

one day we’ll be back together

it’s just a matter of time💗

✨💞Fly free beautiful Soul💞✨

Pawkisses from Heaven to all of you

my wonderful furriends


Where are you Thankful for today?

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