A take over Sunday Selfie

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I was just watching my favourite show…

when I heard something outside…

and when I looked outside

where that noise was coming from…

I saw this…

The Master Thief…

staring at me

as if he already had nipped it all…

the nerve...

I was flabbergasted…

but what do you do…

when you’re watching your favourite show…


you let him take your Selfie…

😻Have a wonderful Sunday my furriends😻

– P A W K I S S E S –


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E N J O Y ! !



Shine on and don’t disturb

CAM00903Hi everyone

I have to be very attentive for the intruders again

so I’m operating from my new spot

under the cupboard now.

From here I can keep an eye on the outside door.


Not necessary?

You don’t believe me?

Watch this….

Stranger en Tess

Here they are again.

Stranger in the front

and his brother Tess in the back.


They are everywhere I go..

as if I have honey on my butt…


Stranger knows I’m in,

he smells me food from far…


He even sleeps in the dustbin…

See that yellow box…

that’s pizza!

No, no, Granny..

don’t let them in…


To  late…


They only have a one way ticket…

 to MY FOOD…


They haven’t even seen me

nor Granny..

No hello,

no goodbye..

only food, food, food…



and claiming my Granny…

while she hasn’t even honey on her…

stranger and grandpa

and my Grandpa…


One of them is leaving the building…


Finally the coast is clear…

Now I have to check my food…


without any disturbance…


We haven’t been around lately,

it’s finally summer over here,

so we’re more outside,

doing outside things

and besides that

Granny is very tired in the evening,

so she’s not on the computer to say hello

to all of  my our friends.

She says she isn’t used to the sun anymore…

she didn’t even know that the sun still existed,

but  in spite of that

we’re enjoying every sunbeam very much.


There’s one more thing,

let me think….


Yes, I remember…

Our friend Terry nominated us a few weeks ago for the


Award and we love to receive this Award again

from such a dear friend.

Please feel free to Shine on with us,

if you don’t have this romantic award yet.

You can read the rules and our post HERE.

Thank you Terry, we haven’t forgotten you 😉


Granny, I’m going outside now,

I have to catch up some sleep,

without disturbances.


See you all soon (Furry)friends.


Awards, awards and a coffee break part 1

Binky yoga

Guess what I’m doing…

I’m practicing yoga…

Binky yoga1

I’m completely in my smiling Zen..

Binky yoga2

Have you ever seen this yoga pose?…

Binky yoga3


Binky yoga4

I call it “the sea horse”…

“the slanting elastic curved sea horse.”

I do this pose quite regularly lately, it’s one of my favorites…

and it’s something else

than “the downwards facing dog..”

I’m good in doing the cat too, you know,

much better than my Granny…


you see…

Ok, I’ll stand up now and will do some announcements.

Here we go…

Binky vertelt

A few friends have nominated me and my Granny again for some very beautiful awards. I’ll mention them in order of succession..

Princess Starlight Zena nominated us for The Liebster Award..

I know, I know, I have it already, but this one is different from the other Liebster, look at this one…nice huh?

liebster award

And these are the Liebster rules:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you > done!
2. Share five things about yourself > done
3. Answer five questions presented by Princess Zena.> done
4. Ask five new questions to your nominated bloggers > in progress> done
5. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog >always do.
6. Copy and paste the award on your blog>done.
7. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!> hoping!

1a.  Thank you Princess Zena for the nominee, so much appreciated and you’re so adorable.

2a.1. I’m very picky about my food and I can make a mess of it, when I don’t want to eat something. How I do it? I water my paw and let it sink in the food.

2a.2. I’m very selective in my friendships, I only want to be with my Granny and Grandpa, without any intruders.

2a.3. I’m a night reveller since the snow came into my life . I don’t like the whiteness all around and I don’t like the cold, so I have to go out late in the evening or to buy myself a pair of sunglasses and snowboots.

2a.4. I’m sleeping on my Granny’s pillow and on her head, than she gets awake more often at night, so that she can cuddle me.

2a.5. I’m the first one who’s waken up in the morning and than I begin to scratch the bed. Granny says I’m ruin her bed, but it’s not my fault that I can’t get my claws out of the fabric.

Ok, that was five. What’s next?

Answer 5 questions of the Royal Highness. Ok, let me think:


1. The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done was drinking outside of standing water that smelled like a slurry pit and there were little living creatures inside of it… so it wasn’t standing water after all, I guess…

2. I’m sometimes a little bitchy, but that runs in the family, so in answering to this question, I wouldn’t change anything about myself.

3. My perfect vacation would be at home with my Granny and Grandpa and my daily routine, but with lots of sun. I like sunbathing, you know.

4. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to say goodbye to Granny’s Angel and my best friend Big Binky.

5. If I could go back and change something of the past I would change my name…… in BinkyPuzz’n’boots.

Binky Liebster AwardNow up to the next point. I have to make 5 questions for my nominees…

1. When are you the most active and when are you the laziest most inactive?

2. What would you do, when you have to take care of your own dinner?

3. Do you believe in angels and furryland?

4. What would you do if you had wings?

5. How do you show your affection?


Phew… that wasn’t easy… but …..I did it.

And now my five nominees are:



Panorama of thoughts


All that JazzCat

This is the end of part one…

but the good news is…there’s a lot more to come 🙂

Join me next time on part two and remember furryfriends, you are free to accept the award or just be happy with the nomination.


See you next time. Pawkiss from me 🙂

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