Cat in Boxes Photo Competition

Hi (Furrie)friends,

My furriend Marc-Andrè of Katzenworld

has  a Photo competition running…

that you still can enter untill the 31. August…

and Granny and I thought

let’s give it a try,


because we don’t have FB

and don’t know how to do it

with Google+

(ours seems to be without a camera, M-A…

or it is so small that Granny’s eyes can’t see it 😉

we do it  my way this way.


the photo for the competition:

Me in the box…


Now we only have to wait until the 1st of September…

and I’m so excited….

that I crossed all my paws …

paws crossed

– P A W K I S S E S –

Don’t forget to enter if you also want to make a chance

at the competition.

Good luck to all 😀

To Granny: I hope you have done it right this time, Granny…

otherwise I have to get myself another secretary… 😀

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