Cat in Boxes Photo Competition

Hi (Furrie)friends,

My furriend Marc-Andrè of Katzenworld

has  a Photo competition running…

that you still can enter untill the 31. August…

and Granny and I thought

let’s give it a try,


because we don’t have FB

and don’t know how to do it

with Google+

(ours seems to be without a camera, M-A…

or it is so small that Granny’s eyes can’t see it 😉

we do it  my way this way.


the photo for the competition:

Me in the box…


Now we only have to wait until the 1st of September…

and I’m so excited….

that I crossed all my paws …

paws crossed

– P A W K I S S E S –

Don’t forget to enter if you also want to make a chance

at the competition.

Good luck to all 😀

To Granny: I hope you have done it right this time, Granny…

otherwise I have to get myself another secretary… 😀

We made it….


Hiya (Furry)friends…

This post will be very special…

to me…

and to Granny


This will be a milestone in our blog career …

not only that I’m sitting in a box….

– I don’t do boxes, you know,

but sometimes I forget… like now…-

But this is our 100 post…

and thanks to all of you,

we past last week our 1000 likes


and 1670 comments…


Sushicat Little Binky is ready for…





Now we have to go over

to some serious work….

to part two of our Coot-story.

If you missed part one click here.

andere meerkoet

These are not our the coots we’ve followed,

but this mom with her two youngsters

were cute enough

to take a picture.

They ran very fast…

andere meerkoet1

except for daddy coot…

andere meerkoet2

He was standing on the street for a long time,

and walked in a moderate tempo

after his family…

I think he’ll never catch up..tardy snail!


And here we are again…

when you look very close

you see mom and dad coot

swimming through Granny.

Granny, I need a paw-lens,

because I don’t see anything.


Granny spotted the baby’s in their nest…

I guess only she did…


so mom and dad had a private meeting… I think…


Still not seeing anything…

In the meantime the little ones

came out of their nest…


Yes, yes, I see them, finally 🙂

In the front is daddy coot,

and that fluffy one above…

isn’t so succulent anymore

is big-baby coot.


Here you only can see daddy coot…


and here are mom and the other big-baby..


As you can see

they have a great hiding place..


When you look good

you see mom and dad in the front,

and the fluffy dots behind them..


Of course Granny gave them some crumbs,

so now the fluffy dots know how to eat crumbs too..

Here they say goodbye to Granny.


I asked Granny

if somebody has stolen took the other two eggs,

they had four remember…

she said that they probably were eaten

by a heron…



I’m not allowed near to them,

for whatever reason and

that Heron

takes what could be mine 😦


Granny and I are happy that the other two fluffies


and that the family is still together.

Every time when she cycles along them,

and sees them all together,

she gets a huge smile on her face…

the same smile when she sees me 🙂


Before I take a nap

I want to say thank you all for your support.

It’s nice to know

that there are furriends

who like me our stories,

that gives us a boost

to go on blogging…


…as they say: “You never walk alone..” 😉


Now I’ll leave Granny on the computer

to answer almost 300 WP-mails..

…and it goes like this

 -answer one mail

and two new mails come in..there’s no end…

I’m running out of Pawkisses this way…-)

I’ve no time for stress

I have to do my beauty sleep now.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Here are some weekend-pawkisses to all of you 🙂

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