Singing out loud

Hi (Furry)furriends💗


wanna sing a song with me…

maybe my furriends want to join too

so we can make a whole choir…

I wonder if they can surpass

my great and

loudest voice

of the entire Universe…


are you all in?

let me play some mewsic

while I’m waiting for you…

it’s free picks this week

so we keep it slow and simple…

Soldier of Fortune – Deep Purple (1974)

Everyday Life – Coldplay (2019)

You only live once – The Strokes (2005)

It’s my life – Talk Talk (1984)

Life’s for the Living – Passenger (2012)

Who wants to live furrever – Queen (1986)

♪♫♪Happy Tuesday my furriends♪♫♪

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –

♪♫♪♫Start your day with a little mewsic on the way♪♫♪♪♫

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E N J O Y ! !


Smiling Sunday Selfie

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I only have to reach out…

and touch…

wait a few seconds…

maybe sing a little note

and stretch my paws to click for my



and continue my sleep…

💤Have an easy Sunday my furriends💤

– P A W K I S S E S –


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of my furriends

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and feel famous…

if only for one day😜

E N J O Y ! !

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