Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 36

michelle 36fix


A new week of Michelle’s Pet Challenge

has started again….

michelle 36.1fix

but I can’t right now…

michelle 36.3fix

I’m busy….

michelle 36.4fix

I have to watch

after the kitchen garden.

michelle 36.5fix

No, I can’t look into your direction…

michelle 36.6fix

There’s an invasion over here…

I don’t know where they came from…

maybe they came pouring down

with the rain..

I don’t know..

michelle 36.7fix

I know that they’re all on their way

to your kitchen garden…

michelle 36.8fix

because they’re hungry…

michelle 36.7

they’re all baby’s.. you know…

michelle 36.10fix

Tell my furriend Michelle

I’ll join in later.


It’s better to lie down now

and stop the invasion.

-P A W K I S S –


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