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Hi (Furry)furriends💗

Put your paws together

butt up…

and relax in the pose…

✨🎨🐾Have a wonderful Caturday🐾🎨✨

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– P A W K I S S E S –


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E N J O Y ! !

I need some Inner Peace

Inner peaceHi (Furry)Friends,

I’m a little purred up…

Granny took a ride on her bike,

without asking me to come.

furred up

She took her camera,

her waterbottle,

mumbled something about coots and baby’s

and while I was preparing myself for this trip…

Inner Peace

I’ve heard her say:

“I’ll be back in a minute..

Don’t take to much sun…

When it’s to hot,

lay yourself down

on Angel’s place,

Angel's Place

where it’s cooler…”

and before I could answer anything,

she was gone…

Inner Peace

Leaving me all by myself…

Inner Peace

so I seeped and went inside,

sat myself down at the computer..

and while I was checking my mail

I was attracted by two mails…

one was from my our friend terry

and the other was from my our friend Hope

and they both sent me us



I was astonished,

how could they know what I needed right now….

Granny always says

that there’s more between

heaven and earth

and that we’re all connected…

and that we don’t need words…

I guess staring will be enough..

So if Granny doesn’t bring me to the coots

or other little succulent feathered friends…

I’m sure my friends will do.


Thank you Terry and Hope

for caring about giving me so much Inner Peace today.

Now I like to give all my (furry)friends

this Peaceful feeling.

So fly with the dove

and share this peaceful award

with your friends…

paste it on your page

and feel ZEN

every time you look at it.

Inner Peace

And furries…

no sharpen teeth talking to the dove,


Inner peace

Now I’m going to wait for Granny,

hope she took some baby coots nice pictures.

Have a lovely weekend

and a wonderful Father’s day.


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