At least I saw a birdie

Hi (Furry)furriends💗


can you open the door for me

I have to go out in the cold

to inspire myself for this week’s mewsic Theme


and effurrything that goes with it

in effurry way…

A Hazy shade of winter – Somon and Garfunkel 1968

Aargh…it’s cold as ice…

Cold as Ice – Foreigner (1977)

it’s furreezing…

all over…

I wonder when the snow is arriving…

Snow (Hey oh) – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (2006)

no, Granny…

just checkin’ if the Angel is thursty…

yes, she is…

on this Winter’s Day…

California Dreamin’ – Mamaa & Papas (1966)

it’s no fun walking around without moon boots…

and this mess in the garden…

Moon Boots – The Script (2012)

at least I can sharpen my paws

before Grandpaw gives me another pawdicure…

now who’s that…

Snowbird – Anne Murray (1969)

or was it another birdie…

Bird of Paradise – Snowy White (1983)

I don’t know…

I only know it was as white as snow…

White as snow – U2 (2009)

🎼⛄❄Have a Wonderful Monday my furriends❄⛄🎼

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

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A Kind of Magical Wordless Wednesday

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤






– P A W K I S S E S –


Granny’s new friends

Binky keukenGranny, what are you doing with all the bread?


Oh, you’re gonna feed the geese and duckies …and chicken..

oh, no chicks..

waterhens and coots..

Binky keuken

Granny, yesterday there were two waterhens on the shed, they were hungry too, but when I wanted to give them food, they flew away.


No, granny, I don’t tell fibs..

Why I’m licking my mouth?

Binky aanrecht

No, not because I’m thinking of the waterhens, but…

Binky keuken

because I finished eating the crumbs you left me, that’s all.

Binky aanrecht

Ok, I get off the sink.

Binky keuken

What, can’t I come to feed the duckies and geese? Why not?…

Of cause they’ll come even if I’m around, they won’t bite me…

Binky keuken

are you sure they’re bigger then’s to cold for me outside..

well, in that case, I’ll wait for you at home and tell my (furry)friends about our new feathered friends.

This is the place my granny goes almost daily lately to bring our feathered friends something to eat.

They’re starving since winter  did appear.

When they see her coming in the far distance, they begin to  croak and run towards her…(this picture was made while biking, so it’s not very sharp)

eenden en ganzen

they already know it’s granny…

eenden en gans

and they’re sitting on her feet, between her legs and she’s talking with them…


she has to, because otherwise they jump on each other to get some food…


but she tells them that she has enough for all of them…

eenden en ganzen

and they seem to understand,

eenden en ganzen

because they’re waiting patiently…

eenden en ganzen

and when they’re not, she tells them to take it easy and guess what… they’re all standing still. Amazing, isn’t it 🙂

gans en eenden

And this one is a special one. He’s following granny the whole time, untill she leaves and is trying to get her attention and when he doesn’t get it, he is picking on her. She thinks he’s a beauty with expressive blue eyes….


I think he’s the golden goose, I mean, the goose with the golden eggs..

Granny, maybe he is a she…

No, I’m not jealous… not at all…

ganzen en eenden

When the food is finish, granny tells the feathered friends that she’ll be back and tells them that they have to go inside of the water now, because otherwise they’ll be freezing…

and then they go, running or flying into the water and she wents home…


where I am waiting for her under the table almost frozen to death

Oh, not outside.. I mean..

Binky slapen

…inside on the window-still and acting as I was asleep all the time…


Well, I’m a little sleepy still now, but I  just want to say one thing more.

If it’s freezing outside, our feathered friends don’t have anything to eat. Besides they’re feeling cold, they’re starving. It’s necessary to feed them supplementary. They’ll be thankful at you and you make new friends and in time I take the eggs 😉

Help is needed.. don’t stay inside… like me...

Binky schoot

Granny, I need some cuddling now…purrrrrrr…

and purrr to grandpa for making the photo’s 🙂

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