Bacon’s Show and tell


Good Morning (Furry)furriends,

It’s another episode

of my furriend

Bacon's show and tell

and I was trying…


to find myself…



for the occasion…


but couldn’t find

anything that I didn’t like…



and I asked Granny

if she had a story to tell…

And this is what she told me…

thans to Volha Kavalenkava

When she was a teenager

back in 1972…

Volha Kavalenkava Thanks!

the mini skirts

had to make place…

kokerrok midi

for tube skirts..

because that was hot…

…at once…

and everybody

was wearing

plateau soles

like this…


So Granny asked her mom

for such kind of shoes too….

so she could wear them

with her new tube skirt…



you better close your eyes now….

vintage schoenen1

’cause this is what she has gotten…

colourful blue-yellow

low heels with plateau soles…

absolutely the most ugliest shoes

she has ever had in her entire life…

Can you imagine

how they looked like

with the tube skirt…


Better not imagine that…MOL 😀

She absolutely hated them,

but she had to wear them,

because she was still in highschool

and didn’t had her own earnings yet,

but when she had her own


she bought herself

the black shoes

and threw

the blue-suede-shoes


Have a great weekend my furriends ❤

– P A W K I S S E S –

We’re trying to be around as much as we can,

but Granny has a terrible migrane

since a couple of days,

so we do visit only occasional

at the moment.

❤ ❤ ❤

Bacon’s Show and Tell – 3


Good Morning (furry)friends,

It’s Bacon’s Show and Tell 3 today yesterday

and like usually we couldn’t manage in time…

but here we finally are again…

…besides that..

it feels like yesterday… 😉

Granny is the Star in Bacon’s Show,

so I will tell you what she told me 🙂


Photo from Thanks for sharing!

Bacon has asks us to mention a toy that you are really loved when you were a kid,

and that you absolutely could not live without …

the one that gave you hours and hours of entertainment…

Bacon's Show and tell3.fix

Her colour pencils were one of her favorite “toys”

she couldn’t live without.

Not only because she could eat the pencils…

((…..everything was still eatable in her younger days 😉 …

and she wasn’t only plastic addicted…..))

but also because she loved to draw.


I made you a drawing

of what she drew when she was 4 years old…

((have you seen me next to Granny the gnome 😉 )

and she didn’t had drawn only one of these gnomes-family,

no…. she drew it over and over again…

She told me her whole sketchbook was filled

with the same drawings…


Among us…

I’m not sure,

but it seems that there’s another addiction

in the picture…

…MOL 😀

– P A W K I S S E S –

Bacon's show and tell

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just click on the badge.

Not only Bacon is one of our favorites,

but also this “going back in time”

makes us happy.

Thanks Pal ❤

Bacon’s Show and Tell


Hi (furry)friends,

Because Granny didn’t schedule

this post,

we almost forgot

Bacon’s Show and Tell

with this month’s theme:

What you always wanted

when you were a child…

but never got.


Well, Granny, this one is on you..

I’m to busy looking

for the only living toy

I ever wanted anyway…


When Granny was four years old,

she had to go to the hospital

for an operation

and when she came out of the hospital…

after ages a week or so…

she was allowed to pick out

a nice toy in the toy store…

And she did…


She was crazy about

this yellow halyard…

but there was only one problem…

she was allowed to pick out something…

but that didn’t meant that she’ll get it…



Instead of it she got something like this,

but in a white colour…

Granny is still in shock remembers

this day like it was yesterday.

She never was told

why she didn’t get the halyard,

but she felt sad

for a very long time.


Better I give her a headbutt now….

and a purr…

– P A W K I S S E S –

for a

Wonderful Weekend

Have fun 🙂

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