Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends,


Today I wasn’t so sure…

what I was thankful for…


but then I thought…

you don’t always

need a story…


to be thankful for…

there are lot of

other things…

to be thankul for…


…it’s so simple…

…our daily needs…


…my make-it-your-own-scatcher…



…and pawcleaners…


…my mousie…



thankfulthursday22-9-2016 blackbird


two crows




…and cinema’s…

thankfulthursday22-9-2016 moth

…night messengers…




…and even yellow hats…

…when you was inspired…

…just before…


…and once you start…

…being thankful for everything…

…you hardly can’t stop…



…but we have to

leave some pictures

for the next week…

…so for now…

I thank you all

for being here today…

and always ❤

thankfulthursday22-9-2016me and my Granny

– P A W K I S S E S –


A Surprise for Granny

Birthday Granny

Hi (Furry)furriends,

Grandpa and I have bought

a present for Granny,

because it’s her birthday.

I wanted to give her

a Surprise Pawty,

but she has been to the dentist today,

and had a few extractions

and some pain,

so she is lying in her bed

counting teeth sheep 🙂

Birthday Granny1

I put it right here,

so when she opens the door

for my food tomorrow morning

she finds it immediately…

I hope she likes it…

No, I can’t tell you yet what it is..

Promiss to tell you later… 🙂

Grandpa the card please…

Binky birthday granny1

– E X T R A  P A W K I S S E S –

❤ ❤ ❤

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Solve a puzzle


I’m fired……

released from the nursery job.

Granny is feeling better day by day, still coughing a lot and feeling tired,

but she’s able to give me food, milk and cuddles again,

so my nursering days are over task is finished.

Now she’s starting again with taking pictures….

of me…

and this time we scored a direct hit with the upcoming photo…


…well, have I said to much?

I’m the furry one on the left,

but I have no idea where the two others came from.

Maybe you can help me solve this puzzle?


In the meantime

I’m gonna take some fresh air …

Just call me if you solved the puzzle, okay?

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

Come on, let’s play tag…

Binky en muis

Have you ever been Tagged?

I was tagged here, with my mouse. I don’t like to play with fabric mice… it’s boring.

CAM00397’s not moving.. and it doesn’t smell like… mice.


Try something else, Granny, this is no fun.


Ok, granny, nice try…


oh, that smells like… yes…yes..yes…



come on, granny, give it to me…


Thank you, granny, that was yummy…

Now I tell you by whom I was tagged.

Carolyn of ABC of spirit talk tagged us a few weeks ago. Carolyn has a great blog with all kinds of animals and they all have something to say… just like me…well, in a way..

Please hop over to her blog and look for yourself and don’t forget to say hi to Sweetie, because she’s one of the cutiest dogs I’ve ever seen 🙂

The rules:

1. Post these rules > all set.

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you > looking for it > done!

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.> done!

4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.>all set!

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.> will do!

Tagged1. My name is Sleeping Beauty Little Binky. I can sleep for hours and hours…

2. I’m very picky about my food. Granny calls me Little Picky Binky, but since I got tuna new food, I’m not so picky anymore, I eat everything what she gives me now 😉

3. I like silence, just like my granny.

4. When granny is meditating, I sit on her lab and when she’s practicing Yoga, I stand in the way I’m doing some yoga-poses with her.

5. I like to watch birds… and chase them… and chase them away…and ea..ok, granny, I stop!

6. In the morning I go to check the neighborhood and do my needs and then I have to go to bed to do my beauty sleep because who likes to be outside when it’s freezing… again…

7. In the evening I get very active. I go in- and outside for serveral times, just to keep my granny and grandpa busy…

8. I’m always in a good mood, especially in the early morning, when I go inside the bedroom singing and hoping my folks come and join me in the middle of the night.

9. I can be very bitchy, just at once. Or when I can’t get outside, because it’s snowing or hailing. The first one who’s passing me get’s a slap. I have to let off steam, you know.

10. I like to sit and stare in front of myself. It’s cat’s meditation…. or ignoring…

11. Sometimes I sleep between my grandparents; it’s warmer and I have more space, than when I sleep next to my granny.

TaggedThat was eleven… let me think what I have to do now..

Oh, yes, I remember..

Now I have to answer Carolyn’s questions:

1. If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit would you rather be..? A coconut, because I like the name and the clapper .

2. Who is your favourite singer? Thomas O’Malley Cat.

3. Snow or Beach? Beach.

4. Did you have a favourite toy when growing up? Did it have a name? Did you take it with you everywhere you went? No, I haven’t, but granny did. She had a little pig puppet, his name was Crops and he had to go everywhere she went. She was sleeping with him, untill she was 14 or 15 years. She still has that guy and I wanted to show him to you, but he isn’t decent at the moment.. he lost his smellow yellow flannel, so he’s a kind of nacked…

5. What are your favourite things to do on weekends? Sleeping and looking at the birds in the garden and running after granny.

6. Did you have a hobby when you were a kid? Yes, chasing grasshoppers. My mom has a Barthagame that eats grasshoppers and sometimes they fell out of the box… and I became active….in fact the only time I become active.

7. Are you a sporty type, or more the studious type?  Maybe you are both…! Granny is both, but I’m the sleepiest type.

8. If you were in a raft in the middle of the ocean, who would you like for company? My Granny and grandpa.

9. Do you keep your birthday cards? Granny has a box where she keeps all my our cards.

10. Is life what you expected as a child? No, it became much better.

11. Do you have a pet?  Besides the fabric mouse, some little sculptures and the birds outside, I only have myself as a pet and believe me, I have my hands full of that…


And now I have to make a few questions for my nominees, but first the nominees:


Red Man


Panorama of thoughts






Princess Zena


My 11 questions for my nominees:

1. What do you prefer, water or milk?

2. Do you like rain or snow?

3. Do you believe in Furry-land?

4. Do you believe in Angels?

5. What do you do if you find a lot of money?

6. When are you the most active and when you are the most laziest inactive?

7. What do you do if you had to take care of your own dinner?

8. Where would you fly to if you had wings?

9. How do you show your affection?

10. What color is your favorite?

11. What smell is your favorite?

TaggedThis is it! I’m exhausted.

Before we close I have to thank a few blogger friends for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I already have this Award, but if you like to read my answers, you can find them here. Thank you Creative Guru Raimy and Terry1954 for this Inspiring Award.


The three moggies nominated us for the Liebster Award. Thank you Mollies. I have this award already, but I like to answer your questions anyway.


1 – Out of the three Moggies which is your favourite? I have no favourite, they’re all very cute, lovely and special in their own way.

2 – What is your favourite treat? Dead or alive….

3 – If you was not the animal you are now what would you have liked to have been? A panther.

4 – Prefer cats or dogs? ….cats AND dogs…

5 – Who is your super hero? Granny and Puss in boots.

6 – Do you get the opportunity to sleep with humans? No, they’ve got the opportunity to sleep with me… 😀

7 – How old are you? Almost 10 years.

8 – What is an average day for you? Wake up early in the morning, go outside, eat and sleep and sleep and sleep untill late in the afternoon. Then I’ll go outside again and come inside to eat, drink and sleep and sleep and sleep and then I go for a walk and come inside and sleep, sleep, sleep. I break my routines in summertime, then I sleep outside in my nest in the sun.

9 – Are you a clean animal? Yes, I wash myself after my tuna.

10 – What are you having for dinner tonight? Tuna.


That’s all folks! Thank you all again for thinking of me. We’re really appreciate it, but now it’s time to sleep.

Good night, folks!


Have a purrfect Valentine

I have to hurry, ’cause Valentinesday is on its way, but I can’t find the card.

Granny do you know where my card is? Please help me to find it in time… please granny, my friends are waiting…

It´s not to late… it´s only an hour before midnight…

and it´s never to late to show your love, you said so yourself.

Here´s the card..

O, it isn´t mine, but grandpa’s!

Please, granny, can I borrow the card for a minute…

No, I won´t do anything with it… I´ll be very carefull…

Thanks, Granny…

Ok, here we go…


…and paste…

Binky vertelt

and paste..




Yes, I fixed it…

and you hardly can’t see it.

Have a Purrfect Valentine everyone 🙂

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