My Mother’s Day Selfie and Pet Share


Good Morning (Furry)furriends,

Do you know the proverb

“If the cat is outside,

the mice dance on the table…”

Well, of course you do…

now look at this…


this is what happens

when I leave my place for a minute…


The bird ruins my whole outside blankie…


and Granny makes pictures of it…sigh…


Here’s the prove…

the Great titmouse has stolen picked up

all the wool out of my blankie..

and now there’s a hole in it…


but when I come back

there’s no titmouse in the house




Granny told me

that the Great Titmice

are just preparing their nests

for the upcoming eggs…

and that it is Mother’s Nature

to pick up everything that they can use

to make the nest as comfortable

as it can be for the newborns…

Just like (Grand)Mother’s do…

moederdag that case

I will turn a blind eye…

*mumbles* I wonder

why they don’t lay their eggs

ON my blankie..

I could visit them from time to time….  😉

Binky moederdag

To all the (Furry(Grand)Mother’s in the World…

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day ❤

And a special thanks to my furriends

Dezi and Lexi and Mom

who send us such a lovely card

a Spa to relax 🙂

Me and my Granny

– E X T R A  P A W K I S S E S –


❤ ❤ ❤


We made this special post

a part of the Weekly Pet Share

and the Sunday’s Selfies Blog Hop,

because both of the events

are as special for us too ❤

Please check out both of the events

and join us for more

F U N 🙂



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