My Mother’s Day Selfie and Pet Share


Good Morning (Furry)furriends,

Do you know the proverb

“If the cat is outside,

the mice dance on the table…”

Well, of course you do…

now look at this…


this is what happens

when I leave my place for a minute…


The bird ruins my whole outside blankie…


and Granny makes pictures of it…sigh…


Here’s the prove…

the Great titmouse has stolen picked up

all the wool out of my blankie..

and now there’s a hole in it…


but when I come back

there’s no titmouse in the house




Granny told me

that the Great Titmice

are just preparing their nests

for the upcoming eggs…

and that it is Mother’s Nature

to pick up everything that they can use

to make the nest as comfortable

as it can be for the newborns…

Just like (Grand)Mother’s do…

moederdag that case

I will turn a blind eye…

*mumbles* I wonder

why they don’t lay their eggs

ON my blankie..

I could visit them from time to time….  😉

Binky moederdag

To all the (Furry(Grand)Mother’s in the World…

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day ❤

And a special thanks to my furriends

Dezi and Lexi and Mom

who send us such a lovely card

a Spa to relax 🙂

Me and my Granny

– E X T R A  P A W K I S S E S –


❤ ❤ ❤


We made this special post

a part of the Weekly Pet Share

and the Sunday’s Selfies Blog Hop,

because both of the events

are as special for us too ❤

Please check out both of the events

and join us for more

F U N 🙂



Crawling little workers

sunpost.fixHi (furry)friends,

This week has been a very busy week

for us.

First we had unwanted introders

around the house


in the house…

in MY FOOD actually…only!

They’re little hard workers

and they were able to fly…

It was terrible,

but Granny asked them to leave

and stay out of the house…

and guess what,

they left….


well…just for a few days,

then they came back…

so Granny gave them coffee at first,

but they kind of liked it,

because they kept on working


*that must have been the caffeine, Granny*

A few days later she

put a lot of garlic in the holes

and all around the outside of the house…

*….imagine how that smells,

there won’t be coming any vamps

nearby our house anymore,

I guess no-one ever will be…..

believe me…*

Then the ants finally

moved on doing their stuff

and stayed out of the house.

So I guess that witchcraft

stinky garlic helped after all.


It’s to hot here now,

so it’s better to stay in my nest …

and tell you what’s happened next.


No, I better come down

to show you…

antfix1while I tell you…

antsfix2We also have

antfix4another population


in our garden…


and they live…


right here…


and under the boards…


I just can’t find them…


Oh, no,

they’ve hide inside the bucket…

antfix12Here they are..

just three of them…

but there are about 7 more..

antfix11well, they make you smile, don’t they?

But Granny asked Grandpa

to bring them to the ditch

nearby our house..

and Grandpa did,

but Granny told him that they’d be back,

because they were born here…

and the next day…


tadaaaa…the proof..

Granny said to Grandpa

that they’re allowed to stay…

they always will come back anyway,

and so we have

a nest of frogs in our garden too.

I think that’s cute,

they don’t harm you,

and you never know,

what Prince shows up.

I still have to convince Granny of it…


Oh, and last but not least…

look who’s back…


My hedgehog furriend


Doesn’t she look gorgeous 🙂


That’s it for now, my furriends,

It’s hot, but muggy weather,

with lots of clouds…

so tomorrow it will be

raining again.

Wishing you all



and see you soon 😉


– P A W K I S S E S –


Thanks to 123rf  for the photo of the ants.

Out of camouflage

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie svp)

What the heck…

Grandpa look at that tree, there’s something terrible wrong with that tree ..

it has red leaves…

just like my nest..

..and it doesn’t fit me anymore …

..while the green nest was fitting… the red nest shrinking… so, that tree and my nest must be sick, don’t you think so, grandpa?

Not sick?

It’s autumn.. o, my, that’s not save for me, everybody can see me now and it’ll be worse? The leaves will finally fall down and there’ll be no nest during two seasons.. two seasons no camouflage for me…

well, what about this…

..or this…

…I don’t see a cat … empty couch…

…a street lamp…

.. and a few stupid sculptures…

Outside during Autumn can be nice for others…

..but for me it is safer inside 😉

Nest in verval

(please click here for the English translation)

Krijg nou wat…

Opa, kijk nou, er is iets heel erg mis met die boom ..

die boom heeft rode bladeren…

net als mijn nest..

..en ik pas er ook niet meer in …

..hier nog wel…

..maar hier niet… Zie je, mijn nest is gekrompen, dus de boom en mijn nest zijn ziek!

Wat? Ze zijn niet ziek, maar omdat het herfst is gaan de bladeren verkleuren en vallen ze uiteindelijk uit, waardoor iedereen mij kan zien…

da’s niet veilig, opa. Hoe moet ik me dan camoufleren?

Ik zou dit kunnen proberen…

..of dit…

..ik zie geen kat, jij?…

..een lege bank…

…een lantaarnpaal…

 en een paar stomme beeldjes…

Herfst kan leuk zijn…

..maar binnen is het veiliger 🙂

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