Feline Furriday

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

I’m not bored…

I’m waiting for news…

of two furriends

who are missing since this week…

first there was


the brother of Sylvester…

and now there is


the brother of my marvellous furriend Marvellous…

Please everyone in that area of Canada

look out for them…

🙏and let the Angels watch over them

protect them

and lead them home safe and sound👼🙏💗

👼Have a Faithful Furriday my furriends👼

🙏Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏

– C L E A N  P A W K I S S E S –


Give the weekend

a good start

with the



E N J O Y ! !


Pondering Thankful Thursday

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

I’m in the hallway…


to hear something from Bobo…

my brother who lives with my mother…

and pondering…

where he could be…

Maybe he is on the way to our house

just to see me…

then I’m right here for him

to open the door

and let him in…

Maybe he was called home

and followed the light…

or maybe my Angel sister Feline

took him by his paws

and led him to the Rainbowbridge…

she and Bobo were together a lot….

and maybe they are again…

after three years…

I don’t know what has happened…

where he is…

and if he is still with us in his earthly body…

but I know

that we must never lose


until we know the whole story…

– P A W K I S S E S –

Searching for Bobo…Please Help!

Hi (Furry)furriends ❤

Please Help us to find Bobo…

my brother who lives with my mother…

he is missing since Furriday-evening…

he wasn’t allowed to go out anymore

after his last adventure

because he has seizures, kidney disease and arthrosis…

and my mom told me that he slept a lot lately

so deep that he peed in bed a few days ago…

Poor little Bro bo…

we try to stay positive

but this time the signs feel different…

and we are very very worried…

So Please my lovely furriends…

Could you say Purrayers for him

and ask him that he comes home soon…

we’re really worried…

❤ Thank you ❤

– P A W K I S S E S –



In Loving Memory of my Furryfriend Stranger

Binky bewerken1fix

Hi (Furry)friends,

It’s been ten days ago now

since the Angels came

to bring my furryfriend Stranger

home to Furryland.

Granny is still grieving,

but she wants to help me anyway

with this special post

in loving memory of  my Pal Stranger.


This is how we met Stranger

6 years ago.


He was sitting on the table

in the garden

and ate the bread of the birds.


Every morning

when we woke up

he already was sitting on the table

waiting for crumbs…


and Granny called him Breadcat ever since.


Granny thought he was a straycat,

but after a while

Grandpa found out that he was one of the cats

of the new neighbours.


Sometimes he was together with his brother…


and then they waited together

until Granny

opened the door for them…

Stranger was always the first

who stormed inside the house..

and when he was eating

it seemed like he never ate before,

because he was gobbled up everything that looked like food….

MY food of course!

Stranger de heldfix

But most of the time

Stranger came alone..

Rain or shine,

snowing or freezing….

for  6 years he visited us daily,

and when he didn’t come one day,

Granny was worried

that something did happened to him…

after all…

he was a cat at the age.


We also had our daily private meetings

in the garden

with Big Binky still around in the middle,

me on the right side

and Stranger on the left.


When it was raining

he waited in the children’s house…


and when Granny opened the door…

this is what happened…

he gallopped into the house…

and you could hear

the soundtrack of Bonanza.


He loved to be with us..


investigated every spot in our house…


played with my toys…


and sat with Grandpa on the couch…


made himself comfortable…


on the stove..

even if he wasn’t allowed to be on it…

and he never listened to Granny anyway…


He slept on the footstool…


helped Granny not….

to fall down of the stairs…

Stranger zonnebaden in oktoberfix

took sunpuddles with us…


he was always with us….

he only slept at home…


Or sometimes he pretended he was homeless,

and slept in the garden dustbin.

We have wonderful memories of him..


We saw that he was getting demented last year…

and he didn’t hear much anymore…


he just sat on the chair,

or outside on the table,

on the wall or ground…


and stare in front of himself…

stranger schootfix

or sat for hours on Granny’s lap..

just like a baby….


On the 18th of December last year

Stranger decided

not to run away to die,

like some cats do when they know

it’s time to go to Furryland,

but he wanted to stay with us


He still wanted to eat and drink…

but slept almost the whole time….


His brother came twice to visit him…

and then he gave him a kiss…

we knew he was saying goodbye to him.


Wait a minute…

We need a tissue now…..

I think I make that a box…


The morning of the 27th of december

Granny found him on the kitchen floor

and she knew that this was his last day with us.


She stroked him

and talked to him,

and he went to the corridor

and jumped on the cupboard to sleep.

Meanwhile Granny put an Angel

of Rose quartz next to him


and said to Stranger

that this Angel will guide him



Then Granny got inside the kitchen again

and heard something in the corridor.

She turned around and didn’t saw Stranger

nor the Angel.

Then she saw Stranger on the chair

in the corridor.

She cuddled him

and found the Angel lying on the cupboard

on another place…


She went back and brought the Angel

to the chair,

but then he jumped of the chair

and was lying on the floor again

in front of the door….


Granny told him

that he doesn’t have to be afraid

and that we’ll see each other again….

and then it all went very fast…


 Granny and Grandpa were both with him

when he went to Furryland…

We were relieved that he didn’t had to suffer,

and that we could give him

what he needed most

Love and care….


Now the table is empty…

nobody’s waiting…


this will never be….  😦


Stranger 27-12-2013

For always in my heart.


– P A W K I S S –

We want to thank everybody who supported us

during this difficult time.

Thank you for your comforting words

and sympathy.

We know Stranger is home now,

with our Angel.


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