Brotherhood with Caturday Art…

Hi (Furry)furriends,


We’re in the middle of a



…it is 37 degrees Celsius…


and I am sweating my butt off…

well…those are Granny’s words…

I can handle the situation…

very well…


I just take some time off

and being idle…

don’t move…

at all…

during the day…

and maybe also the evenings…

and only move my lips

when I have something to say…

like now….


…that we were nominated again

for the Brotherhood


by my furriend



…and we wanted to thank him


for the nomination…



He left a few questions for me…

so I am going to answer them too…

only while my lips are moving…

don’t forget 😉


1. Do you purrfer to watch movies or read books?

I purrfer to watch bird tv…live

…but because

we don’t have any bird left in the garden..

I put up with bird tv on my tablet…

2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would change my age and be a kitten again,

just to be around Granny and Grandpaw for as long as they live 🙂

3. What is your favorite sport?

You guezzzz…. 😀

4. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

The day that Granny stole my birdie…

and recently my furresh mousie…

I felt so embarrassed

when the mousie laughed at me…

behind my back….

and run away…

5. What are you most proud of?

That I let go of the birdie and the mousie…

well…in a way I did…

and I needed an answer to the last question…


If you want to share

the Brotherhood Award

Please feel free

and bring it home to your bloggie…

You find my the rules and my questions



I am also joining…

my furriend’s


and made myself….


a mosquito net effect…

….just in case….


a little curlie girlie effect…

…to see the effect of the heat…


and the furry effect…

because my furr

…is all over the place…

but I better keep this one for winter…

We made them all in


and Pixl.r’ed the frames.

Happy Weekend to you all 🙂

– P A W K I S S E S –

A brandnew Award on Caturday Art…pour moi

Hi (Furry)furriends,


This post is a very special post…

because I was nominated

for the


by my special furriend


writer of the



She writes about crystals and animals

in a way only she can do…

a very compassioned lady

who lets the rocks crystals sing…

Click on the badge

and look for yourself…

we are sure you’ll like it too 😉


Now what do I have to do next….

I think I need your help, Granny,

can I sit with you

while working on this…



the rules for this Award are:

1 .Thank the purrson who nominated you and link back to their blog < Done!

2.Answer the questions sent to you. < will do later in this post!

3.Nominate around 10 bloggers. < will do ditto 2!

4.Create your set of questions for your nominees.< on its way!

5.List the rules and display the Brotherhood of the World Award

on your post or blog.< can’t wait to show it off!


I first have to fix the

xxx and zzz…

before I can go on



That brings us immediately to the first


1.What makes you angry?


When things don’t work properly

and you miss letters while you are typing…

I mean, who likes a pawkiss and a hug

when they get a hug…


without the paw…kiss…


and think they have done something wrong…


xoox…. xoxoxo…XOXOXO…

fixed it, Granny!


You can go on now…

2.What was your last random act of kindness?

Let me see…

That was when I brought a birdie snack

for Granny and Grandpaw…

to share…


….in fact….

the only birdie

in our garden…

…that flew right into my paws…


Granny buried him…

…you know it’s not an it for us 😉

at Angel’s place

while I was feeling sorry

for myself

watching my meal

going under….


I think we were both kind

…each in our own way…

don’t you think?

3.What is your key to happiness?


Drink, Eat and sleep…




being around with the peeps you


and most of all…

live in the moment…

and enjoy!

It is the only moment

you have… 😉


4.What is your philosophy of life in three words?

❤ L ❤ L ❤ L 

Live and Let Live

that’s our slogan…


Love the Life you Live

Live the Life you Love.”

– Bob Marley

It’s all in the L



…and if that means

that you want to eat

while you want to sit

on Granny’s feet

at the same time…


it’s your life…

make the best of it 😀


And while Granny and I

holding paws

for the Brotherhood occasion…

the last question popped up…

3.Nominate around ten bloggers:



3. Bacon


5.Dezi and Raena

6.Little Purrince



9.Carolyn Page


10. YOU

“who? me?”

Yes, I mean you,

all my furriends

that haven’t got

a purrsonal invitation

but who are always around…

YOU too!!


Let’s put our paws together

for the

Brotherhood of the world…

Award ❤

My questions for you are:

1.What do you think when you wake up in the morning?

2.Do you have a kind of ritual when you wake up?

3.What makes you happy?

4.Have you ever had a sign from the Angels

and how did you feel after that?

5.What is your hobby, ecept…here we go again……except sleeping?


Thank you again, Samantha

for thinking of us,

while passing along the award.

Here’s a little virtual gift from us to you.

Hope you like it 🙂

And while coming to the end

of this special post…


we include some artwork

for our furriends


before I take a loooong

Caturday nap…

Don’t forget to take the Award with you

when you are leaving!


– P A W K I S S E S –

My favourite things

verjaardag (2)Hi (Furry) Friends

I’m busy planting seeds

for a new life

for the garden.

Granny decided to start

to live her dream,

so we’re into business now…

Afb043 (2)

She’s a cat-sitter volunteer now at

the Dutch Cat Protection Service

Kattenbescherming Nederland

and she takes care of the cats

of people who go on hollidays,

or who have to go to the hospital

and need someone to take care of their cat.


The money she’ll earn for it

goes directly to the foundation

to help stray cats,

old and sick cats,

pregnant cats and young kittens…

The foundation takes care of them,

They’ll be nurtured,

and getting a temporary or permanent place to live.


I think it’s a wonderful goal,

don’t you think?

Sitting looking

Granny, what’s the next thing on the list?

Yes, now I remember..

My friend Princess Zena nominated me 

us for this colorful award

Favourite things award

and we’re really appreaciate this beautiful gift.

Thank you Princess for thinking of me

you’re one of a kind – that’s for sure 🙂

The rules on this Award are quite simpel:

thank the one who gave you the Award

and tell six of your favourite things

and pass it on, if you want to.


1. I’m a grasshopper grass-eater.

I really like that stuff…

not only to regulate my belly,

but grass is for me

what catnip is for others…

well, in a certain way…

I eat parsley too..

I think I’m a veggie 🙂


2 – 6. Sleeping is my next favourite thing,

there is almost nothing that I like more…


and I could fill up this blog…


with sleeping photo’s…


sleeping in the sitter…


sleeping on my Grandpa’s couch…

1Binky bedkat

and sleeping in my the bed…

we have lots of sleeping and chilling photo’s,

that you might get bored

with it…. MOL…


3. I like to lie in my nest..

I can sleep for hours in it

and watch the birds,

without letting them know.

It’s a good hiding place too,

except for the birds,

nobody can see me 😀


4. I like sun.. lots of sun..

maybe because I was born in summer..


I can lie in the sun for ages..


I’m a real sun-cat I think.


5. Granny belongs to my favourites too,

I like to be near to Granny…

I’m going everywhere where she is…

Binky bureau2

We do almost everything together,

like blogging,

studying, talking,





cleaning the house..


the administration..


clearing up..



oh, moeten we er al uit?



and yoga…


and so much more,

but that would make this blog to long.

Besides that, I need something to preserve

for my next blog.


6. My last favourite thing is giving away

lots of pawkisses…

to all of my friends..

and to you too 🙂


Now we like to pass this Award

to Cupcake and her mom.

Mom’s getting surgery on her knee

and we want to wish her well

with these beautiful flowers Award…

…and to make sure

she has something to do after she comes back 😉


I have to feed the birds now…


mmm…that smells yummy…

let me try it first.

Have a great weekend everyone!


It’s raining cats and dogs… and awards

Binky window

Did you look outside the window lately..

Binky rain

..maybe you see it better now…

It’s raining constantly since a few days now…

and it’s cold out here in the Netherlands…..brrr…

The people who know me, know that I’m not afraid of rain, but with this *peep*weather, you must turn yourself around and make it yourself comfy on the window-still…

Binky slapen

and then tell your friends about the good things in life 🙂

Binky slapen

Hey, furryfriends, are you still with me..

Binky open mond

don’t turn your back on me now, ok, I’m not finished yet..

and no, I don’t have to go to the dentist, but we have better news..

Binky regen

We’re nominated last week for The Reality Blog Award by our new friend Sheri and her blog The other side of ugly… She’ll let you know that there’s no ugliness, but only beauty inside of our souls…

look at me, just a beautiful cat soul…

We love her blog, it’s like the angels’ are singing, when we read it… and how we love angels 😉 Thank you Sheri to let us be a part of your fantastic journey.


The other side of ugly also nominated us for the Liebster Blog, the Share the Love award.

These are the rules for this award:

1. Add the award logo to your blog. 


2. Answer the following questions:

What makes you happiest?  When I’m together with my granny and grandpa.

 Do you love the Ocean or the Mountains more? I have fear of hights…don’t laugh at me, I know I’m a cat, but I am like my granny ,… so I prefer the Ocean and there’s probably more fish in it.

What has been your favorite moment of 2012? My Our first ABC-award. given by Sunshine and Chuckles and the launching of our Dutch/English blog.

What is your favorite quote and why?  “A meow massages the heart”.. and gives me food… and loves..and pity…and treats… 😀

 Do you like yourself?   Yeah.. I’m sometimes full of my own importance.. *sigh*

Do you stay up till the Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve?  I had no choise, the bang bang wasn’t over yet and granny and grandpa were still downstairs and so am I 😦

Something you wish you get it done ASAP?  Helping granny finishing her study, so we can do nicer things, like looking out of the window together, sleeping on her lap constantly and working on my blogs and to write a new introduction in English on my our blog.

What was your favorite class while still in school?  Granny learned me a lot, like to conquer my fear of cats and people and little twofeet, maybe she’ll teach me drawing soon, that was her favorite class, when she was young in school.

 What musical instrument have you tried to learn to play?  Rhythmpaw.

Anything you wish you had learned earlier Yeah, to defend myself against other cats.

Do you like to do crafts or draw or even paint?  Granny can do it all, but I can learn… or dream about it 🙂

Binky slapen

We now have to nominate a few blogs for  the Reality Award and 15 bloggers for the Liebster Blog award, but my our mission is to make everybody happy and let all our friends pick up the Award you don’t already have.  See, sharing love is easy if you’re able to share. I’ll also share my catfood with ya 😉


One lovely blog award


We’ve been nominated again for an Award and we’ve choosen the one that matches most to our blog: One lovely blog Award… isn’t that lovely?

Thank you Long Life Cats and Dogs for the nomination, we’re more than happy with this award and the appreciation of our blog.

We love Long Life Cats and Dogs and all you do for animals, not to mention your funny way to tell us all about it. So if you want a laugh, a smile or thinking of adopting an animal, you have to go over to Susan’s and read all about it and have fun 🙂

The next thing is to tell seven things about myself… and my granny. That won’t be so hard, Granny, I guess…


1. I’m living with my granny for four years now, and I’m having the time of my life. I get spoiled a lot, have my own garden, my own garden- house, bed, couch, food, a grandpa and my grandma. I always sleep next to her and she wakes up a few at least 10 times a night, because she’s afraid to lay on me, but I don’t hear her, she never wakes me up and I’m really in deep slumber..


2. Sleeping is my hobby. I have sleeping places everywhere and I make some my own…like grandpa’s couch and when he wants to sit with me on my couch, I must make it very clear sometimes that the couch is also mine…

3. I made myself a nest, my bird friends learned me how to build one, but unfortunately it’s only during the summertime. I don’t know why, but in wintertime my nest is gone.  Sometimes other cats want to use my nest, like Big Binky when he was still living with us, but I have to stand up for myself and chase them all away.


3. I like to hide myself in places where I can see everyone, but no-one can see me. It’s possible in our house, because after I was adopted my grandparents wanted everything black and white, I have no idea why …


4. I have an extraordinary balance. I can walk the whole fence, through my nest, and back without falling down. I do that to make Granny happy and proud… *whispers: and sometimes because I see a little birdie.. but just to play…*


5. I’m very picky about my food. I eat always the same things, because I don’t like other. Granny has tried different food, but I reject everything that’s different, I even have to think about a steak… but not for long…


6. I have my own garden house, which I have to share with my little twofeet and some curious cats, who come to visit me once in a while, when I’m not home.



7. I like blogging, like my Granny. We’re always together while I’m she is typing, mostly I’m laying on her lab, or on next to the computer, or I just walk a little around the computer and up and down, but that’s only when I need to eat, and sometimes I lay down in front of the laptop for a massage and she’ll purrrrrr me the way to heaven.

Well, these are the seven things about myself. Now we pass our Lovely Blog Award to the blogs we like to read and we hope you’ll pick up the award when you don’t have it yet. Here we go:

Zac, the all black

Russel Ray Photo’s


Texas, a cat in NY

Jazz cat Ray






Rayya the vet


For the love of our dogs

Congratulations everyone! Of course we like more blogs to read, and they’re all great, otherwise we wouldn’t read them I guess,  but this time we’ve chosen for the blogs which have animals in it. So don’t feel passed if we didn’t mentioned your blog this time.

I’m not used to all this work… it’s time to take a nap now.


Pawkisses for a Goodnight, folks 😉


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