My third star

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Binky fotoshoot

What I’m doing? I have to talk to my friends on the internet..

What you mean, granny.. oh, it’s not a webcam…


In that case, I have to use your computer, granny, I have something to tell my friends…


Do you see me…test, test, test… Ok, all set…

I have been nominated for a new star on my Blog of the Year Award. My new friend Bailey the boat cat, who’s a sailer by the way…

well, isn’t that obvious….

has given me another star and that really purrs me up 🙂

Thank you so much, Bailey for this extra star. I now have three in a row… you see…

Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpeg

Look at me shining now… 😀


Isn’t that cool 😀

The Addictive Blog Award

Last week Granny and I were surprised again by our French Furry Friend Texas, a cat in New York who gave us this extraordinaire prix for Addictive blog cats. We’re very happy with this award and we thank you very much, Texas, for thinking of me and my Grandma. We love your blog and your funny stories and I always want to run over to play with you. If I made you curious blog-reader-friends, just run over to Texas‘ blog and see for yourself… I’ll follow later 🙂

Little Binky

I We started blogging on September 6 2011, -that’s almost a year ago Granny- because there’s a lot of traffic in our garden, like other cats, birds, hedgehog, frogs, snails, little twofeet and lots more.


Granny thought it was nice telling stories about me and my best friend Big Binky and about the traffic and me and about some of my strange habits. In the beginning Granny began to tell a story, with only one picture of me, but that didn’t satisfied me her, so I told her to tell the story with pictures, like a picturebook, and she listened to me and my blog was born 🙂


In the beginning we only wrote in Dutch, but when some foreigners also were stopping by to see me our blog, we decited to make it easier for them not for us 😦 and now we have a two language blog.

Granny writes about other stuff too, but that’s not interesting, because there are no cats or other animals in it. She also says that my blog is her dearest and funniest outlet. Well, folks, this was my story. I have to go napping again, because this costs me a lot of energy and I have to charge myself anew….

Good night ;)

I’ll nominate the following blogs:




Cats & Co

Simply Charming

Myau Myau’s photo gallery

Esther Victoria 1996



Zen and Genki

Congratulations everyone. You all have lovely blogs and Granny and I enjoy reading them every time. Some are new for us, but we’ve taken a little taste and we already like them.

Please don’t feel passed if we did not nominate your blog, it’s not because we don’t like it, but we’re out of numbers 🙂

Here are the Addictive Blog Award Rules:

1. Thank the person awarding you.
2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started.
3. Paste the blog award on your page.
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award and let them know you nominated them.

Have fun 🙂

Sunshine award

Look what we’ve got for our blog, a Sunshine Award 😀

We are so proud and happy to received this special award and granny was so happy that she made a leap for joy  🙂

We’re nominated bij Cats&Co, an amazing blog where you can learn everything you have to know about… about what, granny?… oh, I see, yes, about Cats. Dianda, the author, has two cats of her own, that must  be the reason she named her blog Cats&Dianda = Co, don’t you think so? 😉

Thank you so much, Dianda, for this Sunny award. It will get a place of honour on our blog, that’s for sure!

We’ll fill in the questions together, like we always do. Here we go Binky’s 🙂

1. Favorite number:

1 for Me, myself and I.

3 diners a day, keeps the appetite away!

11 the number of spirituality and to find out what’s behind the material world.

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Dirty Rainwater.

Whisky.. oh, sorry, non-alcoholic: catmilk and Relax tea.

Herbal tea.

3. Facebook or Twitter?




4. My passion:

Sleeping in the middle of the bed and getting grumpy if I have to move. So sleeping the bed is my passion, besides my granny 🙂

Definitely Grandma… *whispers* and hunting after the succulent young chickens, birdies, mice a.s.o. ;)’

The two overhead me, other cats and animals and of course my cowboy 😉

5. Favorite pattern:

Get up in the morning, together with Granny and the other fourfeet who doesn’t have a name, and get outside just to sit there and look and then go back into the house to eat and went outside again to inspect my surroundings for a few hours. After that I get home to take a long nap.

Rise and shine with Granny and the Bitchy Little Binky, sing  the highest tone deep out of my throat and don’t stop untill she gives me my food. After that I wash myself properly and *whispers: going to hunt on something* take a walk. I’ll be back in the afternoon and install myself on grandpa’s couch if I don’t get any attention on my solo singing to get some food again, besides the dry food.

What pattern? I have to take care of The Binky’s and my cowboy in the morning, keep myself in shape, run the house, do the shopping, learn my lessons, update my English, cook the evening meal, wash the dishes, work on my blogs, answer my blogfriends, twirl with the cats and trying to keep my eyes open and not falling asleep on my notebook.

6. Favorite day of the week:

Sunday, because my grandparents are both home.

Sunday, dito.

Sunday, because there’s nothing to hurry.

7. Favorite flower:


Passion flower.


That’s it folks. Now we have to pass our Sunshine Award to some other lovely blogs and I hope they will accept it and have as much fun as we had by filling in the questions. These are our nominations for The Sunshine Award:

Alex’s journey out of autism, I want to pass the award symbolic to Lucy and her family to bring lots of sunshine into their lives, after a long time of uncertainty.

A Star on the Forehead


Cupcake speaks


Figments of a Dutchess

For the love of my dogs

Simply Charming


The instructions for the award are:

  • Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
  • Answer the questions that come with it.
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The questions:

1. Favorite number:
2. Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:
3. Facebook or Twitter:
4. My Passion:
5. Favorite pattern:
6. Favorite Day of the Week:
7. Favorite flower:

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